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Chapter 19: You Can Still Be Free.

Lisa stood there in the middle of her office for a few seconds not knowing exactly what to do. All she could hear was Jake, breathing in the phone. Shaking a little, she closed her eyes and forced herself to think.

“I know you are there honey,” said the deep voice of Jake, with his smirking tone.

Lisa sat in her chair and forced herself to talk back. She couldn’t let this opportunity get away from her hands.

“I am here, yes…and I am listening, so there…speak” she said as cold as she could. Jake laughed on the other end of the line.
“Well, well…looks like you are back to your old self, Lisa…nice to know” he said.
“I am fine, is that what you want to know. I am better than ever,” she said, mimicking his smirking tone. She refused to let herself fall in front of him. If he wanted war, then she was planning on winning.

“Really? I can’t believe you, baby…how is Rick?” he asked with a more angry tone.

‘Rick!’ thought Lisa quickly. She needed him there. She looked around and her laptop was in front of her, she slowly balanced the phone with her shoulder and typed an e-mail to Rick’s cell phone with the words JAKE@PHONE NOW.

“Rick is fine, we are both fine…happy, in love, you know?” said Lisa trying to make him talk, because she needed to know where he was.

Jake laughed even more “I know what are you doing Lisa, you are so predictable to me. Don’t worry, I am not there…I am still on the other continent. I never liked England’s weather anyway,” he said and Lisa jumped a little in her seat. She closed her eyes, feeling how vulnerable she felt with this man. He knew her perfectly; it was impossible to control this situation, as much as she wanted to.

“What do you want Jake?” she said seriously this time, looking at nowhere.
“You” he said slowly in darkness.
Lisa kept quiet for a few seconds, thinking what to say.
“You can’t have me” she answered him back, fully aware that her words where true and that Jake wasn’t going to like them.
“Wrong answer darling…you will be mine, again” he said firmly.
“I am not yours, I never was and I never will be,” said Lisa when the door of her office opened and Rick came running to meet her. He looked at her, and Lisa made a gesture for him to calm down and pointed to the phone in her ear. Breathing uneasy, Rick closed the door behind him and then walked next to Lisa. He knelt in front of her and took her free hand.

Lisa looked into Rick’s worried and angry eyes. She nodded, reading his expression, holding his hand and taking a breath, she answered back.

“I am not yours, I am Rick’s now…and he’s mine” she said firmly and Rick felt his heart skipping a bit. He bit his lower lip and held her hand even more tightly, assuring her that her words where right. Lisa smiled softly at him.

But Jake didn’t like the answer at all. With an angry smirk he answered back.

“You are not and you will never will be Lisa the real Mrs. Hunter. He doesn’t love you. He pities you, Lisa. I don’t understand how you can fool yourself like that, but he doesn’t love you the way you want or you dream of. The only one who can love you the way you want is me…” said Jake in a dry tone.

Lisa felt her heart breaking in pieces. Jake’s words were exactly her most secret fear, and they both knew it. He was playing mind games with her, and he knew exactly where to hit. She shook involuntary and Rick raised an eyebrow and murmured to Lisa, “Don’t let him win…don’t”.

Lisa looked into Rick’s eyes and nodded slowly.

“You are wrong bastard. He loves me…I know he does,” she said firmly and Rick felt more anger than he could remember. He realized then what Jake was saying to her and he wanted to kill him with his bare hands. He tried to grab the cell phone but Lisa nodded a no. She needed to do this.

“He doesn’t love you Lisa, he pities you. He feels sorry for you. He loves Minmei and you know that. Maybe he is sleeping with you, sure…but it is Minmei who he is thinking of every time he touches your skin. It is Minmei who he kisses every time he kisses you in the morning. You are just a body for him…and you know that”.

“NO I AM NOT!!” she yelled in the phone, finally losing control. Jake laughed at the other end.

“Yes baby, you are. Not for me…but he is just using you. But I will show you…one of these days, what I am saying. Words are cheap,” he said and she could feel his winning smile.

“Listen to me you son of a bitch…I don’t care what the HELL you thought or planned to do. But I am going to say this to you. If I even see you again, I will kill you, you hear me!! I will kill you, you fucking bastard! I am not scared of you anymore. Rick loves me…I have a family here, they all support me. I am not the same person you knew before. I am stronger, and I will fight you with everything I have…” she said shaking uncontrollably, Rick holding her strong, not knowing anything else he could do, except be there, supporting her.

Jake laughed cruelly at the other end. “Sure Lisa…just remember that love, and being in love is not the same, darling…I will have you in life, Lisa…or we are going to see each other in hell, but we will be together. Like I said, words are cheap, my love” he said and then hung up.

Rick had to hold Lisa and he was glad that she was sitting. She was shaking and she leaned on him for support.
“It’s all right…shh…Lisa…it’s ok, I am here,” he said trying to comfort her.
“I’m fine,” she said but it was obvious that she wasn’t. Rick smiled tenderly.
“Sure you are” he said and then moved her to the floor, next to him so he could hug her completely.
They stayed there for some time, Lisa speechless just letting Rick hug her. After ten minutes of silence, Rick kissed her forehead and spoke.
“What happened?” he asked softly. Lisa tensed.
“I received a package… it came from Macross…it was that satellite phone...I thought it was from HQ” she said trying to sit but Rick held her in his arms and kissed her head.
“Stay here…I need to have you here too, so stay,” he said so sincerely that she couldn’t refuse, no matter how silly they looked.
“Ok…so, when I turned it on, it started ringing…and it was him” she finally said. Rick nodded, and didn’t want to ask what he said to her, because he was pretty sure what it was.
“Why did you talk with him?” he asked her, looking into her eyes. Lisa’s green eyes were sad and scared, but she refused to cry.
“Because…maybe that way I could know where he was…all calls here can be followed, even if it was satellite. But I know him…he probably left the other phone in the middle of the street…but I can still know if he’s here or not” she tried to explain.
“So? Is he here?” asked Rick worriedly.
“No, no…he could be lying, but he said he was still on the continent…and he knows I can confirm that” she said taking Rick’s hands in hers.
“Well, it’s good to know that we know everyone who came here, civilian or military,” said Rick. Lisa nodded and stood up, still a little weak.
Rick looked at her, how hard she tried to be the strong one. He was so proud of her in that moment. He slowly stood up and looked at her, he took her hands in his and touched his forehead with hers in a tender gesture.
“I love you,” he said looking into her eyes.

‘Love, and being in love is not the same, darling…’ said the voice of Jake in her head over and over again, and Lisa felt an ache in her heart. She swallowed hard and nodded, looking to the floor.

“I love you too” she murmured sadly.


Rick walked from her office, and went to call Kim and inform her of what happened, so she could inform the rest and she could come to the base and see if she could trace

the signal of the damn phone.

Rick was so pissed, that after he called home, he went to the gym and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and walked with determination to punch his frustration off. He wasn’t naive; he knew perfectly what Jake told Lisa, how he knew how to make her lose the little confidence she won. Also her words touched him deeply. It was an enormous responsibility for him to be her touchstone after all.

“Shit” he murmured to himself and entered the gym to see that someone was hitting the punching bag. He couldn’t see who it was so he walked near it. To his surprise, and a bad one, a perfectly blond head come into his view, and a pair of green shining eyes fixed into him, with a sardonic smile across a pretty face.

“Captain Hunter” said Robert smiling from ear to ear, raising an eyebrow “Nice to see you again” said Robert, extending a hand to him.

Rick swallowed hard, trying to control himself. It wasn’t good at all to have this guy here, he didn’t like him at all, and it was pretty obvious why. Robert liked Lisa and had no intentions of hiding it from everyone, especially her husband. Rick took his hand and they shook hands hardly.

“What are you doing here Lt?” asked Rick after they separated. Robert smiled with a smart- ass grin.
“I was transferred here from Macross…I just couldn’t come earlier, but I am here…superior orders. I thought that maybe your wife would have mentioned it to you, but looks like she didn’t” said Robert trying, obviously, to piss Rick off, and he was doing it well.
“Now that I think about it, MY wife did mention your name between a bunch of other officers, but looks like it wasn’t important enough to stay in my mind…” replied Rick showing how much he didn’t like Robert.
“Of course, Captain…and I will have the ‘honor’ to work under your lead,” said Robert pretty sure that was new news for Rick. Rick couldn’t hide his shock.
“What do you mean?” said Rick with caution.
“I mean…,” said Robert pushing the bag, as if it was Rick. That the superior officers thought that my experience in combat flying were more needed here than my advance knowledge in the communication area…so I came here as a pilot,” said Robert looking at Rick from the corner of his green eyes.

Rick was speechless, this couldn’t be happening to him! He tried to control his face but wasn’t having much success in it.
“I see …” said Rick, his jaw tensing.
“Yes, so I will be in your squad from now on. I was going to be in Captain’s Fokker’s group, but I asked for the transfer myself..” said Robert pushing the bag hard for the last time. Breathing hard, he smirked and looked into Rick’s eyes. “…I think we can make a great team, Captain Hunter…it’s obvious that we have the same…interests” smiled Robert and left the punching bag free.
“You can used it now, Captain…I am done” said Robert, who saluted Rick and walked away. Rick stayed there speechless, watching the man leave.

After a few minutes, his anger growing dangerously high, he just started hitting the bag with all his force. It was obvious for Rick that his ‘honeymoon’ was over.

Rick hit the bag until his fists where red, but he really needed to take out all the anger inside of him, so he keep hitting it over and over again.

“I think you need this…,” said a feminine familiar voice coming near him. Rick stopped and turned around to see Lisa holding a towel.
“Thanks” he said almost breathless. He took the towel and dried the sweat away from his face. He was completely sweaty, but Lisa didn’t care, she come closer to him and hugged him. Rick immediately hugged her back.
“I’m all dirty, you know?…” he joked softly and Lisa giggled a little. She just nodded and put her arms around his neck and hid her face in his neck. Rick’s smile faded slowly and he hugged her more tightly in his arms. It was obvious that both of them needed the company and presence of the other.
“You don’t smell that bad…” said Lisa against his skin, and Rick smiled again.
“Give me 10 minutes without a shower and I will stink…and I will make you stink too” he said kissing her head. Lisa laughed a little.
“Why are you so mad? I mean…more than the obvious thing…” she said looking into his eyes. Rick looked at her back, never breaking the hug.
“Oh well, just stupid things…” said Rick trying to put on his best poker face, but failing miserably.
“Sure, and the call from that bastard didn’t affect me. C’mon Mr. Hayes…what’s the problem?” insisted Lisa.

Rick looked at her and wondered how she could be the strong one all the time. But since they were together, it was amazing how her strong character took new directions, showing a truly, not so offensive attitude. She was same and plain, secure of herself.

With a sigh, he answered, “Lt. Spencer was assigned to my squad,” said Rick trying not so sound so pissed.
“I see…sorry, I just saw that order. It’s out of my lead, I can’t change it…” said Lisa touching his face.
“I know I know…he made it really clear that he had strong connections in upper levels. I just can’t stop feeling completely stupid around the guy…” explained Rick, kissing the palm of Lisa’s hand. She smiled at him.
“He is not that bad, Rick…he did a good job on the bridge of the SDF-1 when Claudia was sick,” said Lisa, but Rick tensed in the second.
“I don’t care if he’s the admiral’s son…he is just annoying” said Rick walking away from Lisa, but he regretted his words as soon as they were out ‘damn my tongue!’ he thought to himself.
“Thanks! I am an Admiral’s daughter!” said Lisa offended, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I didn’t mean it that way Lisa…” said Rick walking toward her but Lisa stopped him.
“And Lt. Spencer is a good officer AND a qualified VF pilot. You are the captain, so you learn how to handle your men,” said Lisa angry.
“Maybe he IS a good officer and a VF pilot, but you can’t tell me that the guy doesn’t make you nervous!” said Rick, wanting to hit the boxing bag again.
“That had nothing to do with the fact that he is a good officer” explained Lisa, raising an eyebrow.
“Of course it does!” said Rick, starting to hit the bag again.

Lisa sighed and walked away. She couldn’t believe how childish he could be sometimes, but she stopped in the middle of the way and turned around, a sudden idea crossing her mind. She looked over at Rick and watched him hitting the bag over and over again. Tense jaw, and angry eyes. She walked back again slowly.

“Why EXACTLY are you so pissed off at him?” she said, holding the boxing bag with her body on the opposite side of the bag. Rick hit the bag, not as hard one more time.
“I told you, he makes you nervous” he said, not looking at her.
“Yes, but that is just because I am paranoid sometimes. You never liked him…why?” she asked holding the boxing bag, putting more resistance to it.
“Because…he looks like a know-it-all smart-ass who came from nowhere with his perfect look, his charming smile that goes around like he owns everything” said Rick almost not thinking and hitting the bag so hard that Lisa jumped a little. She smiled softly.
“You can’t be serious Rick,” she said laughing a little. Rick stopped there and looked at how she laughed at him and felt angry.
“Well, I am serious, so don’t laugh at me! The guy isn’t as ‘nice’ as everybody thinks…” he explained and took the towel from his neck and cleaned the sweat off his face. Lisa laughed a little more.
“You are jealous!” she laughed. Rick looked at her in shock.
“I am not!” he said walking away to get his bottle of water.
“Yes you are! You are jealous of him!” said Lisa, following him.

The gym was empty by that time of night, so Rick just walked to another exercise machine and jumped on it.
“You are crazy,” he said, starting to work out again. Lisa looked at him and bit her lip, trying not to laugh.
“You are. Admit it. You’re used to being the good-looking smart-ass before you married me. Now you are just starting to realized that the new single guy is other…” said Lisa crossing her arms. But Rick didn’t feel like laughing. He jumped back from the machine and grabbed her from her shoulders.
“It’s because of you!” he said, almost shouting with his eyes looking somehow scared. “He likes YOU, you are blind. Why do you think he came JUST here? He talks about you all the time and he is always trying to make me feel like crap about being your husband!”

Lisa looked at him in awe. After been shocked at first, she denied it, smiling.
“Me?! No way!…you are the paranoid one” said Lisa but Rick wanted to shake some sense into her.
“He wants you! And he doesn’t even have the shame to hide it! That is why he came here, directly to MY squad…so he could piss me off and see you!” said Rick desperately.

“Easy there…I don’t think that makes any sense. Ok, lets assume for a second that you are right and he ‘likes me’…” said Lisa with irony “…then why not come here as a bridge officer so he could be around me all day, then?” she said raising an eyebrow.

Rick looked at her and kept silent. She had a point after all. He tried to think of an answer but couldn’t come up with anything better than ‘he just wanted to piss me off’, but that answer was somehow lame.

“You see?” said Lisa taking the towel away from his neck and cleaning his forehead. “He doesn’t like me…it’s not possible”.
“He does. And I know it. It’s a ‘guy’ thing…I know he wants you” he said softly, looking at the floor.

Lisa looked at him and couldn’t believe how sexy and cute he could look that way.

“You are a beautiful woman. The fact that you don’t want to see it is just another thing. But you are an attractive, beautiful, smart, and sexy as hell women…and he wants you” explained Rick taking her hand in his. Lisa smiled softly; it wasn’t bad to listen those words once in a while.

“Thank you...” she said holding his hand, searching for his eyes, until he looked at her straight in the eyes. “It doesn’t matter if he likes me or not. I don’t want to see any other man but you, Rick, you know that,” she said feeling her heart pumping faster.

Rick looked at her back, thinking how she couldn’t believe how desirable she was. He bit his lower lip. He was indeed jealous, like she said, but not because he wasn’t the single cute guy anymore…because the man wanted his wife and Rick knew it perfectly.

“I don’t trust him” he said stepping closer to her, touching his nose with hers.

“You don’t have to, outside work. Don’t worry…maybe he is just annoying, that’s all” she said.

“Then why are you nervous around him?” he asked, holding her from her waist.

Lisa thought about that for a second, then answered truthfully.
“He doesn’t make me nervous in a good way…he is just…I don’t know, he makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, not always. It’s like he knows something I don’t…that kind of feeling, but I tell you…it’s completely irrational” she said putting her hands behind his neck.

“Hmm, well…but I still believe he wants you” he said kissing her lips barely.

“But he and nobody else is going to have me…ever” she said smiling back.
“Damn Right!” said Rick smiling and Lisa laughed against his lips.

“Can we go home now? I am tired…it was a really uneasy day…and I want to sleep,” she said feeling how her body needed a good night of sleep in her husband’s arms.
“Ok…I am selfish as usual” he said and kissed her fully this time. After the kiss was over- when both of them needed air- he spoke again.
“You ARE my wife, aren’t you?”
“Are you silly? Of course I am” said Lisa not sure why he said that.
“I know, I know…it’s just that, you are too much for me…I don’t deserve you” said Rick touching his forehead with her own.
“You are silly, we have confirmation” replied Lisa smiling softly. Rick hugged her more tightly.
“I love you” he said against her mouth and then kissed her again.

‘Love, and being in love is not the same, darling’ said the voice of Jake in Lisa’s brain over and over again and she broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” asked Rick with concerned.
“Nothing…just…let’s go” said Lisa hiding her fear.
“I need a shower,” said Rick raising an eyebrow.
“You can shower at home, please, I want to go now,” begged Lisa.
Rick looked at her for some seconds and then realized his hug.
“Ok, let’s go then” he said smiling at her and Lisa took his hand.

They walked away and soon they were away in the jeep. A soft and deep laughing sound echoed inside the now empty gym. Robert grinned with his perfect teeth and shiny green eyes so like his older brother’s.

“Now I know why you want her so much big brother…” said Robert to himself, crossing his arms and walking slowly to the showers “…that woman is something special. Sadly for you Jake, bro, you aren’t here and I am. Let’s see which brother can take her first, because now, I want her, too” said Robert with a sardonic smile on his face, turning on the shower.

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