Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 6: Break me, Shake me.

The moving day was really crazy. Lisa wasn't stupid at all, she knew perfectly well that something was wrong with her house, and they didn't want to tell her for her sake. At first she planned in her mind a few strategies and got some information, but after all the commotion in Gloval's home for her wedding, she figured it out that the topic was very far away now. The idea of moving wasn't exactly her favorite, but when she saw the look on Gloval's face when Roy talked to him, showed that it was better go with the flow for a while. Even all the terrible things that happened to her the last few days, she was overwhelmed with all the goodness from her friends, all the support, all the forgiveness, because in some ways, she felt that her actions caused all this pain, that in some way, this was her fault. Lisa shook her head and tried not to think about the guilt. She took a big breath and thought that the best way was to not think and work, and now she had a lot of work to do.

All the girls, even baby Dana were at her home smiling. Lisa knew that wasn't exactly how everybody felt, and known that probably Roy or Claudia (or both) said to everyone to act cheerful in her home, probably for those cameras Rick mentioned before. By the way, speaking of the devil - said Lisa's brain - what on earth in going on with him? He didn't look "happy" about all this, but he didn't look against it either. She didn't understand him at all now. If men are from mars and women from venus, Hunter is from a galaxy far far away…

In that moment baby Dana walked next to her and opened her arms. Lisa's heart jumped with excitement, she really adored this little girl, specially the fact that she was a trouble maker, that made her even more adorable.

-Hey there Dana - said Lisa taking the girl in her arms and making her fly around. The girl giggled and then hugged Lisa and kissed her cheek - Ohh thank you! I love you too - said Lisa smiling at her and leaving her on the floor, when she ran to the opposite side of the room. Not the first time, Lisa thought about the little zentraedi-human princess, and how it would look with a kid of her own, how he or she will look like, the personality, the smile, the tenderness…then a picture come from the back of her mind, black hair, blue eyes, a smile that can melt the ice… Since the first time she considered the idea of a baby, she couldn't stop thinking about Rick as part of the "process" of making the baby… then suddenly, the train of her thoughts changed to that particular topic, fantasies that went around her head for a while, dreams that kept her company at night, from those she blushed just remembering them to others where she fell asleep imagining that his arms were around her, warming her and feeling the calm of his breath…She couldn't believe that he was going to be her husband, hers!…hers…actually not yours - said again the voice - maybe yours in paper, but his heart lies with someone else…A sad expression come to her, just in time for Miriya to see. She was a zentraedi and she made a lot (and lots) of mistakes, but she was a woman too, and she knew what the mix up of pride, sorrow, shame and love was, and she saw that from Lisa.

- Lisa, can you help me with these boxes please?
- Sure - and Lisa walked next to her and picked up one of the boxes with her own things inside - Ohh this is heavy, what did you pack in this one?
- All the things from your bathroom, you have a lot of little pink, blue and purple little boxes that smells good. Lisa smiled at her and nodded with a little color in her cheeks.
- tell you a secret? - she said with a conspiratory grin and Miriya came closer to her quickly- that is one of my "guilty pleasures".
- Guilty Pleasures? I didn't know that they were guilty pleasures, which one are they? Because Max gives me a lot of pleasures and I don't know if I have to feel guilty about them - said Miriya looking at her worried. Lisa got embarrassed at first, and then laughed when she saw her face.
- No, no, it's an expression, doesn't mean is actually guilty…anyway, I just loved to have a bubble bath when I come back from work. My whole body usually hurts a lot and a good and long bubble bath is fantastic.
- Ohh, I just take showers, Max once tries to bathe with me but…
- Hey! . said Lisa changing the subject quickly - is there a lot more to pack? I didn't realize I have so many things, and I don't know what I should bring with me or not, I don't even know the size of the house.
- Oh, I think that maybe it'ss going to be like our house, maybe bigger because you both have higher ranks.
- I don't think we need a place so big.
- Well, I didn't have anything with me when I got married and now I have a lot of stuff and the space for Max, Dana and me is too small, I should ask for a new place myself.
- That's an idea, I can help you if you want.
- Thanks Lisa! - said Miriya happy - so! How many kids you want to have with Rick? Because one is a lot of work, but they are cute. Lisa dropped the box on the floor when she heard that. Was it possible that Miriya could read minds, didn't she?. The sound of the box brought Claudia's attention who was in the kitchen. When she came to the living room, she saw Lisa's pale face.
- what happened? - Asked Claudia.
- Nothing - said Miriya looking calm and helping Lisa with the box - I just asked how many kids Lisa and Rick want to have. Claudia laughed a lot at that and then Lisa give her the evil-eye, of course, she laughed more. The attention brought Sammy to picked in the living room, carrying with her a bunch of clothes from Lisa's closets, and Lisa raised an eyebrow.
- what are the three of you doing to my closet? - asked Lisa.

Sammy just giggled and covered her mouth with her hand when a voice from inside, that was from Kim said.
- Something you should have done last decade Lisa, throwing away all this really awfull clothes!

Lisa almost ran to her room and looked with shock. 4 big plastics bags full with what the trio called "garbage", she frowned and put her hands on her hips.

- and now, what am I suppose to wear?
- What is left - said Vanessa taking out a sexy little black dress.
- That is not mine! - said Lisa with big eyes.
- Of course it yours! I made you buy that like 6 months ago and look! it still has the tag! - said Claudia walking next to Vanessa and taking the dress.
- Oh well…I…I didn't have an occasion to wear it - tried Lisa as a sad justification.
- Nonsense - said Claudia and she threw the dress to Lisa - now you will have more than one opportunity to use it and give a heart attack to that boyfriend of yours.

Lisa wasn't ready for the word boyfriend and Claudia winked at her.
- get used to it.
- I know…it's just…that sound…so…weird…specially for someone my age.
- Well, what do you want? Lover?
Lisa got absolutely red and Miriya laughed at her.
- Ohh give me a break!- said Lisa trying to escape form this and going to the living room, of course, everybody followed her.
- Hey Lisa, did you and the flyboy..- and Kim made a arrive gesture with her hand, like a plane, but wasn't exactly that meaning that she implied.
- Of course no! - said Lisa trying to hide her blushed face.
- That's not true - said Miriya putting another box in the floor.
Everybody looked at her with open mouths, specially Lisa - What? Did I said something wrong?
- You said…that you see Lisa and Rick….-asked Kim doing the same gesture with her hand.
- Of course! - said Miriya a little annoyed at so many questions - several times, actually I think everybody knows that!
- But…but…it's impossible! - said Lisa - we never did anything!
- But Lisa!! Last month I saw you! - said Miriya.
- No way!- answered Lisa.
- But I remembered it right - said Miriya rememberering - you went to that inspection on sector 35-D in the south and Rick flew you there!.

Everybody looked at Miriya in shocked and she didn't understand the looks, then suddenly everybody start laughing so hard that they almost cried.
- Oh sweetie - said Claudia and put a hand in Miriya's shoulder who didn't understand why everybody was laughing - that wasn't exactly what Kim was asking…look…- and then she whispered the real meaning in Miriya's ear and she turned all shades of red.
- Ohh…Oh nope, I didn't see that at all - said Miriya looking at Lisa who was still laughing.
- It's ok, don't worry….I guess we need to teach that kind of things too - said Lisa winking at her.
- So…- asked again Kim raising her eyebrow at Lisa and crossing her arms over her chest - … the super pilot never…
- No, and we are not having this conversation - said Lisa resolute and using her professional tone of voice.
- All right, all right…- said Kim looking to the ceiling in a dramatically way.
- But Lisa - said suddenly Vanessa who usually was more reserved - you…er…well, now that you two are going to live together and get married soon, well…you are going to sleep together…and for sleep I mean at least, literally sleep, or not?.

Lisa was blank for a moment, she didn't think about that at all, but just a no.

- I…I don't think so - said Lisa not very convinced - I mean, there's probably another room in the house I can use….
- Probably - said Claudia leaving another box next to the now 10 more boxes on the floor ready to go. She checked the place all over and found the damn hidden camera in Lisa's bedroom and another one in the living room, but she double checked that they were just video ones, no audio, so she left them there so Jake could see all the movement- but you are going to sleep with him anyways.
- WHY? - asked Lisa looking scared.
- Why? Don't be silly, all the officers houses, even Gloavl's have just one floor, and it is possible that someone can watch you through a window or something!.
- This is crazy!, it's not enough that my hole life is out there, and now I have to do that! - said Lisa sitting on her couch hands on her head, tired, angry and frustrated. Claudia sat next to her and held her.
- I know this is hard for you, but you know this is necessary - trying to calm her - any precaution is not enough, and you know that…
Lisa looked at the floor, and said nothing for a while. Kim, Vanessa and Sammy returned to the bedroom in silence and Miriya picked up Dana in her arms and sat on the other couch.
- It's not going to be so bad, you know? You are going to have a handsome man in your bed - winked Claudia, but it didn't worked this time, because Lisa still looked down to the floor, her hair covering her face.
- That's not the problem - Lisa murmured - I dreamed of something like this for years, but not this way, not…imposed. He said he's all right with this, but sleep with someone else? He…I felt so bad, it's so awfull, like when he "had" to kiss me in front of everyone…do you think I enjoyed that?…Claudia sighed and looked at Miriya who just nod sadly. Then suddenly Lisa start talking again. This time the trio was listening from the door.
- The first time he kissed me was for saving me and everybody else, and wasn't that bad, I mean…he is a great kisser, but that's not the point. But after that, when It was forced, he kissed me angry, hard and my heart broke in thousand pices. Everybody just thought about the kiss, but nobody
consider what that was for me, to force someone to kiss me…like I'm some kind of nasty thing who can't get a kiss on her own. I couldn't stop feeling so…so low, so insignificant…Claudia stayed there in silence, like everybody else, waiting for Lisa to say as much as she needed.
- … I know in my mind that all these things are just stupid, but I can't stop the feeling, and I hid them from everybody, even myself…but now, after all this, after all this nightmare I can't…it'ss just too much, I can't keep it to myself anymore…- and there Lisa started crying hard and murmuring over and over again - I can't.

Claudia was going to hold her when a hand on her shoulder stoped her. It was Vanessa. Claudia followed the gaze of the girl and then she saw Miriya standing up, and passing Dana to Sammy. She walked near Lisa and knelt next to her, holding her hands.

- Lisa, listen to me - said Miriya with tenderness but with security in her voice - I understand you completely. I know what pride is, I know how you feel…- Lisa looked at her with her eyes full of tears and she continued
- … all these years I saw you, secure, mature and being the responsible one, and you remembered me, before Max, before my life as a micronian. I know how you feel, but I learned something too, something that Max taught me, and that is what it is really to be strong. To be brave and to be strong doesn't mean I have to act cold and lonely, like you do sometimes. The real power, the one power that makes you capable to be brave and strong, is to be able to accept that you have limitations, that you are not…perfect. Needing someone is not a weakness, accept the fact that we are a part of something that we all make together. Now you feel weird, because everybody knows something that you kept inside for so long, something that shamed you, I know. I know it's not enough for me to tell you that, in my eyes, and in the eyes of everybody else you are still the officer we all admire and respect, that is something we have to show you with actions and not just words. But we are going to do it…we are going to show you that we respect you, that you are even better, because now, you let us in…inside your heart. - she said smiling a sweet smile to her. Lisa's tears were running freely all over her face and Miriya looked at her straight in the eyes - you are not weak because you let yourself cry and let us see it. You are brave enough to be the leader of the quadronos, and we know that.

Lisa broke into tears once again, but this time was a different kind of cry. She let the pain out freely for the first time since this happened. She cried feeling relived to, and not just for all this situation, but for years and years of her internal prison. Claudia and the girls left her alone with Miriya and went to the bedroom, leaving her enough space.When Lisa felt better and dried her tears, Miriya said no more. She got up and waited for Lisa to stand up next to her and smile a real smile for the first time. They went to work and pack everything for her new life, like it or not.

Rick was having a similar situation in his apartment, a lot of conversations, fears and the discovery of what his friends where made of…and in his mind, they were made of pure gold. When everything was ready and they start putting all the boxes in the military jeep that Gloval seny for them, Rick's cell phone rang, and the little screen showed the one name he didn't want to see: Minmei.

- Hello - said Rick almost afraid to listen to the voice in the other line.
- Hello there! - said the cheerful voice of Minmei, ignorant to all the situation - you are leaving me behind, Rick! I can't let you do that! Rick grinned a little and realized how simple it was talking with her. It was like he immediately entered into a bubble far away from reality. She continued talking.

- …you know? I have a couple of hours free tonight between a concert and a charity event…I was thinking that maybe you want to come and see me.

Rick's mouth went dry in a second. He wasn't a fool, he knew exactly what that meant. The alternative reality that was Minmei suddenly broke like a shampoo bubble around him. He wasn't the same man he was two days ago.

He made a decision and he was planning to keep it. Thousand of familiar voices come to his mind in a second, voices from Roy and Claudia, Max, conversations of this two past days, conversation with Lisa long time ago…her face, her tears, her straight, her eyes, her bravery, her stubbornness, her grin and her kisses.

- Rick? hello?
- Yes Minmei, I'm here - said Rick coming back from his sudden realization.
- So?…are you coming?
- Err…yes, but I need to talk to you about something important.
- Ohh….you really think there are something more important than spending a couple of hours with an old friend? - asked Minmei with a flirting voice.
- Actually yes, I need to tell you something very important.
- Well, if is THAT important then come here now, I was planning an evening for us, but now that you need to TALK so much…
- Yes - said Rick a little bit annoyed - I will be on my way now then, see you later.
- Later - said the girl.

Rick put his cell phone in his pocket and then looked at the two men who were carrying his things into the jeep. They stopped next to him and Roy nod to him.

- Go, kid, faster, better.
- Yes -agreed Max - go and talk to her, we are going to put all this and pick up the ladies later.
- Thanks - said Rick in a hurry - well, see you later…
- Call me when you finish there and I will give you the address of your new home - said Roy smirking at him and then added - and remember, this is time for the real goodbye.
- I know - said Rick and began walking when Max voice stop him.
- Hey! What do you want us to tell Lisa?

Rick stopped there and thought for a second, considering all his options, and finally he looked to his wingmate's back and said.
- The truth.

Minmei was in her apartment at the top of one of the most important buildings in the area. When the elevator door opened and Rick come out, a couple of really big men stopped him.

- This is a private area mister.
- Yes, I'm here to see Miss Minmei.
- Do you have an appointment?
- She called me..- said Rick - tell her that Rick Hunter is here. One of the big men raised an eyebrow and looked at Rick, then turned around and went inside. The other stayed there, blocking Rick's way. After a while, the other man came back and let Rick in.

Minmei come from her bedroom wearing a long pale pink skirt, golden sandals, and a very attractive blouse with no sleeves. Her hair was free, she was wearing her usual make up, her nails painted. All perfect.

- Oh my, look at you…handsome as always - said Minmei walking next to him and giving him a tight hug. He hugged her back.

Mimei looked at him and tried to read his eyes. Since the last time she saw him, she could read what was in his eyes, and that was easy, her reflection was all over those baby blues eyes of him. But now it was a little different, now she saw something else, something she didn't realize before.

She put her arms around him and tried to kiss him on the lips, she missed him…she wanted him. That was the reason why she called him before, she needed him badly and she was more than surprised when he turned her off, usually he was more than ready when she made that kind of calls, no matter how much time passed between one and the next one. But today was different. Rick looked at her and couldn't do it, it wasn't right, and that surprised him as much as Minmei when he left her standing on her tip toes.

- What's the matter? - asked Minmei confused and a little frustrated.
- We…we need to talk - said Rick ashamed and sat on the comfortable white couch next to him. She walked next to him and took his hand in hers.
- Tell me then - she said trying to hold him closer.
- It's that…well, I haven't been completely honest with you and I think I should tell you this - he began and feeling her hand leaving his own and looked at the question in her eyes. He continued.

- I…it's true that I loved you, and I loved you very much years ago, but things were different since we come back to earth and well… I think we all change with time…
- What are you trying to tell me? That you don't love me anymore? - asked Minmei with a grin in her face.

He looked at her and felt silence, looking at his own hands. The grin of Minmei disappear and leave room for a shocked expression.

- Oh Rick, no, please, don't say you don't love me anymore…I need you to love me…you are the only true friend I have!
- I am your friend, and I do love you, but not the way I used to…
Minmei fell into silence and stood up, arms across her middle torso showing her back to him and she suddenly shuddered.

- I…I been thinking Rick, If you leave the RDF, I'm…..I can leave my career… for you, to be with you…- she turned around and showed her face full of tears and she threw herself at him - Oh Rick, I need you so much, please, tell me that you still love me, you can't leave me… you can't.

Rick held her as she cried. A completely different cry from Lisa's, he thought. This one was, in some ways, just an act, something that she always did when she wanted to get something. Like the cry of a kid when she didn't get the candy from the shop. He knows was genuine, it was just…wasn't exactly a cry for something important. He patted her back and made her stand up. Her face was a mess.

- Look, this is not what I want. God knows that if you said this to me a year ago maybe then I accepted it, but not now…
- Why not now? What changed so much?
- A lot - he said drying her tears away from her cheeks - the situations…the experiences change people, affect them deeply. Maybe they look the same, but inside we change.
- I don't like things to change, I want you to be like you always are - she said sniffling.
- I change already, and I can't step back, and that's because I grew up. You grew up too, you just didn't notice it - he said softly to her.

Minmei looked at him with big eyes and couldn't say a thing. That was what she saw in his eyes and she couldn't figured it out. He changed, but why?

- Why Rick? If you grew up, you can be with me or ask me to marry you? Rick let her go and walked to the opposite corner of the room. He knew she couldn't understand the truth.

- I can't ask you to marry me, because I'm going to marry someone else - He said not looking at her.

Minmei stood there, shocked. She couldn't move, couldn't speak, almost couldn't breathe. After several seconds, she let herself fall dramatically on the couch. Rick turned around and walked slowly and sat next to her.

- I…I can't believe it - said Minmei looking nowhere in particular - I don't belie…I can't…it' can be…
- But it's true - said Rick looking at her and she looked at him again, mouth open.
- But when did this happen? I mean…we were together not so long ago and you didn't tell me anything of this!
- When we met that day, I had a date with Lisa, and I stood her up for you.
- Lisa? Lisa Hayes??
- Yes.
- But if you stood her up for me, then…then that means you wanted to be with me and not her!

Rick sighed, knowing the answer to that.

- In some way yes. In that moment I was confused, and I didn't tell you about her because we talked mostly about what you were doing and how you felt. It wasn't the moment for something like that, you were depressed. But after we saw each other and I went back to the city…I found her, still waiting for me, and I couldn't believe it! She wasn't mad at me for not coming to her on time, but she realized I was with you, and when she left me alone, in the middle of the park, in that moment I realized that I was losing her your you.

Minmei was speechless, she didn't know how to react to that, until she talked again.
- So, this Lisa of yours… she forgave you for being late and then left you because you were with me? You just felt guilty, that's all - she said changing her mood again.
- Not exactly, I mean, she is…very special to me.
- She is older than you!
- Yes, but that doesn't mean anything…
- But she is so…so bossy! How can you want to be with someone like her!
- I know her, she is perfectly fine…
- Rick, don't lie to me, every time I saw you together you two fight! That's what you want for your life? Someone who fights with you everyday, doesn't give you the attention you deserve?
- Well - said Rick a little upset - she gives me a lot of attention, you know? Maybe more than the what I truly deserve, and if we fight, it's because we don't agree on everything…
- That's what I mean! I mean…you want to be with someone who doesn't agree with you?
- No, I want to be with someone who defends what she truly believes, even if it's not what I think! - and then Rick stood up and started walking around, Minmei fell into silence again.
- You slept with me - said Minmei looking at him with a serious expression on her face, she stood up and stood in front of him, close. She took his hand in hers and whispered looking at him straight in his eyes- you were my first man, you taught me, and I like it. You are mine. Rick looked down to meet her eyes and stood speechless. She was right, he slept with her several times and now she made it look like she owned him.

- We slept together, yes, but that happened a long time ago and you just looked for me when you wanted to, and that isn't exactly a relationship, it's just lust.
- Then….you don't want me anymore? - she said and stepped closer to him, making him shudder.
- I…Minmei…
- Shhhuuuush - she whispered and put a finger on his lips. Rick was stunned. He didn't want this to happen, this was getting out of control, and something in the back of his head told him that he should stop…that this wasn't right. But another part in him wanted her now. She looked vulnerable and she was offering him everything he always wanted. Minmei came closer to him and he could feel her breath in his face, welcoming. He parted his lips…

An image of a pair of green eyes and brown soft hair appeared into his vision and different lips parted for him….a whisper… another smell…and something else… a different touch with passion…a dreamy voice… "And where is the fun in that?…" "Just as long as you don't act like a spoiled boy…" a smirk…a hope… a promise.

Rick stepped back from Minmei and tried to clear his mind.
- I can't - said Rick looking at her. Minmei was in the same spot, looking angry.
- You don't want to? why? Do you like to be ordered around? You like when a woman makes you kiss her?.
- It's not like that at all - said Rick more upset.
- Really? And your Lisa knows what I am to you? Ohh sorry…what I was for you? - she said with irony.
- Yes, she knows - he said trying to control his anger.
- Really? - and she stepped closer to him - she knows….everything?
Rick looked at her with new eyes, she was showing dirty tactics he didn't know she had.
- Lisa knows enough.
- Ohh, well…maybe I can tell her a couple of things…just to refresh her knowledge about you…
- No thanks, she is smart enough - he said and walked away from her - this is all that I have to say to you, I'm sorry if it's not what you wanted it, but I thought you deserve to know what was happening from me - and then he walked near to the door, when she suddenly stopped him.

- You are going to regret this. Do you think she is going to make you feel like I made you feel? Are you really that naïve Rick? - she said to him almost threatening him.

- Yes, I think I was very naïve, specially now that I sadly see a new aspect of you I pity.
- You think she is going to make you feel what you felt with me in bed? Do you?
- Oh no…- he said smirking at her, opening the door, the two big men standing out there - I'm VERY sure she is going to make me feel a lot more, and better, much, much better than you. - and with that, he closed the door behind him.

Rick took a taxi after his meeting with Minmei, and from the car, Rick called Roy and asked for the address of his new home. He didn't said anything to his friend about it, and Roy didn't asked, but he perceived his tone of voice. Rick gave the directions to the driver and he thought on his way…home. How odd that sounded to him. He didn't feel at home since he was a boy, and now he was going to make one, sort of.

The driver entered into a very restricted area of the city, he left Rick there because he couldn't go any further. When Rick was there a private stopped him and asked for identification.

- Oh yes, the new family. Private Green, captain Hunter, welcome - saluted the private and Rick saluted him back.
- Thanks Private.

Rick walked into the area, full with houses similar to the one he used to have but obviously bigger. The area in general was beautiful, a lot of green, enough space to park a couple of cars. He walked on the street until he find the number 42. He sighed and knocked the door, and for some reason his heart was beating faster.

Lisa opened the door with a smile on her face, looking calm.
- Well, come in - she said.
Rick entered and looked around. Their friends surely did an amazing job, specially Gloval who found this place.
- Wow, you think we can afford a place like this? - asked Rick looking around.
- Looks like it! But I'm not going to complain, I like it - she said looking around too.

This was a very different place from what they both were used to. Even though the house was one floor, like the rest of them, it was completely different inside. The living room was huge, with a beautiful window that let a lot of natural light inside. The walls were painted in a pale shade of peach, very welcoming. They had an old fashion style fireplace. The floor was a fine wood. Their things where already there, but Lisa didn't touch them yet.

- Come - said Lisa and grab his hand - you must see the kitchen and the bathroom!.

They entered a big American style kitchen, all in light honey wood, similar to Lisa's hair. But the bathroom was exquisite. All white, with a huge bathtub and a shower in the other corner. They had windows on the ceiling for natural light and enough privacy. They were cabinets for everything and beautiful furniture. Two sinks and a big mirror.

Rick looked around with big eyes and then asked.
- what about the bedroom?
Lisa blushed a little and then walked outside the bathroom to a corridor and open the last door. Rick went inside and couldn't belive it.
- WOW- was all he said. The room was beautiful, a huge window showed the view of the backyard. The color was a very pale kind of green, almost white, but enough to give a touch of light to the room. In the middle, a very big bed was there, and Rick blushed a little but didn't say anything. He kept looking around, two matching nightstands, similar to the bed. There was a door in one wall and when he opened it, reveled a beautiful walkin closet.

- I can't believe it, this place is a dream - said Rick still amazed.
- I know, I've been here longer than you and I can't believe it either.
- How many rooms does it have? - asked suddenly Rick, thinking about the sleeping arraingements.
- Err…there's just one bedroom - blushed Lisa.
- Oh….- said Rick trying to hide his embarrassment looking inside the walkin closet again.
- Yeah well….you know? I didn't open anything yet because I thought that maybe you want to tell me what things you want to keep - said Lisa changing the subject fast.
- Thanks - said Rick and they walked outside the bedroom and then Rick asked again - who brought the furniture to the bedroom? Or was it here?
- No - said Lisa and she blushed furiously - it's a "wedding" present from Gloval, I think the Admiral thought it was a funny joke…
- Oh well…we need a place to sleep anyway - said Rick closing the door behind him.
- Yes…I…I think so - and then they walked to the living room in silence.

Once there, she sat on the floor and started open the boxes and bringing her things outside, she didn't touch Rick's things at all.

- I thought that…well, maybe you have personal stuff there, that's why I didn't opened them- she explained.
- It's ok, well…they are personal but you are going to be my wife, I think it's ok - he smiled at her and she smiled shyly at him back. They worked for some time in a tense silence, because they didn't know what to say. Rick, feeling the tension in the air, looked for a box in particular. Lisa looked at him.
- What are you looking for? - she asked.
- You wait and you will see - he said smiling - here it is - he sat on the floor and opened it, revealing a very sophisticated and high technology music stereo.
- Ohh…great - she said, coming closer and examining it - this is the new BX 4500, for 4500 watts! This is amazing…- then she looked at him and Rick was smirking raising his own eyebrow in a questioning mode, she blushed again.
- Oh well…I…I like electronics - she explained embarrassed. He didn't say anything and just smiled more. They put it together and turned it on. Minmei voice came with "My Time to be a Star" and Rick changed it to another station.
- I think we can listen to some records - he said.
- Yeah, that's better - she agreed, obviously bothered.
Rick looked at her and took her hand in his. He shuddered from the contact.
- I…I want you to know that I talked with Minmei about us - he said shyly.
- I know, Max told me - she looked down.
- And I want you to know that nothing happened…at all.
Lisa fell silent for a moment, then she looked at him in the eyes and knew he was telling the truth.
- It's ok, you don't owe me an explanation - she said honestly.
- Yes I do - he squeezed her hand a little - I do because of what are we now, because…because I respect you and I want to do this right.
- But you don't have to.
- I'm going to be your husband, right? - he said and looked for her eyes, she nodded.
- Then…I think honesty is a very important issue here - he smiled at her and she smiled at him after a while.
- It's ok, I know that the meeting was probably sad for both of you…- said Lisa and then Rick made a face.
- Not actually, she acted…er… just let's say she didn't like the idea at all
- Ohhh, I'm sor….
- Don't be, in these couple of days I learned a lot of things, and today wasn't the exception.

Lisa didn't want to push him to explain more, and she fell silence for a moment. She was going to look for a CDs box around when Rick talked again.
- Lisa, Minmei didn't like what I told you, and maybe she will try to talked to you about…stuff, between us and I don't want you to think…-but this time Lisa shut him up with her finger and smiled, calming him in that instant.
- We both have a past, things we did, and I learned things this couple of days too. One of them is that we don't have to regret what we did. The past is the past. And I'm not a fool, I can imagine what you two did together. Don't worry…if she tries to do anything, I don't care.

Rick looked at her with pride. He held the hand she had near this mouth, and kissed the back of her hand. She shuddered and couldn't stop the feeling in her stomach, the anticipation. Rick kissed her hand for a long moment, and looked at her. She gulped.

- I…I think if…it's better if we…we…er….- Rick smiled sexy for her suddenly lost of words and she blushed more and more - we…should…work.

- All right - and slowly Rick freed her hand.

They put on some music and kept opening boxes in silence. Lisa still shocked, dropped a couple of plates until Rick told her that he was going to put the plates in the kitchen. She nodded and walked away. Lisa slapped herself trying to control her stupidy. She was making a fool of herself in front of him.

- Hey, you know Miriya and I were talking about a new place for the three of them, and I told her that maybe I can help her - she started a conversation.
- Really? That sounds great, what are you going to do?
- I talked with Gloval, and he told me that there is a house, 4 bedrooms two more houses straight this street who is empty. He's going to recommended himself that house for the Sterlings.
- That's fantastic - said Rick putting the last plates in their place.
Lisa was looking at him work.
- Yeah, we are going to be neighbors.
- Ohh, but that means we are going to be babysitters too - said Rick making a discuss face.
- C'mon, Dana is so cute, she's great
- Great to make problems!
- You are going to tell me you don't like kids?
- Oh no, I loved them, but that little one is an army herself - Lisa grinned.
- Yeah, I know, but I think that made her more cute.
Rick looked at her and laughed, she laugh too.
- you are crazy Mrs. Hunter- he said.
- I know Mr. Hayes - she joked, walking to the living room.
Rick finished the kitchen and then went and helped her in the living room. When everything was ready later at night, even the bathroom, they looked at each other and gulped. Lisa walked and opened the door of the last door.

Rick followed her closely. They stood up speechless in front of their new bedroom. Suddenly Lisa laughed hard.
- What? - said Rick
- I…I just remembered something Miriya said about one of Kim's jokes - and she kept laughing.
- And are you going to tell me? - he said sexy.
- Oh no, sorry…can't -
- Why?
- Military secret.
- Ohh…-and he walked near her, she stepped back and met the wall. He put both of his arms next to her head on the wall, leaving her blocked - maybe I can do something to make you talk?

She smirked at him.
- I'm well trained, I can handle any torture method.
- Really! - he smirked like her
- Really Hunter….want to try? - she asked flirting with him, and she couldn't believe what she was doing…and that he was responding her.
- Sure…how are you with…. Tickles?

Lisa's eyes grow wider and she escape under his arms. Rick laughed.

- Don't worry Lisa, I know how to pick my battles- he said waking to the living room and bringing a couple of boxes - and that is a very important information I'm not going to forget.

She picked one of the boxes with clotheds and laughed. He wondered if he can make her laugh more often.

- Well hunter, that only means I'm going to figure out a way to keep my defenses up.
- Oh no….no more defenses - he said looking dramatically to the ceiling when Lisa threw a pillow at him.

After a couple more hours, at 11 PM they finished exhausted. They ate some leftovers that Vanessa left for them in the refrigerator. They were so tired that just used the bathroom in turns, change into pajamas, the more big they both have, and went to bed.

- Er…what side you want? - asked Rick nervous.
- Hmm….right if you don't mind - answered Lisa.
- All right, I usually sleep to the left.

The both of them stayed there, looking the new bed, with white cotton sheets and a dark green comfortable over it. None of them moved at all.

- Ohh…for the love of God! we are grown up people -said Lisa tired of the situation - Hunter, get into the bed.
- Yes m'am - and he jump into the bed smiling. She got into the bed too. The both of them looked at each other with their head on the pillow.
- Good Night Mrs. Hunter - he whispered to her.
- Good Night Mr. Hayes - she answered smiling.


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