Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 18: Stormy Weather.

Rick woke up early that Friday morning. Somehow he was excited that he was going to take care of Dana that day. He knew the baby was a lot of work, but just after one week, the little Zentraedi-human princess warrior had everyone around her little finger. He looked out the window and saw almost no light at all, and as usual rainy clouds in the sky, always ready to fall. It was obviously a cold morning, but he was glad that their fireplace was always on. The smell of the burning wood filled the room, and a partially open window in a far away corner of the room, for ventilation, brought inside the smells of the fresh morning. Rick stretched himself and felt the warm of the bed and smiled widely. It was just 6 o’clock but he didn’t want to sleep more. Turning around, he looked at Lisa deeply sleeping next to him. Her face was relaxed and she had comically one arm over her face. After several months sleeping with her he knew her sleeping habits.

Rick smiled to himself and put her arm down, so he could see her face. She didn’t even react when he touched her; she was sleeping like a rock. Rick liked to do that, watch her sleep. He played with her hair for some time until he bothered her enough, and even sleeping, she murmured something and turned around to the other side. Rick looked at her and almost laughed aloud with that. He kissed her head, and then walked to the bathroom for his morning shower.


Everybody was eating his or her breakfast except Lisa. That morning was Max turn to make it and everybody was glad, especially because Miriya had prepared it the day before. The smell of bacon and eggs filled the room, and Dana, used to waking up early, was sitting in her chair waiting for her own special baby meal and playing with Sammie.

“How’s everything going?” asked Claudia to Rick drinking her coffee.
“Fine” said Rick looking at her “Lisa is better, but I am still worried that she is too ashamed to try and fly on her own again” he said stealing Roy’s toast when he wasn’t looking. Claudia nodded.
“I know. I think you should make the time and…you know…make her fly again,” said Roy looking at them again. Rick smirked.
“Ha! I dare you to try to make her do something she doesn’t want to do!” he said and Dana laughed from her chair.
“Oh well…she married you and she didn’t want to. I believe in anything,” said Roy taking the rest of the toast from Rick’s hand and eating it.
“Funny” said Rick and crossed his arms in his chest.
“Hey Rick, you need anything to take care of Dana?” said Miriya sitting next to Vanessa.
“No, no, we will be fine,” he assured her with a smile. Miriya smiled back.
“Thanks. Can I ask you something?” Miriya said again.
“Sure,” answered Rick and thanked Max for the new bread and bacon.
“Dana has been inside the house too much. Do you think that you can take her out a little, if is not raining?” she asked worriedly.
“No problem! I will cover her up a lot and take her to the garden to walk a little in the fresh air,” he said.
“Thanks!” said Miriya and ate her breakfast happily.

Rick was alone with the baby and stretched himself after cleaning the dishes. He looked outside from the beautiful old window and saw that even though it was a cloudy day, it wasn’t raining at all. The green grass was everywhere and after a huge garden, there was a forest. All he could see was all kinds of beautiful green.

Dana was chewing a toy when Rick looked at her.

“All right. You, me…Outside!” said Rick happily and the baby laughed. He put on her a heavy coat and after some fight, he put on her shoes.
“You have some nerve lady,” he said tired of their little fight and Dana just showed her tongue to him. Rick laughed.
“Ok, ok, I give up, C’mon, let’s go for a walk,” he said and the girl grabbed his finger with her little hand. A warm feeling crossed Rick’s heart when she did that. He looked at her, so cute in her pink coat and blue boots, smiling with her whole face.
“Let’s gooo!” said Dana annoyed after some time he looked at her. Rick nodded.
“Yep, let’s go,” he said and taking his own coat, they went for a walk.

Rick and Dana walked in the garden and after some time, even some sun came up in the gray sky. Dana ran around Rick with her arms extended as a plane and he watched her carefully. The garden was a beautiful place. Sometime in the past, it was probably a very carefully and sophisticated garden, but with years grew up widely, but had its own beauty. Rick and Dana walked from one extreme to the other of the huge garden, until he reached the edge of the forest. He was turning around, when suddenly a white construction took his attention. Not far inside the forest, it was some kind of structure filled with plants. Slowly Rick tried to have a better look at it but there was too much vegetation around to pass. He took Dana’s hand and looked for a space until he found a small little road that went straight to the place. Dana was looking up to the trees amazed and just a few feet away, they reached what was an old green house.

“Want to explore a little?” he said to Dana and the little girl giggled enthusiastically.
He took her in his arms and slowly opened the door. There weren’t any plants anymore inside the greenhouse, there was a lot of dust and dead plants, but except for that, the place was in great condition. There was an artificial water fountain in the middle with no water, an old fireplace and the crystal windows were untouched. The place was really beautiful and calm ambient.

“I think we found you a really big doll house,” said Rick, but Dana was already playing with some sticks she found in one corner. Rick walked around it, looking at it. The sun shined a little more and the greenhouse was filled with natural light, making it shine.

“Ok, if we are going to use this, I think we have to clean it up,” he said and after ten minutes, he returned with Dana from the castle, with some trashcans and a broom. Rick cleaned the place after he sat Dana on a carpet in the floor with some toys. He worked fast and after an hour, the place was clean and perfect.

“This place is great for a date…” he said to himself and he opened his eyes widely for his sudden idea. He grinned to himself until Dana grabbed the edge of his coat.
“I am Hungry Dick!” she protested and Rick came back to reality.
“Oh...sorry! Let’s go to the house, ok” he said.
“Ok,” frowned Dana and took his finger again.

Rick laughed a little and put his idea of the date in the back of his mind for later, but not much later. He grabbed Dana’s hand and walked back to the castle, just before the rain started again.

Feeding a little girl, a 50% zentraedi girl, wasn’t exactly an easy task, especially when her not-exactly-a-chef mother made the lunch for her. Rick was ¾ covered in baby food, when a very angry Dana simply took the food and threw it to the floor. Rick frowned.

“Ohh, C’mon Dana! That was your food!” said Rick standing up and coming back with something to clean up the mess off the floor. Dana just giggled when she watched Rick cleaning.
“Is not funny, you barely ate anything and now I don’t have anything to feed you with,” said Rick standing up, but between her giggling, Dana just showed her tongue to him. Rick raised an eyebrow.
“Just wait until Lisa takes my place today. I want to see who wins in this particular battle in the night!” he said to the baby and he could swear that Dana smirked, but that wasn’t possible. He shook his head.
“Ok...what can I give you now?” he said looking into the refrigerator. He found mostly fruit.
“I AM HUNGRY!” scream Dana from her high chair, looking dangerously like her mother.
“I hope you like this,” he said after coming next to her. He slowly took the spoon and put it close to her mouth. Rick swallowed hard and closed his eyes when he felt the little girl taking the food away from the spoon. He was sure she was going to scream and throw it into his face, again, but for his surprise, when he opened one eye, she had her mouth open, waiting for more.

Rick smiled widely and felt even more proud when the food disappeared from the plate in no time and a very dirty, but now happy Dana was now drinking her juice. He stood up and looked at himself, with food from his hair to his shoes. He cleaned the mess of the kitchen and took Dana upstairs. Lucky, she was ready for her nap, so he just put her in her crib and moved it next to the bathroom door to listen to her while he took a quick shower, the second of the day.

After he was done, he came out to the bathroom and watched her soundly sleep. She was a mess sleeping, legs everywhere, mouth open and one arm over her head and the other holding a teddy bear. Rick smiled at the sleeping child form. Dana was way too funny. She had the temper and looks of her mother and the intelligence of her father, a very dynamite combination. Rick tried to move her arm down from her face, and she grabbed his finger. Rick’s heart skip a bit, when the little girl put the finger closer to her, like it was her teddy bear. He smiled and after a while freed his finger and moved the crib back to Dana’s room.

Rick relaxed for an hour before the baby woke up. Lisa was going to be at home at 2 o’clock to take care of Dana and he had a lot to do before she got home. As soon as the girl woke up, he went to the greenhouse one more time. Dana picked up her toys and looked with a frown how Rick was putting a table, two chairs and some wood next to the fireplace.
“What are you doing?” asked the little girl wondering. Rick looked at her and laughed, blushing slightly.
“Oh well…hmmm,” he said thinking and kneeling next to her “This is a surprise for Aunt Lisa,” he tried to explain.
“This is mine,” said Dana raising an eyebrow and grabbing stronger her teddy bear. Rick gulped. He needed to convince her somehow.
“Yes! This is yours, but you see? Hmm… ‘We’ want to make Lisa smile, right? You want that Dana?” he asked, using his best charming smile.
Dana looked at him blank. It was like she knew he was trying to lie to her.
“Ok…all right,” said Rick loosing this battle. “I want to give Lisa a surprise. A nice surprise that will make her happy, and me too, but I need your help in this,” he said smiling truthfully this time.
Dana waited some time and then nodded smiling. Rick couldn’t believe she actually understood what he meant. She was a genius; well…she was her father’s daughter after all.
“All right!” said Rick enthusiastically. “This is a surprise, ok Dana? So you should not say anything to Lisa. You can tell your parents and everyone else if you want, but don’t say anything to Lisa or the surprise will be ruined,” he said and Dana nodded.
“So…will you let me borrow your play house tonight Dana?” asked Rick charming.
“Yes!” she said happily and then she hugged him. Rick hugged her back and laughed. ‘Oh man…I want one like this…’ he thought, but the sudden idea scared the hell out of him and he quickly put it in the back of his head.

Rick worked faster in the greenhouse and Dana helped him, giggling happy. When everything was done, the pair walked back to the castle and waited there for Lisa. When Lisa arrived home, Dana hugged her lovingly and giggled a lot. Lisa looked around and noticed that something was weird, but didn’t realize what it was. Rick kissed his wife on the cheek and winked at Dana before go to the base.


Somehow Rick Hunter’s day was extremely good. After a nice morning babysitting and planning a sudden date for him and his wife, he went to the base and found out that the new building had a new name, finally. Laughing until his stomach hurt, he stood up in front of the building when the workers fixed the last silver letters in the front.

“Why are you laughing so much?” asked suddenly a female voice behind his back. Rick turned around, tears in his eyes and smiling, he greeted Vanessa.
“It is the name!” he said trying to control his laugher “How…who…HOW did Lisa pick that name?” he said laughing. Vanessa just raised an eyebrow.
“Well, we talked in the morning about it, and Lisa said that you said to her that we could pick the name we want. So, not counting ‘your’ vote, we decide to name it like this,” she explained a little annoyed by his behavior. Rick tried to control himself and after some seconds, he stood up and cleaned his face with his sleeve.
“All right, all right. I am not complaining. It is just…” he said looking again to the shiny new capital letters in the building and feeling how a new wave of laugher came again, but he controlled it, barely, “It is…strange.”
“I think is very appropriate,” said Vanessa crossing her arms in front of her chest. Rick look at her, smirking.
“Yeah right!” he said.
“Actually, the name was my idea, Captain Hunter,” she said again, challenging him to continue after that. Rick knowing best not to mess with any member of the Trio, kept quiet.
“Hmm, sorry V,” he said biting his lower lip, keeping his laughing, but Vanessa saw it and angrily kicked the floor.
“It is a nice name, Rick!” she said complaining.
“It is! Really…is just…is so…” said Rick trying to find the right words.
“So what?” said Vanessa suspicious.
“So…so…Middle Earth” said Rick finally raising an eyebrow to her in a funny way.
“Of course it is! This place is way too like what I think about Middle Earth! And I think this is a hopeful name, because it means a beautiful place, full of special people and the place where all different races come together for a great mission…I think is very adequate,” she said finally, walking past him, very straight and convinced of her choice. Rick looked up again to the letters and nodded, holding his laugher miserably.
“Yeah…really good. Now I am a flying elf who works in the new Rivendell RDF Base,” laughed Rick entering the base.

“Kim, Kim, Kim!!” yelled Rick running after the girl who stopped in her tracks in the middle of the hallway.
“What?” she said rolling her eyes and crossing her arms. Rick looked at her.
“Are you in a bad mood?” he asked with caution.
“No!…well, a little. It’s that I can’t believe Vanessa nominated that name for the base and she actually won,” she said looking at the floor. Rick smiled a little.
“I think it’s a nice name,” he joked but Kim just looked at him annoyed.
“She won JUST because Max is a huge Tolkien fan and Roy voted for it just to annoy me,” she explained.
“Ok…I need your help with something and I am sure you are going to like it,” said Rick smiling like a fool. Kim raised a curious eyebrow.
“Hmm. What does it involve?” she asked. Rick gave her his best charming smile.
“It involves something you will love…” he said and looking around first, then moving to a nearby corner. Kim’s eyes shined.
“I have everything ready for surprise date for Lisa,” he whispered and Kim almost jumped from excitement.
“REALLY?!!” she shouted and then smiled widely to a couple of privates that passed them and looked at her funny. “Really? But how?!!” she whispered again.
“I found a greenhouse just on the edge of the forest and it’s the perfect place. I already cleaned it and set the table and everything else, but I need the ‘feminine’ touch…and the dinner,” he said smiling.

Somehow the possibility of be an active agent in a romantic plan made Kim’s day. Smiling she nodded and asked what he wanted and if she could tell everybody else, except Lisa, of course. Rick talked with her for some time, and when everything was settled, he thanked her and went on his patrol around the area.

By the time Rick finished the patrol and helped around the new little, but growing town, it was already night. A freezing wind covered everything and a slightly red tone covered the cloudy night sky, warning of snow. Rick was glad that he had put a lot of wood for the fireplace of the greenhouse to keep them warm. Smiling, he walked to one of the jeeps, where Miriya, Max and Roy were waiting for him. The rest went home early. Rick was walking fast, holding his coat, when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. A strange chill covered his entire body and he walked away. The lights of the base weren’t bright enough to illuminate everything and the shadows played strange forms around the different edges and corners of the front of the building. The wind moved his hair and cold hit his face when he fixed his eyes on a sudden movement near the woods. Rick’s heart started pumping faster and something inside alerted him of danger. He walked on in the direction and saw how the shadow stepped back at the same speed he walked into the direction. Rick was sure his eyes weren’t teasing him and when he was ready to run the sound of the claxon of the jeep took his attention and he turned around.

“C’mon Rick! We are freezing here!!” shouted Roy from the car and horned the claxon again. Rick looked around and saw that the shadow was gone already. He turned around but found nothing. Feeling uneasy inside, he sighed and turned around, giving one last look to the dark corner of the building.


When they returned home, Dana jumped into her mother’s arms as soon as she opened the door.

“Moooom! I have a secret!” she said jumping.
“A secret? What secret?” she asked kissing her daughter’s cheeks.

Just in that moment, Lisa walked in the room smiling and wearing jeans, her sport shoes and a huge gray turtle neck sweater. Rick quickly came near Dana.

“Hey! Look what I found for you!” he said fast and gave her an English muffin from his pocket. Dana took it and ate it. Rick winked at Miriya who was completely lost for the situation.

“Hello” said Lisa smiling and kissing Rick’s cheek. He smiled back and kissed her cheek back. Everybody went inside and they closed the door firmly behind them. The house was warm and light and very welcoming.

“Hello, beautiful. How did the warrior princess behave?” asked Rick walking with her to the living room.

“Fine, she is a sweetie,” she answered and sat down on the couch. Rick smirked and looked at Dana in Max’s arms now. The girl was certainly smart. She knew already how to play her card with everyone to get what she wanted.

Rick was sitting down when he remembered Kim and stopped.

“Er…I need to go to the bathroom,” he said quickly and ran away, leaving a confused Lisa behind.

Rick reached the backdoor of the kitchen just in time when The Trio stepped in.

”Damn it is cold!” complained Sammie walking right next to the fire.
“So?” asked Rick to the three of them were positioned next to fire.
“It is done,” said Kim hugging herself.
“But maybe is too cold?” asked Rick worried walking next to the girl.

Even the cold, the three of them looked at each other smirking.

“You don’t know with who are you talking, right?” asked Sammie with her know-it-all face.

Rick was speechless, not very sure how to answered that. Luckily, Vanessa saved him.
“We fixed the internal thermostat of the greenhouse. Now it is maybe warmer than here” she said proudly.

Rick’s face shined when he listened to that and he hugged the three of them in a big bear hug.
“Thanks!” he said after he realized the girls needed to breathe again.
“You are welcome,” said Vanessa putting her hands closer the fire.
“But I think it would be wise if you don’t come back here until tomorrow. And wear boots and coats just to walk from here to there,” said Sammie wisely.
“Yes Ma’am” salute Rick walking away to look for Lisa.

The Trio looked at each other and laughed.
“I wished we could offer him sex with Lisa if he behaves himself when he goes to patrol,” joked Kim and the other three laughed harder.


“C’mon!” said Rick almost pushing Lisa outside the house.
“What are you doing? Is freezing out here!” complained Lisa trying to close tighter her coat, almost running. Rick held her hand and ran across the dark garden. Lisa looked around in shock.

“Where are we going Rick?” asked Lisa again.
“It is a secret,” he said walking even faster. He hoped the Trio was right and the greenhouse was warmer.

“Another secret? Dana was talking all over about having a secret but she never told me what was about…” she said and Rick made a small smile, proud of the little girl.

“Ok…stop here,” he said and Lisa almost fell on him. It was absolutely dark around, and the only lights were far away from the castle. Lisa chilled worried.
“Rick, it’s too cold…” she said.
“Don’t worry, trust me, ok?” he said and kissed her on the lips. Even the cold weather, a simple kiss was all they needed to forget about the almost snowing night. Rick touched his nose with hers in an esquimo kiss and whispered,
“Ok, I am going to cover your eyes, and guide you, all right?” he said and after a long sigh, Lisa agreed.

It wasn’t far away, when the dim light of the fireplace and the candles showed the right way to Rick. He opened the door and walked her inside the greenhouse, which was warm and comfortable.

“All right…you can open you eyes now,” he said slowly, taking his hands off her face. Lisa took a couple of seconds to adjust to the soft light and held her breath. The fireplace had a nice red and yellow fire welcoming them and playing sinuous shadows in the little square windows of the green house. Probably more than fifty candles lighted the room and near a corner was a little beautiful table with two chairs and the dinner under a silver plate.

“Oh My God…” said Lisa looking around. Near the fire, there was a carpet on the floor and over it a lot of pillows and blankets and a bottle of Champaign on ice. “Rick…how…” was all she could say when she turned around to face him in shock.

Rick smiled and put his hands in his pocket. “I found it this morning. It is actually Dana’s play house now but…she let me borrow it to surprise you” he explained walking slowly and sexy to her.

Lisa’s heart skip a beat watching him walk like that.

“So that was the famous surprise?” she said and he held her closer to him and deathly slowly took the coat away from her and let it fall onto the floor. Lisa shivered from the action.

“Yes, she is a smart little girl,” he said and moved his hands up slowly to her arms.
“She is….” was all Lisa could say before their eyes fixed onto each other.
“You want to eat?” murmured Rick not even blinking.
“Yes…” she answered automatically. Rick smiled suggestively to her.
“I mean ‘food’ Lisa…” he whispered against her part lips and taking her lower lip with his own, sucking it a little. Lisa moaned and closed her eyes.
“Yeah…that too,” she joked and Rick laughed slowly.

They separated a little and he walked her to the table and held the seat for her.
When they were sitting, he opened one of the silver plates and found all kinds of Chinese rolls and food. Raising an eyebrow a little worried he looked at Lisa who looked at the food with the same expression.

“This is a joke, right?” she asked to him.
“Don’t blame me…the Trio made the food. I couldn’t because I didn’t have the time” he explained, when a little white paper fell down off the plates. Rick took it and read it.

‘A new Chinese restaurant is opening soon, they arrived this morning with more officers. It was this or more potatoes and meat. Blame the singer, not the food.

Kim, Sammie and Vanessa.’

When Rick finish reading, Lisa began to laugh harder than he could remember. She almost had tears in her eyes and after a few seconds, he joined her. They laughed, talk, ate and enjoyed the food with delight. They looked at each other and the dim light of the candles played shapes on their faces. They were so involved looking at each other, that Rick missed the destination of the rice and end up putting the Soya sauce in his own clothes. He jumped.

“Oh shit!” he said standing up. Lisa stood up and walked next to him.
“Hmm…I think that sweater is completely ruined,” she said inspecting it and laughing softly. Rick sighed.
“Is not funny, this is one of my favorite sweaters,” he complained. Lisa stood up and looked straight into his eyes.
“Then you should put more attention to your meal Mr. Hayes,” she teased him. Rick raised an eyebrow in challenge.
“This is your fault,” he said stepping closer to her. She stood in place.
“No it is not” she murmured against his lips and closed her eyes. Rick past her lips and kissed her cheek and slowly moved to her neck.

Lisa was so involved in the feeling, that she didn’t realized when Rick moved his hand to the table and took the Soya sauce. Kissing her up again to her face, he held her waist with his left arm and with the right he moved the Soya sauce up.

“What did you do?!!” said Lisa stepping back and looking to her now ruined sweater. Rick laughed hard.

“Now we are even, you didn’t see it coming either” laughed Rick almost crying. Lisa was speechless at first but slowly she started getting mad, extremely mad.

“You are SO dead Hunter,” she said walking next to him and taking the Soya from his hands before he could even noticed it. She smirked and showed him the bottle.

“Now…who is laughing?” said Lisa and smirking, she opened the little bottle.
“You don’t dare…” said Rick stepping away from her, hands in the air. But Lisa eyes showed him that she was really ready and determinate to do it.

“Oh yes, I dare…” she said and throw more sauce at him.

Laughing, Rick jumped and tried to take the soya away from her, but Lisa fought back, holding the bottle against her body with all her strength.

“You are going to pay for this Hayes!” laughed Rick and held her from the waist and put her in the pillows on the floor.

“You are not taking it back!!” laughed Lisa, moving her knees to her chest and hiding firmly the bottle away from him. Rick tried to take it, but it was worthless. He raised an eyebrow and Lisa could just open her eyes before Rick started tickling without mercy her side.

“No, No, this is not fair!!” laughed Lisa trying to control herself, but Rick knew perfectly well where she was most ticklish.
“It is fair…now give me that!” he said and when she finally lost her grip of the bottle, he took it away and held her hands over her head firmly with one hand. After a few seconds recovering her breath, Lisa looked at Rick over her, looking at her with delay.

“I told you…you are going to pay…” said Rick slowly and with a deep voice. Lisa’s heart immediately started pumping faster and tried to free her hands, but he just raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“No, no…I like to see you this way” he murmured against her lips, and before she could protests, he kissed her passionate.

The second Rick’s lips connect with hers, Lisa felt how she was melting inside. She could never got tired of his kisses, of his presence. His tongue played inside her mouth teasing her tongue and making her body react like a chemistry experiment.

“You are delicious, did you know that?” he said breaking the kiss when both of them need air.
“When are you going to release me?” she taking his lower lip into her own and sucking it slowly. Rick moan loud.
“Never” he said kissing her again and slowly moving the soya to her neck and letting the salty sauce travel down. Lisa was going to complain when Rick smartly traveled down and started licking the sauce away from her skin.
“Oh my…” said Lisa and closed her eyes feeling how his tongue cleaned the soya away.
“You see…I think the girls are right…” said Rick looking at her, never leaving her hands “We have to enjoy the food…” he said and he kissed her hard and with his free hand, he searched for her tummy and with sexy and slow fingers, he moved up.


Lisa fell asleep and Rick covered her with one of the blankets around. He watched her sleep, with a tiny smile on her face and relaxed. Holding himself onto his elbow, he saw how the flames of the fireplace played on her skin. His words during their lovemaking where true. He needed her more than the air…and that scared him immensely. Rick took her hair and put it away from her face and touched her cheek tenderly. She was his…she told him that, but there was a threat around them, a threat that wanted to take her away from him.

Feeling the exact same chill he felt in the base, Rick looked at the door. He stood up and secured it closed again. Looking outside from the windows, all he saw was darkness, and wondered if this place was a metaphor of their lives. Rick shook his head, and walked back to his sleeping wife, covered himself with the blanket and put his head between her breasts, falling asleep softly, listening to the sound of her lovely heart.

When Lisa and Rick returned on Sunday morning, everyone looked at them with a grin on their faces. The couple blushed furiously of embarrassment, because it was pretty obvious what they were doing. After teasing them for a good time, they took a shower together, and after two and a half hours, they finally got out of the bathroom. Smiling and talking, both of them went to the base, because Lisa needed to check some errands of the newly arrived officers and new civilians and the new orders that arrived. Rick went to see the other pilots, after kissing his wife and joking about what a great, discrete office and how much ‘potential’ her office had.

Lisa took one of the many boxes that arrived from Macross for her, and looked at it curiously. All it said was ‘Captain Lisa Hayes’ in the front, with no address. She opened it and inside a box was a satellite cell phone. Raising an eyebrow, she thought that probably the RDF central command sent it for her, so she turned it on. She left it on the table and looked around to see if there was a note or something, when the new phone rang. Lisa jumped and answered it.
“Hello?” she said politely.

The other end kept quiet for a few seconds, until Lisa finally listened to something and her blood froze in her veins in fear.

“Hello Lisa…did you miss me?” said the sarcastic voice of Jake.

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