Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 13: I want you now.

Rick read the newspaper on the couch at his home. He smirked to himself at the thought of that, ‘his home’ and left the newspaper at his side and drank a little of his coffee. He looked around and smiled widely remembering the little discussions Lisa and he had about the decoration of the place. He smirked remembering that he mostly did it to see how much he could push her over the edge before she really got mad. He really didn’t care about the decoration, but he wanted to test how much he can drive Lisa crazy, and he actually found it out. She just made faces and looked angry but wasn’t really mad. Rick remembered his triumph when Lisa let him, finally, put an awful coffee table in a corner of the living room, but more than that, he was glad he found out how the real Lisa acted, a thing that everybody else knew by now and he was just too blind to figure out.

He looked to the corner where his coffee table was and smirked again. This was a really good day for him. In the early morning, when he woke up, Lisa was curled into a fetal position and covered with the comforter to her head. She looked more than funny and Rick laughed, and Lisa’s answer was a little noise and then turned around to the other side. Rick had to control his laugh when he listened her snoring.

When he came out from the bathroom, Lisa was walking around sleppy. Rick kissed her forehead and she just murmured some weird sounds (sleepy sounds) and disappeared in the bathroom.

Rick changed clothes and went to make breakfast. When Lisa came in he grinned from ear to ear and told her that she had to find something to control her snoring because it didn’t let him sleep all night.

Lisa didn’t blush, just transformed herself in tomato-woman and Rick couldn’t stop his laughing until his coffee was getting cold. After the breakfast, Rick became a little worried because he had a meeting with Gloval for his fiasco two days ago.

Lisa sensed his mood and when he was putting on his jacket, she came behind him and hugged him. Rick was surprised at first, but then got comfortable to having her head on his back. He turned around and she put her arms arounde his neck and she kisds him on the lips. Rick answered the kiss, but he knew that she was just trying to tell him that everything was going to be all right. They ended before things started to get out of control. Kissing Lisa was getting to be as necessary for Rick like coffee in the mornings.

The meeting with Gloval was suprisingly better than he originally thought. That was probably because Lisa spoke with the Admiral before and from what it sounded like in Gloval’s words later, probably everybody else in the bridge talked with him in his favor. Rick now smiled on his couch remembering the words of Gloval. “I think you had enough punishment Captain Hunter from what I heard. Captain Hayes acted according at the manual, but I’m sure you learned more than just military behavior. You still have one day of arrest, of course, but I suggest that you use this time to…er…Fix things. I heard somewhere that reconciliation is the best part of a discussion” said Gloval smirking and Rick blushed furiously.

Now, there he was, sitting on Friday afternoon, reading the newspaper, feet on the table, listening to music and planning a good way to make it up to his wife. He smiled even wider.


Lisa walked home at 6:30 PM and the first thing she did was kick her shoes away. The second thing she did was smell the air. Rick was cooking. She walked to the kitchen and peaked through the door.

“Hey there” she said smiling widely, even though she was very tired.
Rick looked at her, and smiled back “Hey Lisa, how was your day?” he said looking again to the stove.

Lisa walked next him and look at what he was cooking “Fine, what are you cooking?” she asked, eyes shinning with anticipation, looking more than a little kid in front a candy store.

Rick smiled and kissed her forehead and then took a fork “its just meatloaf, want to taste it?” he said and held up the fork and offered to her.

Lisa didn’t wait, she ate it, closing her eyes. It was like she was tasting the most amazing thing in the world because she started to make all kinds of little pleasures noises. Of course it never crossed Lisa’s mind what her husband was imagining when he listened to those little noises.

“Oh my God Rick, this is great!” she said opening her eyes slowly and sexy. Just then she noticed Rick looking at her with his mouth half open.

“What?” she said thinking that she had something on her face that made her look funny.

“N-nothing” he said looking to the stove again. “go and wash your hands, this is done” said Rick trying to sound casual.

Lisa smiled from ear to ear and kissed his cheek before she ran to the bathroom. Rick smiled watching her run and didn’t notice when his own hand touched the place where Lisa kissed him.

A few minutes later Lisa came and sat waiting for her meal. Rick served everything and they started eating. Rick congratulated himself, because the meatloaf was really good and looked at Lisa who was eating it very fast.

“Easy there…” he said smiling “its not a report, enjoy it” joked Rick and she just raised an eyebrow and continued eating.

When Lisa finished her plate, and Rick was still only half done with his, she asked for more. This time it was Rick who raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t worry about gaining weight like all the other women around?” he asked watching as she started eating a new plate of food, but this time slowly.

Lisa laughed softly and replied “Well, I’m not like every woman, haven’t you noticed it?” she said and winked at him.

Rick smiled back and replied “Yeah, you are way better” he said and Lisa blushed.

“Its not that I’m better, but this is my first meal since breakfast” she said.

Rick looked shocked at her “what happened with your lunch?” he asked.

Lisa just sighed and ate some more “I missed it. I was too busy” she said and Rick just nodded knowing by now how obsessive Lisa can be, but she saw him.

“Hey! Don’t pity me!, I usually eat my lunch, and I eat as much as I can anyway” she said sounding proud of herself.

Rick thought for a second. She was right, after all the time he knew her she never was on a diet or counting calories or anything. She just ate as much as she wanted without worry and she always kept her shape perfectly.

“Yeah, how do you do it? You eat as much as Roy!” he joked and she threw a piece of bread atvhis head.

“Not THAT much” she said smiling and then added “It’s my metabolism and I am thin by nature. I never developed my body until I was 18 or 19, before that, I had the body of a 15 year old girl, really thin, no curves at all” she said sounding a little sad “boys never gave me a second look for that AND for the fact that I was a book worm, too stubborn and my dad was an Admiral. But a good thing was that all the girls envied me because I could eat everything I wanted to at lunchtime and they just carrots!” ended Lisa laughing and Rick joined her.

After a while, Rick took her hand and caressed it. He looked at her and smile shyly “All those guys were stupid Lisa, and I know…because I was one of them” he said thinking about how he was following behind Minmei’s tail when she was 15. Lisa was wrong about one thing, because when Minmei was 15 she already had the curves of a grown up women. He even remembered Roy comment to him the first day he met her. He looked to Lisa’s eyes, so gorgeous, so full of love, sympathy and intelligence and wondered what would have happened if he met her when she didn’t look like she did now. He looked down to their joined hands and answered ashamed at himself that yes, probably he, like the others, never would have given her a second look, and he felt sorrow, because he was that idiotic and never realized it, until now.

Lisa sighed and smile sadly, holding his hand firmly “that’s the past Rick, I’m a grown up woman now who knows what’s important in life. I know that looks are relevant, but…but that’s so fragile! I mean, one day I’m a girl, the next a skinny teenager, then a ‘normal’ adult and I know I’m going to get old and I’m not going to look the same anymore. Why should I waste my time thinking about the inevitable? Don’t get me wrong, I pay some attention to myself, specially for work and tried to look ‘presentable’” she said smiling to him and he smiled back “but I know I have other qualities, that are not going to change, even If I’m old. Things that are with me now and that I came with when I was born, and I’m sure they are going to be with me until I die…those are the things that are important to me, and I tried to find those in the people around me, no matter how old, young, fat, thin, black, white, blue, red or yellow they are…” she finally said.

Rick looked at her with more pride that he ever felt before for any other soul in this world. He cleared his voiced to talk, but Lisa stop him.

“Let’s…let’s wash the dishes, all right? I’m so tired but at the same time I need to relax because I’m all sore and stressed and I want to take a bath” Lisa said quickly and tried to change the subject fast, because that would just throw themselves too near to the reasons of all her physical insecurities.

Rick nodded and helped her clean the dishes. When everything was ready, she walked away and hid herself in the bathroom.

Rick saw her disappear and sighed from the doorframe of the kitchen. This wasn’t how he planned this evening, he wanted to make things up to her, not to make her remember bad things of the past. He walked around the living room, turning off the lights, when an idea came to his mind.

Rick knocked on the door of the bathroom and then said aloud “Lisa, I’m going to buy something from the….store. I will be right back! I’m going to leave private Green in front of our door, ok?” he said and he waited until he heard Lisa from inside replying an “Ok”.

Smiling devilishly, he left the house and went to the drug store, not before he ordered private Green to guard their home. Rick was out just a few minutes when he came back with small paper bag and entered his house again.

Lisa turned around surprised when he entered the bedroom and Rick estood there, frozen. She was just wearing a very small yellow towel over her that just covered was necessary. He could see her long legs still shinning from the water and her hair was all wet and falling down her back. Lisa secured the towel around herself a little more and blushed.

“Er…I though you were going to be out awhile longer…” she said trying to explain why she was walking like that around the house. Rick swallowed hard and looked her up and down, feeling absolutely aroused from the view.

Lisa looked down a little ashamed and she grabbed quickly a shirt and started walking to the bathroom again, when Rick came back to earth again and stopped her, holding her arm.
“Lisa, wait…” he said and she looked at him “I….I wonder if you finished your bath by now?” he asked still holding her arm and feeling how warm her skin was and looking into her eyes.

Lisa nodded a yes to him in slow motion and after a second could reply aloud “Yes! I mean, it’s done if you want to use the bathroom now…”

“No no, it’s not that. I wanted to do something for you” he said this time smiling and looking down to the bag in his other hand. Lisa followed his gaze.
“What’s inside?” she asked with curiosity.
“Come here” he said caressing her arm slowly all the way down to her hand. Lisa shivered from the contact. Rick walked to the bed.
“Lie down” he said and Lisa raised an eyebrow. Rick laughed.
“Come on! Its nothing bad, I promise” he said and winked at her.

After a few seconds, Lisa did it and laid on the bed holding firmly to the towel and more than nervous. Rick looked at her feeling even more aroused and cleared his mind. He was planning ‘another thing’ not what he was thinking now!.

“Ok, but turn around on your stomach” he said but Lisa asked.
“I’m just wearing a towel Rick, maybe I can change before?” she asked a little nervous.
“No, actually its better, you will not need clothes for this” he said and loved the way Lisa turned even more red.

Lisa swallowed this time and turned around, holding her towel with her hands. She was wondering what he had in mind, when she felt the bed moving from the weight of Rick when he knelt next to her. Lisa’s eyes grew wider from expectation when she listened the sound of the paper bag open and closing. After a few moments, Rick came closer to her ear and whisper sexily “Take the towel away down to your hips”.

Lisa tensed even more and wanted to ask what was he planning, but no sound came from her mouth. By now she was as aroused as he and curious too, so she did the one thing she could. She freed herself from the towel and Rick slowly pulled it all the way down, just covering her bottom.

Rick looked at her and wondered how he missed noticing a body like that. She was complaining about looks before and he almost laughed aloud for that now. She was exquisite. Her back was perfect and her legs long and firm, she was still a little wet from the bath and her skin glowed inviting to be touched. Rick looked at her and took his time, until his brain started working again.

Lisa was waiting with expectation when suddenly she felt Rick’s hands over her back. He move them up and down and she felt like something soft, like a liquid was in his hands. She closed her eyes in ecstasy when Rick’s massage started doing his magic.

“Ohhh Rick…that feels so goooood” she said feeling how every muscle of her back began to relax when Rick put a little more pressure in certain points.
“I’m glad you like it” said Rick enjoying too much the feeling of Lisa soft skin. It was heaven for him.

“Oh my…this feels so…perfect, you have magic hands” she said, eyes still closed.
Rick smirked and moved a little lower. Lisa gasped when Rick rubbed his hands on her waist.

“You are really tense here, must be those high heels you wear all the time. I always wonder how you can even walk with those things” he said pressing harder in that area and Lisa moaned aloud.

Lisa just murmured something closed like a “yeah” to Rick and he just wanted to make her moan some more. He was getting more excited with every second and every inch he touched. His mind couldn’t think clearly when he moved his hands slowly, all the way up to her neck and rubbed the tenses muscles there.

Lisa arched her back as a reaction and moan louder, which brought Rick to the point of losing control. The fact that the towel slipped down a little and showed some of her bottom wasn’t helping him either.

Lisa felt more than great. Her blood was boiling and she couldn’t control all the little sounds she made. Until this time the massage turned into a caressing session. Rick didn’t notice how his own breathing was faster and he moaned too when Lisa arched her back again.

“Oh my God Lisa…” said Rick closing his own eyes and coming closer to her ear “you are so perfect…so beautiful, Oh God…” he said and couldn’t stop kissing down her ear and tasting the skin there.

Lisa moaned and gasped some more when he assaulted her neck and arched her back again to gave him more room. Rick tasted vanilla and with hunger, for her, he kiss all the way to her back, never stopping with his massage.

Lisa could stop gasping and breathing hard. All she wanted now was to turn around and let Rick do the same to her front side. But Rick was pushing her against the bed with his own weight.

Kissing and licking all the way down, Rick stopped with the yellow towel. The first thing on his mind was throwing away the little thing but he stopped himself from doing that. He traveled all the way up again, this time pressing part of his weight into her back and letting her feel how aroused he was against her back, until his mouth came to her ear one more time, but know licking and sucking the earlobe sensually.

“Can I take the towel away?” he asked and Lisa shivered with anticipation.

She couldn’t think, she couldn’t hear anything more than her’s and Rick’s breathing. Her senses were fully awake and she needed him, badly.
“Yes” she said and arched her back, but this time Rick kiss her lips fully. Kissing that way, Rick left hand traveled around her back until he reached the towel and throw it away. His right hand travel in front and grabbed her right breast in his hand and started playing with it.


Lisa fell onto her stomach and Rick over her. Neither of them could breathe or move. Rick was the first, after 3 minutes, to react and move away from Lisa’s back and laid on his side of the bed. Lisa couldn’t breathe properly so she turned around trying to catch her breath. After 8 minutes later, both of them could move and looked at the other, still breathing hard.

Rick looked at her and all he could watch was love, pure love from him. He was right, she was so easy to love, and something inside him told him they were in the right way.

Lisa saw Rick’s blue eyes and saw hope, and her heart lept of joy. She couldn’t stop when Rick turned over her and kissed him hardly. They just stopped when the air was needed.

Rick looked into her eyes and smiled “I think you are relaxed enough, right?” he asked and touched his nose against her sweetly. Lisa laughed aloud and nodded.

“Yeah Mr. Hayes, I think I can sleep all weekend now, thank you” she said and barely kissed his lips.
“You are welcome Mrs. Hunter” she said and kissed her forehead.

Lisa smiled widely and feeling perfect. She put her arms around his neck and joked “I think I have to arrest you at home more often” she said and Rick laughed against her neck.


When Lisa woke up next morning, she felt glowing. After focusing her eyes, she tried to turned around to look at the time, but Rick was holding her possessively and murmured something in his sleep when she tried to move. She looked at his nightstand and saw that it was only 7: 45 AM.

Lisa made a face and put her head onto Rick’s chest one more time, trying to sleep again, but the images of the night before came into her head and she felt butterflies in her stomach. All the thing that Rick did to her were amazing, he was so passionate and sexy and she couldn’t believe that they actually didn’t do more! Just foreplay, and what a foreplay, she thought. Lisa smiled against Ricks skin and he moved again, probably because she tickled him when she smiled. Lisa looked up to him and saw how calm and beautiful he looked. He was more than handsome, he was gorgeous! She thougth about that and smiled again, knowing that if Rick heard that, he’d probably frown, blush and say that men ‘are not gorgeous, just handsome’.

Rick murmured something again and closed his arms around her. She noticed that she was naked and Rick had just his boxers on. She remembered again last night and blushed about it. She wondered if he learned to do that or just had a natural talent for it, but she put that thought away and just enjoyed what she had. Then she remembered the amazing end of it, for her and specially for him, and giggled, knowing that she had enough teasing material for the rest of his and her life.

Rick moved again and she hdld still, smiling. She was moving too much and he probably will wake up, and that gave her a new idea, that made her smile from ear to ear. She crossed her leg against Rick’s waist and started kissing his neck slowly. Rick moved in his sleep and Lisa smirked when she noticed the sudden movement next to her leg. Lisa slowly kissed his neck and licked it until Rick started to moan, but he was still asleep. Moving down, she continue kissing his neck, but her hands travelled to his chest and began to run his nipples around. Rick rocked and breathed hard and Lisa wondered how much he could take without waking up.

Trying to tested her hypothesis, she went lower. Slowly, she changed her hands for her hot mouth, kissing and biting softly. Lisa was enjoying how he tasted so great and didn’t notice when a hand touched her shoulder.

“Ohh….good morning to you too” said the sleepy voice of Rick who was trying to open his eyes and trying to figure it out if he was still sleeping.

“Good morning Mr. Hayes” said Lisa looking at Rick and continued kissing the skin there.

Rick moaned aloud and replied “Oh my God Lisa, what are you doing?”
“You know perfectly well what I’m doing” she said and moved down a little more in her direction.
Rick shivered and looked down one more time to his wife “I know…I mean why?”

Lisa stop and raised an eyebrow to him.
“You want me to stop?” she smirked.
Rick’s eyes grow wider and nodded furiously “Nonono, that’s not what I meant!…I meant that...” but he couldn’t finished because Lisa started giggling and Rick wondered how she could look so damn cute and sexy at the same time.

“I just thought that you showed me how ‘talented’ you were last night, and I wanted to show you that I’m as good as you” she said and her hands travel lower to his stomach and stay there.

“You are so competitive Mrs. Hunter” said Rick smirking and hoping to wake up this way for the rest of his life.

Lisa raised an eyebrow and just murmured a yes, before she started kissing his stomach.
Rick couldn’t believe how great he felt. He never felt this aroused with any other woman, not even Minmei, and Lisa was just kissing him! He swallowed hard and closed his eyes, praying that will she do what he was thinking.


After a eternity, Rick and Lisa were holding each other against the headboard of their bed. Both of them were sweating and breathing hard. Rick hade his face hidden against her neck and kissed her like a madman until he reached her lips an kissed her, even if she barely kissed him back. Rick looked at her.

“Are you all right?” he asked and Lisa almost couldn’t open her eyes.
“I’m….fine” she said and put her head against his neck. He smiled and hugged her until she fully recovered.

After a few minutes Lisa looked at him and there it was again, thought Rick smiling, there was the look when she opened her heart for him. He saw her and smiled widely.

“Good morning Mrs. Hunter” said Rick holding her even closer and kissing her again.
“Good morning Mr. Hayes” she said and kissed him fully on the lips back “what a great day this is going to be” she said smiling.

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