Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 7. We Belong.

"He doesn't love you and he won't…ever" That was the mantra that haunted Lisa's nightmares since the day she fell in love with Rick Hunter. During the day, she always could control those feelings, those thoughts. But not during nighttime. At night, her defenses lowered to the minimum, and all her fears came to her, and left her restless the next morning. Sometimes she dreamt of one particular situation, where Rick left her alone, and before he turned his back to her, and held Minmei's hand, and said to Lisa, "I don't love you, and I will never love you"….and the words repeated themselves over and over again. Sometimes she mixed dreams, sometimes she remembered Jake attacking her, and she opened her eyes, Rick was in the corner of the room, just watching with no expression on his face. Sometimes she screamed to Rick for help, but he never answered. And sometimes she screamed in real life, waking up shivering…and alone.

During those times of solitude, she let herself cry for her sad destiny, for her course in life. Those were the only moments that she let pity herself. And she hated it the next morning.
This night wasn't different. The fantasy changed, but the idea was always the same. This time she was in a wedding dress, in front of a priest. Rick was an her side, looking handsome with a tux. But something wasn't right, she could feel it in the air. She looked around and everything was in slow motion, but she could feel the presence of someone else. She looked at Rick again and he looked at her, smiling. That gave her a second of joy, but suddenly, Rick's eyes darkened and he looked at her with pity. He took her hands in his and said "I tried, but I can't sacrifice my whole life for something like this. I'm so sorry, I love someone else…". After that declaration, he left her hands and walked away, not looking back. Her eyes watering in shame and sorrow, watching him walk away, and taking the hand of Minmei who was waiting for him at the end. She couldn't hold her knees and she fell onto the floor. When she looked up again, all she could see was the face of Jake, dark green eyes smirking at her, perfect smile mocking her and blond hair shinning in the lights of the candles. "you can't fool me Lisa… can't…"

Lisa woke up and the first thing she saw was blue eyes with concern. Rick was obviously shaking her, trying to woke her up for several moments and he was worried he couldn't do it. Her dream was strong and painful. She kept calling his name in pain, but she couldn't wake up. Lisa's face was covered in sweat, and Rick touched her face, trying to bring some color to her cheeks. Even though it was dark, he could see her pale face, like a ghost.
Rick said "Are you all right Lisa?" his eyes trying to make eye contact with her own. She was obviously trying to wake up complete, trying to control her breathing and the burning inside her throat.

Lisa answered "Rick… I…I'm f-f-fine…I think" she said trying not go back to the dream again. Rick held her hand for some minutes until she was completed awake. When he realized that she was all right, he turn to his side of the bed, and turned on his night stand lamp. He reached for his glass of water.

"What was it?" asked Rick looking at her and holding the glass to her. She took it and drank it all.

Lisa just nodded "The same, it's always the same" she murmured looking down. Rick was sitting now, his back against the headboard of the bed, looking at her wondering and asked "How often you have these kinds of nightmares?".

Lisa looked at him and tried to hide the answer for that "Sometimes", she said and Rick smirked "you don't fool me, Hayes, you are a lousy liar".

Lisa put the glass of water on her nightstand and sat against the headboard like him, but looking at the ceiling serious, "Oh well, just let's say often…".

Rick looked at her, trying to read her expressions, fascinating with so many mysteries she had. He considered asked more questions, specially if she always called for him that way, but her face showed how tired she was. "Let's go back to sleep" he said going under the covers again.

"You sleep, I can't" she said fighting her own eyes which tried to close. He turned around once again to face her, and found himself staring at her with fascination. She noticed it, and misunderstanding it with a silence question from him "If I go to sleep, I will have the same nightmare again" she explained.

Rick opened his eyes when she told him that. He wasn't exactly asking anything, but it was good to know why.

"Here", he said opening his left arm, making room for her next to him. She froze. "Don't give me that look Lisa, I'm not going to do "anything" to you" he said. Lisa nodded a negative at him and a sad thought crossed her mind, of course he wasn't, for that, he needed to feel some attraction, and he didn't. "It's not necessary, really, you go back to sleep, I'm used to this…" she added stubbornly, looking at the ceiling again.

Rick sighed hard and tired. He grabbed her arm, putting her next to him in an embrace. She was completely lost and didn't react in time to prevent it, but as soon as she felt him, and his arms around her with such tenderness, she couldn't fight back. A little voice in the back of her head told her not to get used to that feeling, because it wasn't hers. But her body acted on it's own will, and she relaxed. Rick didn't say another word. He held her against him, hoping to be able to guard her dreams, and trying not to think about how good she felt, and how good she smelled.

Rick touched her back up and down soothingly, until he felt her breath calm again. He continued with that until she felt asleep, and after some minutes, he held her closer, and fell asleep as well.


The next morning was Sunday, a free day. Well, that was what Lisa and Rick thought until the Sterlings, the trio, Claudia and Roy knocked on the door after lunch. After the greetings, the tour around the new house, now ready and the obvious jokes about why the bed was still undone, the women "kidnapped" Lisa and the guys, Rick. The only girl around the boys was Dana, because Max lost a bet with Miriya the night before, and he had to take care of her this day.

"So.." said Rick looking at the giggling baby who walked non-stop around his house "…why do I have the honor of you, gentleman, in my home on Sunday?".

"Now, now…why I have the feeling that we are interrupting something?" said Roy waving his hand in front of Rick, who blushed and replied, "That's not what I mean".

The usually polite Max had a really funny look on his face, a look that scared Rick the most. He looked…in a teasing mood, which Rick confirmed when he spoke.

"Well Rick, you have to be careful, I mean…you don't want to have a nursery that soon, right?"

Rick was speechless and blushing furiously. He looked for some help at Lisa's direction but sadly when he found her on the couch of the living room, she looked as embarrassed as him.

"Er… well, again, why are you here?" , said Rick picking Dana from the floor and trying to ignore the smirking faces.

"Actually, I just came with Miriya, she was the one who made all the plans with the girls here…something about "not enough time for preparation Maximiliam".

Roy rolled his eyes at this and Max answered "you don't know how it is to deal with a zentraedi women who wants to plan something!".

Roy laughed "zentraedi…humans, the problem is not the race…it's the gender" he said looking to Claudia who was busy in conversations.

Rick tried to escaped from the hands of Dana who found it funny to play with his hair, "I think they are overreacting…I mean, it's just a wedding, right…"

"Just a wedding??" the irritate voice of Sammie made Rick jump "Just-a-wedding? Are you nuts?? This is THE wedding of the century!" said and she put her hands together like in a prayer, her eyes sparkled.

"I agree with Rick, I think we want a simple ceremony after all…" said Lisa and Rick nodded too quickly for her opinion, she looked away.

"No way!!" said Claudia firmly "if we want to convinced this mad-man about this, we must do something big".

"But I don't think "big" is exactly necessary" said Lisa sounding polite, but firm too.
"Well, not BIG, but well known in the city…" expressed Claudia.

Rick looked at the women in the living room. Kim, Vanessa and Sammie were sitting together on one couch, Miriya was busy taking notes, and Claudia and Lisa were talking. If they were on the base, that scene looked more like a war room than wedding plans.

"I just don't feel right about a big thing…" said Lisa a little annoyed.

"I understand honey, but it is necessary. And after all, you are not "anybody" exactly. You are the daughter of an admiral and a high official yourself, also Rick too. This kind of thing has certain rules".

A little shadow crossed Lisa's eyes. She was, indeed, the daughter of an Admiral, but he wasn't alive. His father wasn't going to walk with her on that special day. Even though she hadn't had a pleasant relationship with him, he was her only family.

Claudia noticed the sorrow in Lisa's eyes and wanted to kick herself. "I'm sorry Lisa…"murmured Claudia and her friend nodded at her, controlling the expression in her eyes "it's all right, I just didn't consider him until now, that is all".

Rick walked automatic next to her and touch her shoulder. This gesture was enough for Lisa to get the strength she needed. "I'm fine" she said, smiling a little.

At that momente, Miriya shouted. Everybody looked at her immediately.

"I'm sorry" said the zentraedi woman when she noticed the gazes on her. "I just finished the list of what we need….there's a lot" she said firmly and handed some papers to Claudia that looked more like a report.

This was a war, thought Rick and handed Dana to Lisa.

Claudia took the "report" read it and just murmured "Hmmms" for several minutes. Everybody was waiting for her with curiosity.

"So?" asked Vanessa.

"There are a lot to do, and I think we should split and work in teams" commanded Claudia firmly, and after everybody was ready to listen to her, she added "All right, I think we are going to do this: Roy, you go and find a place for the reception, please…a decent one…" and she raised an eyebrow at him in warning. Roy smiled innocently mouthing a "who, me?". Claudia looked away from him and continue.

"Max, you go and asked for the church on the base, next saturday. The Admiral told me that if you need him, you should call him for that…" Max saluted to Claudia and she rolled her eyes smiling, then add "you three go now and find the clothes for Rick, black tuxedo, very elegant and be sure to make all the necessary arraignments. Kim, you are going to be in charge of the food and drinks, Vanessa and Sammie, music and entertainments, Miriya you are going to be in charge of the invitations, with me…"

"What should I do?" asked Lisa looking out of place. Claudia looked at her with sympathy.

"Honey, you are going to have enough, trust me…let us handle this"

Lisa didn't like not being able to help in her own wedding, but an inside voice told her that she actually didn't know what the heck to do in one, so after a few considerations, she sighed and accepted her destiny. But she still didn't like it.

Claudia patted her hands. "You will be the bride, and you and Rick will have convinced everybody, in just a week, that you are completely and crazy in love…I think that's a lot, plus our regular jobs".

Lisa and Rick jumped at the same time at this. "and what exactly…should we do?" asked Rick a little worried about the answer.

Claudia raise her eyebrow, the trio giggled in delight, Roy looked to the ceiling asking for God's sake, Max hid his face in his hands, trying not to laugh, but Miriya was the only one who spoke. She didn't look up from her notebook, almost just talking to herself "Even I am not THAT naïve" she said, and Rick blushed.

"Well, I guess hold hands, flirt with each other MORE, try to looked "in love"…Hmm…kissing in public a lot" said Claudia enjoying too much of the redness in both of her friends.

"Oh, Oh!" jumped Sammie suddenly raising her hand like in school "We thought about something to help that!" said the girl with stars in her eyes.

This can't be good, thought Lisa and Rick at the same time.

"We thought that we can help. We can started a rumor, a gossip, about the romance being a secret for a long time. We can start it, we are good at it, and our word is authority in gossip matters…" said the little bridge officer with pride, and the other two nodded with the same expression. " We can say that Rick and Lisa were lovers for a long time and the usual fights were part of a façade to keep us guessing, but they could not fool us!" said the girl.

"That sounds like a plan..." said Roy smirking, eyes closed.

"But I don't agree about the part of the fighting been a façade" expressed Claudia and Lisa looked at her with a question in her eyes. "C'mon Lisa, you and Rick are getting married it doesn't mean that you are going to stop arguing…with luck after a month you are going to still be alive!"

"Hey, I'm right here!" said Rick offended.

"Sorry Rick, but the truth is the truth…" said Claudia, crossing her legs.

"I know I know!!" said Kim jumping in joy "we can say that they fight so often because they had this unresolved-sexual-tension between them for so long"

"Is that REALLY necessary?" asked Lisa too embarrassed, because on some points that wasn't exactly a lie.

"Yes!" said Vanessa with an evil look in her "sex in gossip is important, with it you have a solid support".

Lisa's eyebrow raised and questioned the sanity of this girls "Since when was there a master's degree in gossip?".

The three girls smiled wide at this. They were masters in this, and they loved every second of it.

"Anyway…we can add some more stuff…we have a vivid imagination" said Kim.

"I noticed" murmured Rick.

"So, we have full liberty in this Claudia?" asked the trio at the same time with expectation.
Claudia looked at the pale color in Lisa's and Rick faces, but then notice Max and Roy smiling silently with their thumbs up.

"All right, you have green light" agreed Claudia and Lisa felt like she lost a battle.

Miriya looked at her watch, worried "Today is Sunday, I think we have to start moving now, first thing…Lisa's and Rick's clothes for the wedding" and then the zentraedi stood up and grabbed Dana. She kissed her daughters cheek and smiled "be a good girl with daddy today, ok?" and the baby giggled more, then Max walked next to his wife and took the little one and kissed his wife goodbye.

Like the day before, everybody got up and forgot about the groom and bride. They watched, again, how everybody was making plans, looking cheerful and forgetting about them.

"I hope they remembered to invite us to the wedding" said Rick offering a hand to Lisa when they were alone.

"I hope so. Maybe if they don't find us good enough, they are going to look for some replacement for that day…" said Lisa with a sigh, taking Rick's hand. He laughed and Lisa looked at him. Was she the one who made him laugh?, she wondered and felt an inside joy just looking into his eyes.

"Well Mrs. Hunter…" he answered watching at her with a flirting look and kissing her hand "…I'm really sure that you will look stunning in your wedding dress, it's impossible to find a replacement for you".

Lisa's cheeks got pink, and Rick grinned with a victorious look in his eyes. She wasn't going to let him win so easily in this cat-mouse game of theirs. She recovered her composure immediately and smiled sweetly at him "Thank you Mr. Hayes …" then she came closer to his ear and whispered softly "…but I'm sure I'm going to look better in your eyes…on our wedding night", and with that final declaration, Lisa left a furiously red-face Rick Hunter standing alone in the living room of their home.


A few hours passed and Rick didn't notice it. He was lost in his own thoughts, specially after Lisa made that joke to him. The reason why he wondered so much, was because he wasn't completely sure that she was joking. He remembered waking up that morning with a sleepy Lisa in his arms, it felt unbelievable right for him. Her weight was perfect against his chest, and the shape of her body fit perfectly to his own. It was like they were two pieces of a puzzle.

Rick looked around the stores, not seeing anything in particular. The morning started so much early from him than Lisa. When he woke up, it was 7 AM, Lisa was soundly asleep and her hand laid on his chest grabbing his t-shirt. Sleeping with her didn't feel strange or remotely odd at all. Actually he was more shocked about how right it felt. He barely woke up with Minmei when they were together, but it never felt comfortable. Usually they spent the night in his place, and she came back late at night hiding herself from the reporters. The few times she woke up with him, it felt weird. She was beautiful, that was not the question, but the feeling was what was strange. She was so small that he always believed that he was going to break her. Every time he touched her, he knew he was holding back, because he was afraid of marking her skin with his kisses and his touch. She looked so vulnerable that he felt he had to protect her, and that feeling never made him comfortable.

But this morning was complete different. The women in his arms was so different. She looked absolutely perfect, and even he knew he really didn't have to help her, she didn't look vulnerable. Her face was smooth, she was so calm and peaceful, and so strong at the same time. Rick looked at her face for long time and even touched her cheek and her hair. The feeling of her body next to him, their legs together warming each other was so natural and perfect. After probably half an hour looking at her, the sleep came to Rick's eyes again. He pulled her closer and hid his head in her hair. He fell asleep again until he woke up 2 hours later.

They spent the morning fixing things in their new home, and getting comfortable with each other. Rick was amazed how much they could talk about without a fight. He knew that work was their critical point, but he didn't realize until now that they have so many things to talk and laugh about.

Rick Hunter looked out the windows and all he saw were green eyes. He was so confused, specially because all this started just 3 days ago. This Lisa was so different and the same one he knew for several years at the same time. He was confused for his feelings for her and, most all of, for his attraction to her. He was still angry for the behavior of Minmei, for her viper tongue. Everything was spinning around in his head. It was like suddenly he stopped being blind and he was overwhelmed with so much light.

Max and Roy left Rick in the privacy of his thoughts, they teased him enough for now. The men were talking easily about the new arraignments in the squad VFs and Dana was jumping on Roy's shoulders showing a toy.

Rick suddenly looked at the blond baby on Roy's shoulder and smiled. It was so unreal, everything. Here he was, walking with his two best friends, looking for his weeding clothes! And at the same time, he was worried to death for Lisa's situation. He couldn't forget the Jake was around, that he was stalking her, and that made Rick feel so scared. He couldn't see Lisa in pain. He hurt her so much in the past, and now he promised himself not hurt her ever again. Rick sighed, was it possible that he was feeling something stronger for her and just after a few days? It wasn't possible, he thought. But his inner voice told him that he was wrong, that the few days was just the last key he needed to finally see the light in front of him. He just hoped that the voice was right.

"Dick, Dick!" shouted Dana looking down at Rick smiling. He saw how the baby was opening her little arms in his direction and Rick grabbed her and put her on his own shoulders. "Hey there warrior princess" he said to her and she grabbed his hair painfully.

Roy looked at him and smiled before saying "What Hunter? Just a woman are capable of bringing you out of your thoughts?".

Rick laughed softly and nodded "you guys are enjoying too much torturing me, it's not healthy".

Max grinned at him and patted his back "Well boss, we have to see the positive side in this. And after all, this is a one time opportunity, and we just have a week for teasing you!".

"Oh…" said Rick raising a eyebrow to Max "…so this means that after this week I'm going of be free of this?"

Both men grinned evilly and Roy answered to him "Just until we see your face glowing one morning, then the teasing is back in full mode".

Rick tried to hide his face looking at the next window shop, sadly for him it was a Lingerie shop, he turned a bright shade of red and Max and Roy laughed aloud.
"Easy, easy, one step at the time flyboy..." said Roy and walked inside the tuxedo shop. Rick pulled Dana down from his shoulders and Max took her hand.

Rick Hunter, the amazing pilot, hero of multiple battles, shocked like a kid in the dentist office when he entered the store.


Lisa wasn't as lucky as Rick, because her friends were all over her talking about million things at the same time. Her head was going from one topic to another and she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs.

Looking at the face of her friend, Miriya stop talking and walked in silence, as did Claudia on her other side. It was impossible that the trio would shut up, specially with all the excitement, but Vanessa made them walk behind them. Lisa notice the suddenly calm around her and thank the gods for this little privacy. She looked around and found that her friend looked more like bodyguards, one on each side and the other 3 looking out for her back. Even Lisa, who was a solitary person, in this moment she was glad to be so protected. She still had trouble handling the Jake situation again. She had a lot of things to consider about it, how to protect herself this time. He could be anywhere. Nobody knew how was really this man, except her.

Lisa didn't notice that they arrived the bridal store until Miriya grabbed her arm and stop her walking.

"We are here already?" said Lisa looking up at the store, it was a beautiful building.

"Yes princess, and I think we have to go inside" joked Claudia and the six ladies went inside.

"Good afternoon ladies" said a blond shinning women looking at them. She had a little arrogant air around her and looked up and down at her new customers. "What can I do for you?"

Kim didn't like her from the moment that she put her eyes on her. Neither of them actually. They were wearing Sunday clothes, comfortable and not fancy at all.

"We want to see wedding dresses please", said Vanessa politely before Kim could answer.

"Oh yeah, for which one of you?" asked the women, eyebrow raised.

"For me" answered Lisa taking a step in front of the group. Maybe Lisa wasn't using her uniform, but she didn't need it to inspired respect, she did that on her own.

The women looked at her straight in the eyes and almost stepped back with the coldness in Lisa's eyes. She give her usual officer look.

"Yes, of course, what do you have in mind?" said the woman looking a lot less arrogant. The girls behind Lisa's back smirked at this.

"I don't know exactly, but I want to see them, please" said Lisa.

"Of course but I mean, how much do you want to...spend on it" asked the clerk raising her eyebrow in challenge.

"I don't care..:" answered Lisa raising her own eyebrow and smiling politely "The money is not problem, can I see them now?" asked her a little annoyed.

"Yes, of course!" answered the women finally in her place, Kim almost laughed aloud with that.

The six ladies walked into the store and started talking. Lisa looked into the catalogs and didn't find anything she liked.

"I don't know what I want...I mean, something simple maybe?" asked Lisa to her friends and the trio gasped.

"Oh no! You can't Lisa!..."said the over dramatic Sammie " need to look spectacular!"

"Is that really necessary?" asked a very tired Lisa, but before any of the girls of the trio could answer, Claudia stood up and touched the dresses in front of her.

"Well, you think Minmei will use something simple if she was getting married?..." said the smart Claudia.

The name of the annoying girl was all Lisa needed for wake up. She didn't answer anything but started looking with intensity in the magazines. Claudia winked to Miriya and she winked her back.

"I don't want to look like a bubble...that's for sure" said Lisa annoying.

"You don't have to" expressed Claudia and walked next to her again "I think I have a very good idea of what you can use".

Lisa looked at her with big eyes, expecting. Claudia nodded and walked to the dresses and after a while, brought one in her arms that made Lisa smile with joy for the first time in 3 days.


Rick and Lisa spent almost all their day buying things for the wedding and the reception. Miriya worked on the guest list with Claudia and Lisa during a coffee break, when the trio disappeared. After 30 minutes , the girls came back with a big grin on their faces. Lisa didn't bother to ask what they were doing, she knew it was something not good for her.

Rick, the guys and Dana walked almost all day after buying the clothes. They went to look for a place for the reception and panicked at the places Roy took them. The advice of Claudia was obviously right. Rick didn't know a lot about weddings, but the common sense told him that the first 3 places were out of the question.

At 6:30 PM Dana started to cry, she was obviously tired and Max took her home. Roy called to Claudia and checked that the girls were still shopping, so he invited Rick for a drink.

They arrived at a nice bar and asked for a couple of beers, Rick took a sip of his and sighed.

"What happened groom, are you tired or still thinking about your bride?"

Rick smiled a little and answered "Honestly, now I'm just tired…we walked a lot today".
Roy smirked and answered "Yeah, and we have to take turns to carry that little hurricane named Dana, she is really tireless!!"

"yeah, you can bet on that" answered Rick smiling. He took another sip and looked to the window. Roy looked at him and nodded, knowing the thoughts inside Rick's head.

"You want to talk about it?" offered Roy.

Rick looked to his "big brother" and sighed "I really don't know Roy, is it…everything is so confusing right now. I mean, all this is crazy, for one side, everybody is freaked out by this…this…this jerk Jake, but at the same time, all these preparations, and the jokes, and the even Lisa and I…we were talking and talking and making jokes…and it's like Jake didn't exist!. I know he is real, I saw the letter myself and everything, but everybody acts like we were actually be preparation a dream wedding and not what is it…"

"and what is it, then?" asked Roy curiously.

"I don't know!! I really don't know…" said Rick somberly. "Sometimes I forgot all the bad, and I felt so…fine about this. That is something that I'm shocked about. When I said yes on Friday, I thought I was going to feel weird, strange, but its not. Since I stepped foot in that house I feel like…I belong, and that is driving me crazy".

Roy smiled a little at this, took another sip of his beer and put his elbows on the table, coming closer to Rick and whispering to him.

"Didn't it occur to you that, maybe, this IS right for you?" asked him with sympathy.

Rick looked at him and didn't know what to answer. Roy waited a second and then continued "Rick, sometimes things happen for a reason, even the most…odd ones. Look, I know that you cared for her, that you are attracted to her…I know you want her…"

Rick at this turned immediately pink "C'mon, its not bad at all, you are a gentleman and she is a lady, you are not going to do anything "bad". But if you considered it, you two already have more than a lot of couples I know!"

"Except the love…" said Rick sadly.

Roy looked at his friend and patted his shoulders. He knew better that Rick was completely is love with Lisa, but he was too blind to find it out, and now wasn't exactly the right moment to put that topic in the air.

"Well, you have a lot, and you have more with her than with Minmei, you didn't know that, right?"

"Yes, I know I know…I just wished that I loved her.." said Rick and he finished his beer.

"You will, I'm sure. But now think about the good things. I know that you are afraid of that bastard, we all are. But I think that we just want to try to cheer her up, specially me and Claudia. We were there the last time and we saw how this transformed Lisa. You, Max, Miriya and the trio are sympathetic to Lisa's pain, but you can't imagined how…hard was it. In some ways, I think that we have an implicit agreement of make her…happy, that's why we don't bring up the issue. Do you think Lisa doesn't remember it every moment?"

Rick's eyes wide, and he remembered her nightmare "I know, she remembered. Last night she had a nightmare and she screamed with so much pain I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to wake her up", Rick shuddered and then continued "when she woke up, she didn't want to talk about it, but I know he was there. I wish I can take care of her dreams too, watch over her. But I can't, so I just hugged her and I made her sleep next to me, that was all I could do" said Rick sadly looking at the table.

Roy smiled and Rick didn't see him. He wasn't going to tease him about that, but he knew better, he finished his own been and stood up.

"Well, I think its better if you go home, you don't want to keep your lady waiting, do you?"
Rick smiled and stood up. No, he thought, he didn't want to make her wait, he want to see her.


Lisa come home earlier than Rick. When she was home, she was glad to be alone for a while. The first thing she did was kick her shoes away and then she walked to her bedroom without turning on the lights. With a smile on her face, she put her wedding dress carefully in her side of the closet. The dress was inside a plastic bag, so Rick wasn't going to be able to peek at it. She took all her bags and took the items out: shoes, cosmetics, even lingerie. She shocked her head, THAT was a waste of her money, but she couldn't fight anymore with them. The five women together were a strong unit.

She put everything where it belonged, hid carefully the lingerie, and then went straight to the bathroom. This day deserved something for her that she liked, and that new bath tub looked more than appropriate. Lisa turned on the hot water, find her bubbles and bath salts and prepared herself for a nice bath. She looked for her mini-disc player and her headphones, she selected one of her favorite and secrets discs, "Let's get in on" of Marvin Gaye. She smirked in delight to herself, thinking about how many times she pictured Rick and her dancing that song.

She nodded, and the aromas filled her senses. The hot water and the candles were ready, and she took off her clothes and got into the water, letting it do the magic on her sore muscles. She closed her eyes and smile happily. She was safe, she knew it.

She let herself relax and after a while, she sank into the water completely and come out laughing. Her hair was all wet and full of bubbles. This was good, she thought and then put the headphones on and listened.

Rick enter into the house and listened, nothing. He was so tired after walking so much that the only thing on his mind was a hot shower. He turned on the lights and kicked his shoes away and walked to his bedroom. Everything was exactly like in the morning and he threw himself onto the bed. After a few minutes and before he fell asleep, he stood up and take off his shirt and socks. Bare chest, he walked to the bathroom. He was unzipping his pants when he opened the door and stop suddenly.

There was Lisa, eyes closed, a smile on her lips, in the bubble bath. Rick was speechless, he couldn't move, and for a few moments forgot how to breathe. She looked perfect there, her hair was wet and looked darker against her skin. The candle light brightened her face with shadows, making the drops of water shine. She was so relaxed that she could be sleep, but her humming told Rick that she was singing a song she liked a lot. Her arms were on the edge of the tub, and even from the door he could see her body, all of her. He was sure she was there for a long time by now, because the bubbles were gone now, and the clear water didn't cover anything. He saw her perfect body, always covered with clothes, and now only the water was touching her skin. Her breast were shining from the water, her waist was narrow and her legs strong and long, she was perfect in every way. Her body was firm and her skin looked like velvet.

Rick couldn't take his eyes away from the sight of her, she looked so different from the woman he was used to seeing at work. This woman here was different, this was the real Lisa, the one Claudia and Roy knew, the easy going, the more carefree and the wild one. He didn't have to say it. Her body language talked for herself.
After a couple of minutes Rick couldn't move and think, and his first thought wasn't exactly leaving there. He wanted desperate to touch her and find out if her skin was that soft. He stopped himself after one step inside. No, he couldn't do that. She didn't even notice him, she was still enjoying her bath. Rick turned away and closed the door slowly.
He didn't know what to think or what to do. Rick stood outside the bathroom door, holding his pants and trying to do...something. Roy was right now more than ever, he wanted her, all of her, and he wanted her badly.

He shook his head, he couldn't let her see that, not yet. He took a big breath, walked barefoot to the bedroom and picked up his shirt. He put it on and forced himself to go and do...something, and his first thought was dinner.

When Lisa come out of the bathroom clean, fresh and happy, she found Rick cooking.

"Hey there handsome" she said flirting, just wearing a big and warm bathrobe.

"Hey" said Rick without looking at her, her presence disturbed him too much, but Lisa didn't want to help, and walked next to him and looked from his shoulder.

"what are you cooking?" she asked.

"Err...chi...chicken" he said and felt the sweat on his face.

"Hmm, that sounds good" she said without noticing how nervous he was, she walked to the table and sat there "so, how was your day"

"Tired, very tired" he answered trying to think about his ugly math high school teacher, the ugly women of the casino on the base, the day when a bee stung him, about anything other than a naked Lisa Hayes.

"Mine too, I never ever buy so many things the same day, I'm glad I have enough money. I know why people marry one or just twice, is damn expensive!" she said trying to get Rick's attention.

He laugh a little and made the mistake of looking at her. He gulped and jumped when their eyes connected. "Lisa, can you watch the meal? I have to...take shower, quickly...I...I smell really bad".

Lisa raised an eyebrow and that, in Rick's mind, made her look more sexy. She nodded and Rick almost ran to the shower, a very cold one.


After Rick came out of the shower, thinking straight and more calm, they ate and talked about their day. Rick remembered the conversation with Roy and just brought positive and funny issues to talk about. Never asked for new letters or any indication of Jake that day.
After cleaning the dishes, both walked to the bedroom, and Rick got a little worried again. Lisa was so relax and carefree that she never noticed the way Rick looked at her, and that was a good thing, because he wanted her...again.

Lisa looked into the closet for new pajamas and found out that she didn't have any.

"What the hell?" said Lisa aloud and Rick walked next to her worried. She continued looking "Where are my other pajamas?"

"I don't know, maybe you put them somewhere else?"

"Impossible, we opened all the boxes, there's nothing else" she said looking everywhere and suddenly she realized what happened and shout aloud "Oh No...I'm going to kill them!"

"What?" asked Rick with concerned and glad to have something else to think about.

"The girls!! Kim, Vanessa and Sammie must have thrown them away! They packed my things and they threw away everything they didn't like, but I was thinking about other things at the time. I never thought that they were going to throw away all my pajamas!"

Rick smirked at the picture of the girls throwing away everything and Lisa looked at him angry "Its not funny! I don't have anything to wear now!"

Now Rick was worried, because the picture of a naked Lisa in bed was too much, he came next to her and looked into his own things, fast "Are you sure they are not here?" he said. She looked at him wondering what was going on in his mind, but put back her attention at her closet.

"I don't think so Rick, you unpacked your stuff and if you didn't see them, then they are not here. Argh! They are going to pay for this...and I mean it...tomorrow, they are going to buy me new ones!" she said angry. Rick turned around and offered her a very long, ugly and big t-shirt of his. "here, you can use this" he said trying not to make eye contact.
She smiled and thanked him, then walked to the bathroom. Rick sighed and got into bed and tried to calm himself. He was successfull, until Lisa came from the bathroom. She looked too damn sexy in that awful t-shirt to be truthful. Rick hold a groan of frustration and Lisa misread it.

"I look that bad?" she ask looking at herself.

"NOO!" he said aloud and Lisa was surprised and expressed "I though you made that face because I looked funny..."

"well, not at all, you look...f...fine" he managed to said and Lisa smiled at him.

This was too much, Rick didn't know if he could contain himself. Lisa came to bed and pulled the covers over her.

"Well, I think tomorrow we start the show, right?" she said a little sad. Rick looked at her and then understood.

"Yeah, I think so" he answered and couldn't resist the sad look on her face. "But its not going to be that bad Lisa, I promise"

"How do you know?" she asked.

"Because I kissed you before...remember?" he said smirking to her and she blushed, he just loved when she was embarrassed.

"Yes, but this is different. Humans are more difficult to fool than zentraedis" she answered him back.

Rick grinned and his thoughts took their own road "Well, you are one hell of a kisser Lisa Hayes, I don't think we are going to have any problem in that area" he said talking slowly in a deep voice, looking her in the eyes and making Lisa shudder.

He moved closed to her and touched her cheek with his thumb. This was more than he could take, he needed to feel her skin again, like in the morning.

Lisa was speechless, how did they come to this, she didn't know. But she liked it a lot, she slowly put her own hand in his, never leaving his eyes.

"What are we doing?" she murmured.

"I don't know" he answered, looking at her lips. Lisa licked them and Rick couldn't hold it anymore. He came closer to her and their lips were almost touching. Lisa closed her eyes feeling dizzy and the furious beating of her heart. Rick felt her breath on his mouth, fresh and intoxicating. He took all the strength he had and murmured to her "Tell me to stop and I will".

Lisa shuddered and couldn't think anymore. She just murmured against his lips a weak

That was all Rick needed, he crossed the space between them and kissed her hard. Lisa fell melting in his arms. How he got into this, she had no idea, but this was exactly what she needed. She kissed him back, but this time it was Rick who was controlling the kiss, searching with his tongue the sweetness of her mouth. When their lungs screamed for air, they broke the kiss. Somehow, Rick was on top of her and they just stared at each other trying to catch their breath again.
Rick looked at her and realized what he had done. The worry came into his eyes in a second and Lisa saw it, and at the same time the panic came into hers. He doesn't want me, she thought. He is thinking this is a mistake...he doesn't want me, and her heart broke again.

Lucky this time Rick was smarter and found out why her eyes looked so much in pain. He held her close and sat, kissing her hair.

"I want you" he said firmly and Lisa almost cried. He held her hard and didn't let her go, didn't want to lose this women again. "I want you Lisa, I really do..." he said and looked into her eyes "...but I really believe that we have to wait, you are in a vulnerable state right now...but I want you to know that I want you, never forget that" he said again and took away one single tear that escaped from her eyes.

Rick held her close and hug her until she calmed down. He was right, She tried to convince herself that he was right.

He hugged her like the night before, and she held into him. She was so confused, but at the same time so happy, so happy that he finally could read her eyes, because that was all she had.

After a while, when they breathing and beating hearts came to normal and the sleep slowly invaded their eyes, Rick looked at her one more time. She looked up to him and they stared to each other until Rick smiled a little and murmured "Told you, you are one hell of a kisser Mrs. Hunter". She smiled back to him and buried her face in Rick's neck, ready to sleep.

However, before she fell asleep, she kissed his neck and whispered against his skin one more time "you too, Mr. Hayes, you too".


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