Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 5: Wicked Game.

Roy picked up Rick at his home and then both man drove to Lisa's house. Rick was awfully quiet during the trip, looking outside the car window, his mind far away.

- Hey man, what's up?

- Ehh? Nothing much - said Rick looking outside again with an annoyed face- I mean…nothing much except the fact that I'm getting married…

- Oh well, I'm going to say this once and never again… - said Roy with a deep voice, looking at the road - maybe I used all the methods I have in my hand to push you to do this, but you agreed on your own will…-and then he looked at him and Rick raised an eyebrow - I did my best, but you are not stupid and you are not a kid, and I don't believe if you say that I made you do this… this is you and just you. Rick didn't say anything and looked down embarrassed for a few minutes.

- I…I am sorry Roy. You are right, nobody made me do this… it was my decision.

- Good - and then Roy changed his serious expression in a second to a full-teasing one - Ohh well, just think is all the fun you are going to have!!

- Fun? Fun where?

- Ohhh…don't give me that crap, you think is not going to be funny living with her?

- I…I hadn't thought about that - 'yeah sure!' Said Rick's internal voice, and he tried to control his blush, sadly for him, Roy was older and faster.

- AHA! Yeah…SURE!, what have you been thinking flyboy?

- Me? Nothing!

- Spit it out! I want to know!

- Nothing…nothing you need to know anyway - said Rick trying hard to escape from the car and from the forthcoming interrogation.

- I think I don't need more explanations, I know exactly what you were thinking, you don't fool me! And I can say…you are lucky man…

- Lucky me? Did someone introduce you to Lisa?!

- Geez! Don't let anyone hear you say that any more boy, or you are going to get a serious kick in the butt from Claudia…

- I know I know…but seriously, Lisa is not exactly an "easy person"…

- Of course not! Where is the fun in easy things anyway? Do you really want to be with someone predictable?

- No, but well…some better mood won't hurt either. Roy laughed hard at this and he centered his attention to the road again, still smiling.

- Oh Rick, you need to learn so much about women. And I mean real women, not teenagers - Rick look at him a little offended - Oh sorry, well…but let's face it, Minmei is cute but she is still a girl…and a baby if you compared her with Lisa. Lisa is a woman, not just in age, but for her experiences and life. She is a grown up person, and you are "near" there…

- Gee thanks! I thought you were trying to help me!

- Ohh…poor thing! Don't cry - smirked Roy to Rick and he looked outside again - Hehehehe…C'mon, Lisa is a woman, and more than cute, she is hot like hell.

Rick look at him shocked, big blue eyes and mouth open.

- Oh C'mon!! I am a man in love but I'm still a man with eyes!! Oh…ok, maybe I really care about Lisa as a sister…a very funny sister I can make fun of most of the time, but I have eyes, and like me, there are A LOT of men, specially in the base. She is gorgeous Rick! Are you blind? - and when he said that he moved his hand over his face.


- Yeah yeah…I know I know - and then Roy put both hands in the wheel. - Well…I was saying that she is hot and sexy, even with her rotten-captain-mode she uses at work. But there are just a few people
who have the privilege to know her outside work and she is funny as hell…a little sarcastic, but I like it! She can kick anyone's ass, and I mean verbally and physically! And you don't have any idea about how Claudia and Lisa act together…Oh boy, you better hang on in something because those two are dynamite together…

Rick looked at him and nodded, trying to imagine.

- It's like you are talking to me about a complete different person.

- Well, no exactly. The Lisa you know is the professional one, and that part is a huge part of her personality too, she is stubborn as a mule, crazy with responsabilty and she doesn't like to take risks, which can be unfunny, but when you know her, you realize why she acts like that, and then you know how you can handle her, how much you can….Hmmm….extend the rope with her. There are limits, of course, but she can be a lot more flexible than what you know…Ok, let me think what can I say… well, took me a while to get used to her when I met her, she didn't like me at all! But I won, I always win! - he
smirked again and Rick rolled his eyes - and she helps me a lot too, she is a good person…

- I know that already…

- Yeah, but I mean more than the professional Lisa, I mean the real Lisa, she is great! You will love her…

Rick gulped when he heard the word, and Roy noticed.

- Give it time, I know you will like her, and you already know one side of her and you liked her…and you know the bad side! The good side is incredible! And I'm sure you are not just going to love her, you are going to adore her, I'm sure.

- I hope you are right - said Rick and wait for a second then asked - what else can you tell me of her?

- Oh well, hehehe…she likes dirty jokes!

- WHAT?!

- Yeah, well…clever dirty jokes, smarts ones, and she is damn good at making them, Claudia and I were on the edge of tears with a couple of them.

- Amazing, well… I just…before all this happened, never thought about her being like that, actually I never though of her beingn a sexual person either…

- What?! You thought she was a 26 year old virgen? Come down from your dream cloud Hunter! - laughed Roy and Rick just turn some dark shade of red.

- Well…it's not my fault! She acts like an ice queen sometimes.

- Yes, but you should pay more attention to details, for example, did you ever see her doing her job?

- All the time! She is crazy with details! She wants to be perfect and that drives me crazy sometimes!

- Yeah well, you imagine THAT energy focusing in something else? - and he winked at him.

- Ohh…

- Yeah… "Ohh" smart boy, just think about this, did you ever see her doing something without passion?

- Not really, she gives 100% in everything in her job…

- …and not just in her job. As a close friend of hers I can say she is 100% as a friend, even in the very bad sides, she never leaves, she is a natural fighter…and as the boyfriend of her best friend I know and overheard a couple of girly conversations, and I can say that she is not exactly a nun.

- You mean…?

- No smart ass! She doesn't go around sleeping with everybody! Actually after that incident with Jake she didn't do it…or that's what I know so far, but I really don't think so…I'm talking here about girls talk, you know? That ones we "men" aren't suppose to hear!

- And how did you listen in?

- When they thought I was taking a nap after dinner, believe me, it's funny to listen to them talking, and way more illustrative!

- I can't imagine…just can't.

- Well, you better believe it, I mean, you are my friend and I told you how Claudia is…and I'm very sure Lisa is exactly like her…fire.

- I'm glad, but why do you think she is going to accept to do that with me? Remember the marriage is a false.

- Not exactly a façade Rick, maybe she will not will sleep with you now, but, let's be honest here, knowing you and knowing her…I will bet about ....actually Claudia and I made a bet already, even before all this happened.

- You what?!

- Yes, A BET, but now we must change the rules…

- You are a mad-man, if Lisa knows she will kill you!

- That's why she is not going to know, and you will not know what we bet…so there, be happy.

Rick put his hands on his head and pretended to disappear.

- Now…now, don't worry, I'm sure you are not going to disappoint her - smirked Roy at him and then they arrived to Lisa's house and Rick was glad he could jump out of the car.

Roy and Rick walked to Lisa's door but before they knocked, Claudia open the door.

- Here you are! Finally! - she said aloud and making them come in fast. She shush them and listen to Lisa who was still in the bathroom.

- Are they here?

- Yeah! - said aloud Claudia and gave Roy a piece of paper - they look hungry! Hurry up, I need to bathroom!

- All right - said Lisa.

Claudia then turned to them and whispered.

- She was in the bathroom when this new letter came, this time the envelope had a post stamp from another city! She doesn't know I have this..

- That's for the best - said Roy looking at both of them whispering too- what does this one say?

- Ohh…mostly the same, I love you, you are mine and I will come for you, blah blah blah but it said that it doesn't matter how many people are with you, you are always going to be mine…

- This means he knows we were here - said Rick worried.

- Yes, and he said this, listen - and Claudia read a piece of the letter - "No matter who is with you, no matter how many guardian angels watch your dreams, I'm always going to find the way to get to you…"

The three of them looked at each other when they heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. They immediately stood up and Claudia hid the letter in her pocket.

- There you are hello you two- said Lisa wearing jeans and a pink shirt, but her hair still wet - you can use the bathroom Claudia, did Roy bring your things?

- Oh…ehh Yeah! But he forgot the shampoo, can I used yours?

- Sure, I'm going to dry my hair in my bedroom.

- All right.

When Lisa was in her room and they could here drying her hair, Claudia turned around and whispered again.

- That's why I didn't want to show the letter to her! He knows we were here, I even think he knows we slept in her room!

- But that's crazy! How…how he could know something like that? - whispered Rick worriedly.

- I don't know! - said Claudia - but how did he know then?

- He maybe guessed - said Roy thinking.

- Maybe, but I'm not sure.

- There's no way he…he can have a camera in here? - said Rick.

The three of them stood up and looked around for a second, and even the idea of them being paranoid ran in their head, neither of them could stop them.

- If he has a camera, he won't have audio, that's for sure- said Roy

- Yes, luckily - said Claudia.

- We should take her out of here - said Rick and walked to her room.

Lisa was drying her hair and looked at him.

- I'm starving. - said Rick.

- Yeah me too, but I don't have anything in the kitchen.

- Then lets go outside to eat, you can used some air.

Lisa raised an eyebrow to him.

- you don't fool me, what happened?

- Nothing! I just said I'm not in the mood to wait for food, I prefer to go out...

- All right, then let's go - she said not looking very convinced.

The two of them left the room and Roy was sitting on the couch.

- We have to wait for Claudia, she's in the shower.

- All right - said Lisa and then she sat next to Roy. - what should we do to tell the others?

Rick stood next to her and gulped.

- Err, I think we should talk about that after lunch…

- What's the problem with you and lunch anyway? - said Lisa looking a little upset.

- Nothing! I'm just saying I'm hungry!

- But we have to wait for Claudia!

- No we don't - said Rick looking worried - look, I'm starving, REALLY, why don't we go ahead and Roy and Claudia can catch us later?

- I don't understand you! You are acting weird! - said Lisa crossing her arms.

- He is right, Lisa, go ahead, where are you going anyway? - asked Roy.

- I…I will call your cell phone, I don't know yet, C'mon Lisa - said Rick taking her hand in his and pushing her through the door.

She looked from one man to the other not believing this behavior.

- All right! But you will tell me what's going on after lunch, you don't fool me!!

- Whatever you say…now let's go! - said Rick and they left the house in a hurry.

Lisa and Rick walked to "La mia pasta ristorante" an Italian restaurant downtown. All the way Rick took Lisa's hand and didn't talk at all, specially because Lisa couldn't get used to the fact that Rick Hunter was walking hand to hand with her in the middle of the city. After some time Claudia and Roy came to the restaurant and sat with them and after a big lunch for all of them, Lisa talked.

- Ok, now that we are full of food, can you tell me what's going on?

The three of them looked at each other. Claudia was going to talk but Rick stopped her.

- We think that, as a precaution, it would be best if you were out of the house.

- Why?

- Because…it's obvious, no? this guys is a crazy maniac, maybe he has some cameras in your house.

- Cameras? And where you did you get that idea? - asked Lisa suspicious.

Rick took some air, trying to look calm, he didn't want to bring up the issue of the new letter.

- From my mind, I'm just saying that it is a precaution. Weren't you the one who is always saying that to us on the monitor? to be alert and don't fool around?

Lisa sat still and looked at him.

- Well…after all this time I didn't know you were actually listening.

- What you mean? - ask Rick angry.

- I mean…

- Stop that before you got a divorce or worst, kill each other before the wedding.- said Claudia - I want to know how are we going to tell to the others. We can't do it at the base, that will look suspicious.

- I can call Admiral Global and ask him if we all can have a meeting at his house - said Roy taking a sip of his coffee.

- That sounds like a good idea - said Claudia.

- But what if this guy is following us? - said Lisa worried.

- So what? - said Roy - you two are going to get engaged after that, we can always say that you two plan a reunion to tell your closest friends.

They nod after a few considerations and then Roy called Gloval. Being the one of the aces of the air did have it's advantages sometimes.

- Is everyone ready, he is going to call Max and Miriya, Sammy, Vanessa and Kim. I think they are everyone who should known about this.

- Yes, they are our only real friends after all - said Rick.

They grew silent taking the last of their coffee when Lisa asked Rick.

- What are you going to tell Mimei?

The silence turned into tension in the air, Rick looked her in the eyes.

- I don't know exactly, but I don't think she is going to understand if I tell her the truth, I think that I'm going to tell her that…that we been involved for a while and now we just …er…we realize we loved each other and we want to be together.

Lisa was silent for a while, looking at her now, empty cup of coffee.

- I'm sorry -said she with a small voice and Rick didn't know how to react to this.

- It's not your fault.

- Maybe not, but it is my fault you got involved with this and now you are going to lose your girlfriend.

- She is not my girlfriend, not for a long time anyway, she is…a friend. - he said trying to convince himself, which was obvious - and you didn't force me, I chose you…chose to help you.

Lisa looked at him with eyes full of tears and he couldn't stop from touching her face.

- But you…- said Rick looking at her in the eyes - …you are going to make some changes.

- Like what? - whisper Lisa who was almost in a hypnotic trance when Rick touched her face with his thumb, feeling how soft her skin was.

- You are going to be nice to me from now on - said Rick looking at her with a spark in his eyes and raising an eyebrow - No more insults, no more fights.

Lisa's eyes grew wider, angry at first, but when she saw the funny expression in his eyes, her own green eyes turned into a smirking expression.

- And where is the fun in that?

- Hmm, well, maybe we will leave the fights, but don't patronize me anymore - and his thumb touch her upper lip slowly.

- Just as long as you don't act like a spoiled boy - she said parting her lips a little and feeling a shudder of excitement when Rick open his own eyes with delight.

- Ahem… - said Roy drinking the last of his coffee and screaming with pain when Claudia kicked him under the table - don't hurt me!

- Then don't interrupt!

This time Rick and Lisa didn't come back to reality as fast as the last time, they just looked at each other, feeling how the magic was leaving the room slowly. They separated from each other and didn't understand when Claudia kicked Roy.

- Should we leave? - asked Roy smiling like a fool and paying the lunch.

- Yeah….- said both Lisa and Rick at the same time in the same dreaming tone of voice. This time it was Claudia who giggled.

- I told you - whispered Roy walking with Claudia behind Rick and Lisa - told you, I'm going to win the bet, these two are on the edge!

- Shush! I know… but the bet is not about if they are going to do it or not, the bet is when…and we have to change the rules…

- All right.

The four of them got into Roy's car and drove to Gloval's house. The trip was silent, they turned on the radio and Minmei's voice came on. Lisa shuddered and looked at Rick who looked at her back. He was so confused, one moment he want to scream at her and the next he wanted to kiss her. Her temper was a mystery and now the only thing he saw in her eyes was concern, guilt and fear.

- Don't… - said Rick and he put a finger on her lips to silence her - Don't worry, I will handle it.
Lisa looked at him and nodded, the song was finishing it and Roy left the radio on, knowing that the couple needed to get used to the fact that they couldn't hide the problems anymore.

When they arrived at Gloval's house, the Sterling's car was parked outside with the Trio's jeep. The four of them walked to the door and knocked. Gloval opened the door.

- Come in, please - he said in a friendly tone, the four of them went in. In the big living room were Max and Miriya with Dana in her arms, and the baby opened her arms the moment she saw Lisa and giggled. Max and Miriya looked at them with concern and Rick nodded to them trying to calm them. Sammy and Vanessa where sitting on the other couch and stood up when they saw the four of them, looking as worried as the other. Henry was the only one who looked calm, and that was because Roy calmed him on the phone.

- Well, I think you have something to tell us - said Henry sitting in a closest chair. He was wearing civilian clothes, and no hat. But even without the uniform he inspired the some respectful aura, the same aura that Lisa had.

The four of them sat and Lisa talked first.

- Where is Kim?

- Here I am - said the girl coming from the kitchen with tea mugs for everyone, and a fruit juice bottle for Dana. She was concerned, but she had a smile all over her face when she looked at Rick holding Lisa's hand. They didn't realize that and when they followed Kim's gaze, they stopped.

- Well, now that we are all together, we have a story we want to share with you - said Roy - this is not a nice story, and I'm glad Dana is still a baby because this is not for kids.

Everybody waited and the only sound was Dana sucking her juice, then Lisa took a big breath, closed her eyes and start telling the story from the beginning, even with the horrible details. She was trembling a little and then Rick put his arm around her shoulders, holding her. She looked at him and continued with the story.

Max held Miriya's hand firmly and she held Dana the some way. Vanessa shuddered like she was watching a scary movie, Sammy was holding her breath and her eyes were full of tears, and Kim was shocked, not other expression on her face.

Henry Gloval was in his chair, head down, eyes closed and arms crossed over his chest.

When Lisa told the complete story, even without yet mentioning the part of the wedding, the tension in the room was palpable. Suddenly, Max stood up and walked next to Lisa, he knelt in front of her and nodded, with a sad expression on his face, he opened his arms and Lisa hugged him hard, losing control of her tears and sobbing uncontrollable in Max's arms. Max looked at Rick and he nodded, massaging Lisa's back up and down, comforting her. After a while, Lisa sat up again next to Max and thanked him.

- Lisa, listen, I'm talking here for me and Miriya - and she was already nodding her approval from her chair - If there are anything, and I mean anything we can do to help you, you can count on us 100% -he said seriously, looking in her eyes - and I mean anything, if you want to move with us, you can, I mean, we always can use a pair of hand with the little one - and he smiled at her, Dana chose that exact moment to throw away her bottle and everybody smiled.

- Thanks Max, but I can't do that to you and your family, I can't risk your family's security.

- Nonsense - said Miriya from her seat - Max is a military pilot, I'm a zentraedi warrior, we can defend you with no problem! And it will be great to have someone with me to teach me more about human culture, I will be honored to have you in our home! -said the zentraedi woman looking so secure that Lisa's hear skip a bit, feeling lucky for have such friends.

- I know Miriya, and I will be the honored one if I go and live with you guys, but think about Dana, what will happened if she gets hurt for my fault? I couldn't live with something like that…

Max and Miriya looked at the little girl who was chewing a toy, looking at Lisa with big eyes and smiling at her innocently. Miriya held Dana tight and nodded.

- What about us! - said Kim jumping from her stupor - you can come with us! There's plenty of room and we would loved to have you there!

- Yes! - expressed Vanessa and Sammie at the same time, eyes shining.

- Thanks girls, but don't worry, we already have a plan - said Claudia from her chair.

Everybody waited in silence looking at Gloval who was silent. He opened his eyes and looked at Lisa, and a small smile came to his lips.

- I was waiting for when you were going to tell me all of this.

- What do you mean sir? - asked Lisa surprised.

- You are an officer Lisa, and you are like my daughter. Do you think I didn't know?

Lisa was shocked and she just nod a no.

- This incident is in your report, in a top secret section, but not secret for me Lisa. Your father couldn't stop the incident from being there, but he made sure long ago to cover it with the most strictest vigilance. I know. I just wished you came to me sooner and trusted me.

Lisa looked down, feeling ashamed and guilty. She bit her lower lip in a nervous reflex and then she looked up to him.

- I'm sorry sir, but I couldn't…it was just …it was too awfull, I feel so ashamed…I'm sorry.

- Don't be Lisa, I understand, and I want you to know, that in my eyes, you are not the same officer of last Friday, now you are not just a better officer, you are a better human being, because you are fighting your own demons, and I'm proud of you.

When Lisa heard this, she broke. All of this was too much, even for her, all the support was overwhelming. She hid her face in her hands and cried hard. She couldn't believe that even with all the bad around her, she could feel so much happiness and relief. Rick held her and let her cry on his shoulder until she calmed down. At that time, everybody had tears in their eyes and they were holding the person next to them, Max to Miriya, the girls to each other, and Claudia to Roy.

After that moment, and when Lisa stopped sobbing and Kim came next to her with the mug of hot tea, Sammy suddenly ask.

- What is the solution then?

Everybody was silent and all the eyes were on Rick, who looked around for help. He looked at Lisa and she nodded at him, and this time, he took a deep breath.

After the last part of the story was out, all the new faces showed some, shocked. Max had his mouth open like a gold fish and Miriya looked at Lisa up and down, Henry gulped a little and then crossed his arms over his chest again, but couldn't stop the small smile on his lips. The funnier ones where the trio, who were pale, holding each other hands, mouths opens with strange shining eyes. Lisa looked around and at Claudia who just nodded, then...

- I WANT TO BE BRIDE'S MAID!! - screamed at the same time Kim, Vanessa and Sammy.

Everybody looked at them.

- You can't! - said Kim to Sammy - you just came back from your brother's wedding!

- Doesn't matter! You never have enough weddings!

- But you were the bride's maids there! - said Vanessa.

- But I didn't know the bride! It was an obligation! And I know Lisa! - screamed Sammy.

- No way!

- Yes way!

- NO!

- YES!

Suddenly the fighting stopped with the huge laugh of Henry Gloval who couldn't stop himself. Everybody looked at him and then the laughter began, except from Rick and Lisa who looked everywhere. Even the baby Dana was laughing, but just because everyone was doing so. Max was the first one who talked.

Still laughing, he stood up and came next to Rick who immediately stood up.

- Congratulations! - said Max hugging his friend and laughing- I know you were going to come to your senses sometime!! I'm happy for you! This is the best!

- Err…thanks.

- Really! You amazed me! So many times!! I'm so happy for you! I told you Miriya, right? - he said looking to his wife who was smiling and she nodded.

- Yes! But I always thought that he was going to make his move like…in ten more years! He is really slow, even for a human! - said the zentraedi smiling like a fool.

Rick just raised an eyebrow.

- Oh Lisa!!! - screamed the trio and hugged her, almost breaking her bones. - we were waiting for this so for long!! - said Sammy with big eyes.

- Yes! I'm so happy you two are together finally! - said Vanessa.

- And I'm happy I'm still young and beautiful to wear something spectacular for the wedding! - said Kim.

- THE WEDDING! - screamed Sammy - we have to find the wedding dress! And prepare the reception…

- And the cake!- said Kim

- And the lists of guests! - expressed Vanessa.

- I have a pencil! -said Sammy.

- Ok ok…enough girls - said Claudia coming between the three smiling women- we have time to prepare everything, not a lot, but there is time, now sit down.

The trio nodded happily and sat in their seats, Gloval just thanked Claudia.

- Well, when is the wedding? - asked Miriya.

- Er…we…we didn't discusses it yet - said Rick looking at Lisa who blushed uncontrollably.

- I..I don't know…I don't know how long it takes to prepare a wedding! - said Lisa looking shocked and looked back to Rick.

- Don't look at me! This is my first wedding too!

- But I don't know! -said Lisa almost scared.

- Let's try…a month - said Claudia smiling from her seat with her mug of tea in her hands.

- A month? That soon?! - expressed Lisa.

- It's not soon! It's far away! Max and I got married immediately - said Miriya very resolute.

- But those were different circumstances- said Max.

- Nonsense! They can get married faster! I can help!

The trio nodded.

- well, the sooner the better - said Roy.

Rick and Lisa looked at each side like in a tennis match.

- Oh…admiral! You have to give us free time to prepare everything! -begged Sammy and Gloval nodded a yes to the girl, and her face glowed.

- and what about before then?

- What do you mean Vanessa? - asked Max.

- Where is Lisa going to live, she can't stay alone! -said Vanessa looking worried.

The silence grew and again, all the faces looked…to Rick, who got very red.

- Me?

- Yes! - said the trio happy.

- But…but I don't have…is too sm…

- You have to! - said the girls again.

- No - said Lisa looking down and everybody looked at her - he has enough already, going to live with me who knows for how long…

- That's true, friend, but I think that's a good idea - said Roy.

- What do you mean? -said Lisa.

- I mean, that if Jake is around here, a good way to show him that you are serious about this, is if you begin living with the man you "love" - Lisa turned as red as Rick - but Rick is right, his place is small, and yours too, they need a new place, a safe place, now - said Roy looking at Gloval, who understood the look of the older pilot, knowing that something was wrong.

- Of course, Kim, please, call captain Stevenson and tell him that I need a new house, big enough for a couple to move right now.

Kim almost ran for the phone.

- Ok, what else? Yeah, we need to move both places now. Max, can you go and help me move things from Rick's place? The girls can have everything ready in Lisa's place. - commanded Roy and Max stood up.

- But …but…. - said Rick.

- Oh yeah, and Admiral, it's very important that just military person check the place first- said Roy.

- You have my word on that, I'm going there myself.

- Great, I appreciate it admiral - and he extended a hand to him.

- But… But… - said Lisa.

- No buts Lisa, we are going now! - said Claudia walking to the door.

- What about the day of the wedding? - said Miriya putting Dana in her stroller.

- Oh yeah - Claudia looked up and the girls looked at her expectantly - if you are going to help, and you know how these things are, I think two weeks is enough.

- All right, so…it's 12th, that means is going to be the next Friday 26th.

- Yes! - nod Claudia.

Everybody was running and walking and they left Rick and Lisa sitting in the couch speechless, they looked at each other, when someone outside called their names.

- I think everything is settled then- said Rick standing up.

- Looks like it - said Lisa looking resigned.

- Well…let's move Mrs. Hunter - and he winked at her, she turned all shades of red.

- Err…yeah….- when they were at the door, she stopped him suddenly and smiled at him- correction, Mrs. Hayes-Hunter.


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