Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 14: Everything Fall Into Place.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, and the new lovers enjoyed and learned about each other any free second they got. Lisa fell into heaven, feeling that the closeness with Rick was better every time and she slowly grew to hope that he would love her soon.

Rick was having the time of his life. He never felt this way with any other women before. Lisa was sexy and sweet in a perfect mix of beauty. He smirked now to himself waiting to launch in his VF and watching Lisa on the screen giving orders to everyone looking so professional and cold. In the past weeks, they became a married couple in all the word, and not just because they were lovers now, also because of their little fights and the makeup sessions. He particularly remembered one a week ago.

Rick was drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper when Lisa entered the kitchen looking angry. He gulped and looked away.

"How many times do I have to ask you to put down the toilet seat?!" she complained fixing her uniform which was absolutely wrinkled.

Rick looked at her uniform and was going to ask when she sat across the table and hid her head in her hands.
"Don't-say-anything" she said and Rick held his laugh, but it wasn't fast enough. Lisa saw him and gave him a murderous gaze.
"Its not funny!" she said taking her coffee but it was too hot and she burned her lip and split some in her uniform.
"Holy shit!" she said standing up, and the coffee mug went straight to the floor breaking soundly.

Rick stood up and walked next to her "You ok?" he asked with concern, but Lisa just made a face like she was going to explode.
"NO! I'm not ok! I'm a complete mess, I shouldn't clean myself this uniform, now it's smaller, looks like old clothes and now...its dirty!" she said angry with tears in her eyes. Rick sighed and held her closer.

"Shh…easy" he said touching her cheek with his thumb.
"I'm angry!" she said again trying to free herself from him, but he didn't let her go.
"Why?" he asked looking into her eyes, but she looked away.
"C'mon" he said holding her from her waist.

Lisa looked to his eyes and sighed, looking to the floor.
"It's nothing" she said sounding sad and hurt.
"It is something, you are acting all mad since this morning, and you were fine yesterday." He said touching his nose with hers.

Lisa sighed and sobbed a little. Rick kissed the tip of her nose.

"You are silly and stubborn, you know that?" he said smiling to her and Lisa looked angry again but before she could protest, he kissed her.
"I didn't forget" he whispered after the long kiss and Lisa's eyes grow wider.
"You didn't?" she asked with wonder in her face.
Rick chuckled and nodded "No baby, I didn't" he said and then walked to the living room, leaving her in the kitchen for a second, and came later, holding a little box and a single rose.

"Happy 3 months anniversary" he said and gave her the presents. Lisa sobbed and after cleaning her wet cheeks with her sleeve, she took the gifts.

"I though you didn't remember" she said biting her lower lip.
"I know, I forgot the first two, but I remembered this one…" he said hugging her one more time, but this time Lisa hold him back.

Lisa smiled and then opened the little velvet box and found a beautiful pair of white gold sapphire earrings inside.

"Ohh, these are beautiful!" said Lisa holding them to the light. "They are the color of your eyes" she said looking at him and he blushed a little.
"Well, not exactly, mine are not that blue" he said feeling embarrassed.
"They are…" answered Lisa walking sexily next to him "when you are aroused, that's the blue of your eyes" she said and smiled devilish to him.

Rick blushed from head to toe and Lisa smiled "Oh woman, you are going to be the death of me" he said holding her closer and Lisa just giggled.
"Sure, anytime you want Hunter" she said and they kissed for a long time.

Rick came back from his daydream when he listened to Roy talking to him.
"RICK! C'mon! it's our turn! Move that VF of yours!" he said and Rick blushed a little embarrassed.
"Sorry" he said and the VF moved to his position.
Lisa raised an eyebrow to him from the monitor and Rick smiled to her. She knew that second what he was thinking and she blushed too.
"Ohh! C'mon you guys! Get a room already" complained Roy from his VF and then laughed when he saw the expression of their faces.
"Shut up Roy!" said Claudia coming behind Lisa in the monitor and holding her friend. "You said that because you are just jealous"
Roy looked offended and replied "Me? Jealous?! NEVER!" he said with faking hurt dignity.
Claudia smiled and blew him a kiss "Don' worry baby, you will get some tonight. Don't forget to bring the cream" she winked.
This time was Roy who blushed furiously. Rick watched him with his mouth opened in shocked and Lisa laughed aloud.
"Well!! Is time to patrol, right?" said Roy clearing his throat "I will see you at the party Grant" said Roy still blushing, but more relaxed.

Lisa was busy with work. She sighed in frustration and walked from the bridge to the other side of the ship holding a bunch of papers. She didn't watch where she was going when suddenly all her papers fly away and she hit the floor, hard.

"I'm so sorry!" said a male voice with concern "are you all right captain Hayes?" asked the voice that sound barely familiar to Lisa.

"Yeah, I'm fine… I think" she said sitting and ordering the papers around her.
"I'm so sorry" said the man giving her a few papers, this time Lisa recognized him.
"Oh, Lt. Spencer!" said Lisa taking the papers and standing up. "Thanks" she said one more time.
"Don't be, and please called me Robert" he said smiling charming.
Lisa smiled politely back to him and felt that weird sensation one more time.
"So, are you going to the party tonight?" asked Robert holding half of the papers for her. Lisa looked at him and just wanted to grab the papers and be as far as she can of him.
"Er…I don't think so, I'm kind of busy" she answered and sighed when he started walking next to her, making clearly that he was going to go with her to her destination.
"Oh, that's so sad Captain. I thought that maybe you will be there and we can talk a little more," he said and his green eyes shined. Lisa gulped.
"I'm s-s-sorry" she said looking around.
"Yeah, it's a pity" Robert answered clearly flirting with her "I thought that we could have some time…to get to know each other" he said and step closer to Lisa.
"Don't be so sad. WE are going to be at the party, I mean…my WIFE and I" said Rick coming suddenly from the corner of the hall and Lisa sighed in relief when she looked at him.
Robert slowly moved back and smiled charming again, fixing his blond hair in the process.
"I'm glad to hear that. Someone said this is going to be the party of the century" said Robert to Rick, looking down to him.

Rick looked at him, feeling angry, but manage to smirked "I hardly will say that a party in a bar will be 'the party of the century,'" answered Rick holding Lisa possessively by her waist.

Robert looked at him and smirked back "Of course Captain Hunter. Someone that know SO well the fancies parties with so many…celebrities, will know what a good party is, or not" he said and Rick turned livid.

"Hmm, Lt. Spencer, you can give me those papers. Rick is going to help me with them, thank you for your help" said Lisa quickly before Rick would answer his acid remark.

Robert looked at her and smiled proudly. "Of course Captain Hayes, here you go" he said and Rick took harshly the papers from his hands. Robert smiled and raised an eyebrow before saluting to them, before murmuring, "have a good day" to them and left.

Lisa held her breath until he was out of sight. Rick looked at her and his eyes shinned furiously.
"Who the hell was that?" he said holding the bunch of papers.
"Lt. Robert Spencer. He helped us months ago on the bridge when Claudia was sick" answered Lisa, walking again through the corridors.
"Well, he's a jerk! He was all over you, the prat.." said Rick annoyed.
"I know. I don't know what got into him, but he's weird" answered Lisa feeling a sudden shudder.
Rick looked at her with concern. "What do you mean by 'weird'?" he asked.

Lisa nodded and tried to find the words "I don't know…it's just a feeling. He looked familiar to me, he's very intimidating, and you know I don't get intimidated easily. He…in some way, he scared me a little…he reminded me of Jake" she said and turned a little pale.

Rick stood in his tracks and put the papers of his hands and her in the next chair.
"You sure its not him?" he asked holding her close.
Lisa nodded and smiled trying to calm him "I'm sure it's not him Rick. I know Jake's face and this is not him. Jake is older, and he's not stupid enough to walk around this base with all of us here" she assured him.

Rick held her closer and kissed her lips. The sudden memory of Jake gave him chills. He was scared for Lisa, he didn't want to see her in any danger…He couldn't lose her, his inner voice told him.

Lisa looked to his eyes and she kissed his left cheek.
"It's ok, he's just an unknown guy" she said and Rick nodded, not very convinced.
"Yeah, but that unknown guy was flirting with my wife" he said and held her closer. Lisa giggled.
"I didn't know you were the jealous and possessive kind Hunter" she said putting her arms around his neck. Rick smiled to her, holding her from her waist.
"I didn't know it either. Must be something I ate" he joked and Lisa smirked.
"Want to make a list of what you ate Mr. Hayes?" she asked sexily, barely touching his lips. Rick swallowed hard feeling how she turned him on in just a second.
"Nah Mrs. Hunter, I prefer to check it personally all over again," he said and he kissed her hard in the middle of the hall.

Robert looked at the scene from far away and smirked, knowing that he was right and this party was going to be something to remember…for a long time.


On their way back to the bridge, Rick looked around feeling that someone was watching him.
"What's wrong?" asked Lisa and Rick looked at her and hold her hand, smiling.
"Nothing baby, so…what about that party tonight?" he asked, changing the subject.
Lisa looked at him for a second and then replied.
"I don't know Rick, I have a lot of work to do tonight" she said.
"C'mon! You can be there late. I really want to go out and do something different" he said and squeezed her hand. Lisa looked to his baby blue eyes and sighed, knowing she couldn't say no to him.
"Ok, ok, I will go but I will not have enough time to change" she complained frowning and Rick kissed her cheek smiling like a fool.
"You don't need to change. You look beautiful the way you are" he said and Lisa rolled her eyes.
"Yeah sure! A party in a bar, full with young military staff on a free day, all of them looking carefree, and I'm going to be the only one wearing a uniform…Now they will know for sure that I'm THE ice queen, plus boring" she said sadly.

Rick stopped her in her tracks and held her closer, looking straight in her eyes.
"Don't you ever say that again, you hear me? You are not an ice queen and you certainly are far away from being a boring person! I know I was one of those that called you that, but I didn't know, ok? I was just a jerk, and all the guys who said that about you, don't know you, for you." He said and kiss the tip of her nose, Lisa blinked surprise a couple of times.
"You really don't believe I'm boring?" she asked and this time was Rick the one who looked surprised.
"Are you kidding me? Of course no! You are a very funny person…and sexy" he said smirking.
"You say that just because you slept with me, that's not an objective opinion Mr. Hayes " she said smiling and Rick laughed.
"That's EXACTLY why I know you are a 'funny' person Mrs. Hunter. You are far away from been an ice queen in that particular area" he joked and both of them laughed.
"Ok, ok…I will see you at the party then, I have work to do now, but you go ahead and change at home. At least one of us can look like a normal people for a change" she said sighing. Rick kissed her on the lips and murmured against her lips "You looked better with no clothes at all". Lisa turned red and couldn't reply.


Rick entered to the crowed bar and tried to fix his eyes in the already dark and smoky place. Looked like everybody on the base was there, laughing and drinking. Rick said hello to a couple of people around and went to the bar for an empty place. He went home before and changed to a pair of black denim jeans, a black t-shirt and his leather jacket. He looked absolutely sexy in that outfit, and he knew it. He did that for Lisa, because he knew how much she enjoyed looking at him, and if things worked the way he expected it, they were going to have some fun this night. He smiled to himself and noticed the gaze of several young ladies in his direction. He blushed slyly, because he liked that attention, but at the same time, he wanted more to see Lisa there sooner, because her gaze turned him into cream.

"There you are flyboy" said Roy behind his back, smiling like a fool.
"Hello Roy" said Rick asking for a drink from the bartender.
"So?! Where's Mrs. Hunter? I don't think you leave the wife at home!" asked Roy asking a new scotch to the bartender who quickly left the two drinks in front of them.
"Are you crazy? No way, she's on her way here. She came straight from the base" answered Rick taking some of his scotch and frowning.
"That little wife of yours is really something, you know? I mean, how many women do you know who are workaholics during the day and have enough energy to came to a bar full with people and then, guessing for you face, probably going to have a night of pure animalistic fu.."
"I GET THE IDEA ROY, Thanks" said Rick turning every shade of red.
Roy smiled proud of himself "I know, but again, when are you going to give me juicy details about our own Mrs. Robinson?" asked Roy and Rick raised an eyebrow.
"Don't call her that. She's not that much older, so back off" he said drinking more of his own scotch. Roy laughed and patted his back.
"I know you were going to do that, you are on the edge…" he said smiling.
"On the edge of what?" asked Rick and Roy nodded.
"Always so dense Hunter…I'm going to tell you, you are in the edge of falling in lo…" said Roy but a familiar female voice make the both men turned around.
"Hello Rick" said Minmei smiling like a cat in heat to Rick.
"Minmei!" said Rick jumping from his chair "What are you doing here?"

Minmei raised an eyebrow to him and didn't complained for his non-gentle greeting.
"I was invited" she said smiling proud. "That's all you are going to say to an old friend Rick?" she asked annoyed.
"Hmm, sorry, how are you Minmei?" he asked trying to sound enthusiastic.
"Fine, missing you" she said and Rick gulped.
Roy looked from one side to another and quietly walked away and looked for Claudia. Somehow, he didn't have a good feeling about this.
"Did you miss me Rick?" she asked coming close to him.
"Er…Minmei, I'm…I'm a married man now" he said trying to step back but he couldn't, because of the bar.
Minmei smiled slowly and put a hand in his chest casually. "That's not what I ask" she said.

Rick felt extremely nervous with the presence of Minmei there. This thoughts travel to Lisa and hoped for her not to come soon. He swallowed hard.
"I missed you? Yeah, you are a good friend" he said trying to sound casual. Minmei smiled even more.
"Aren't you going to buy me a drink?" she asked standing next to him and showing her dark pink and very tight dress.

Rick looked around for a second and didn't see Roy anywhere near; he cleared his throw and replied a quickly "Sure".

After they finished their drinks, Minmei looked at him flirtingly "You are a little nervous Rick" she asked.

Rick looked at her and saw her face, always the same, perfectly made up, always looking like a bright star, which she was. He couldn't stop remembering those years ago he knew her, younger and a lot more innocent. Minmei misread the look of his face for a good sign and put a hand over him.

"Er..I'm..I'm fine, I'm just wondering where Lisa is." he said and couldn't move his hand under hers.

Minmei smiled polite and smirked a little "So, your wife is coming here too?" she asked.
"Of course" he said coming into his senses for a little and moving his hand away.
"How's your marriage going?" she said drinking of her own scotch.
Rick swallowed hard and felt a little hot "We are great, thanks for asking" he said, looking once more to the door.
"You don't sound convinced," she said smartly.
Rick looked down to her and felt a little angry, but before he could say anything, she talked again, looking extremely happy.
"Hey! Let's dance, for old times" she said holding his arm. Rick saw her but she talked again.
"C'mon, we are friends. I'm sure Lisa wouldn't mind if you dance with me one more time, right?" she asked looking like a little petulant child.

Rick thought about it for a second, and nodded. They walked to the dance floor and everybody looked to them when a slowly song started.

Stay by me
And make the moment last
Please take these lips
Even if I have been kissed
A million times

Minmei put her arms around Rick's neck and he blushed a little. He swallowed hard and stopped thinking when Minmei looked at him sweetly and innocent, looking beautiful.

And I don't care if there is no tomorrow
When I could die here in your arms
Even if the stars have made us blind
We're blind we're blind
So blind in love

They slowly danced and the sounds went far away for Rick. He was immediately taken back to the years when she was younger and nice. He remembered those times when she was all in his mind, and he remembered the nice feeling of her first kiss.

Sweet darling
Don't you know that we're no different to anyone
We stumble
We falter
But we're no different than anyone

Minmei knew what she was doing. She pressed herself more close to Rick and put her head in his chest. She feel his heart bits going faster and Rick closed his eyes, trying to focus on something else.

And all the winter snow has melted know
Into a pool of silver water
And we were standing in a thunder cloud
Dark as your hair
Dark as your hair

Minmei looked at him and they eyes locked for a minute. She come closer to him and kissed his cheek slowly, then slowly and smiling move to the corner of his lips. Rick closed his eyes and felt a strange pain in his chest when Lisa's face come into his closed eyes, but he couldn't move anymore, he was in shocked and unable to stop Minmei.

"LISA!!" was the sound that Rick heard far away coming from Claudia's mouth. His world crashed in thousand pieces when he turned around and saw in slow motion when Lisa run away throw the door of the bar and Claudia ran after her, trying to leave the crowed room. His heart stopped there and couldn't breathe. He knew it, he felt her pain, Lisa saw the whole scene.


Lisa run away from the bar feeling sick. Her cheeks were wet from her tears when she hit someone on her way out.

"Hey! Look where you're going!" said Max not knowing who hit him.
"I'm sorry" sobbed Lisa and tried to run away to the other side.
"Lisa? Is that you? What's wrong?" asked a concerned Miriya holding her hand.
"Nothing, Nothing! I need to go away" Lisa answered crying and feeling in pain.
"Calm down Lisa, are you ok?" asked Max worried.
"No, I'm not" whispered Lisa looking into their eyes and they saw her suffering for a second.
"Lisa, what happened?" ask Miriya firmly, holding her in place.
Lisa looked at her and just nodded crying "I can't…I can't" she said over and over again crying and Miriya hold her tight.
"If I have to bet, I will say this is Rick's fault" said Miriya to Max and he nodded.
"Max, go inside and tell everyone that she will be with me, she need time alone, but she will be with me. You guys stay there." said Miriya holding Lisa.

Max nodded and went inside, looking worried and a little angry. Miriya took the car and leave the place with Lisa, crying her heart out.

"Holy shit!" was all Roy said running next to Claudia and watching from the corner of his eyes how Rick stay in the middle of the crowed dance floor still holding Minmei and looking dumb.

They reached the door, but Max stop them.
"Easy, easy…she's with Miriya" explained Max in a slow voice. Even the whole situation, nobody noticed when Lisa run away.

"She's not all right! She saw it! Roy! Why did you let him do that!" said Claudia sounding angry and scared.
"Is not my fault! I though Rick was a grown up man but I was wrong!" said Roy, looking angry to him.
"What the hell happened?" asked Max, demanding an explanation.
"Rick "stupid" Hunter almost kissed Minmei in the middle of the dancefloor and Lisa saw the whole thing!" explain Claudia crossing her arms and looking to Rick's direction.

Max fallowed Claudia's gaze and stop in the form of Rick, standing in the middle of the room, with the most pity and guilty look in his face. Max just murmured "Shit!".


Rick stood there and couldn't think what to do. Minmei took his arm and whispered "What's wrong?"

Rick looked at her and suddenly all his thoughts and emotions came together. "What the hell you think you are doing!" he said and freed his arm from her.

Minmei looked annoyed to him, not wanting to make a scene.
"This was a two person thing Rick. I didnt make you do anything you didn't want" she said, whispering.
Rick looked ashamed but still angry "Lisa saw you", he said.

Minmei smirked and just replied a "so?".
"So? Are you crazy? She's my wife!" he looked at her shocked.
"Then what you were doing dancing with me then?" she asked crossing her arms in her chest.
"I…I..I don't know! But back off, ok? She is my wife and I don't want to have problems with her because you!" he said angry walking in direction to the door.
"Then why did you invite me?" she asked fallowing him.

Rick didn't have time to listen her. He needed to find Lisa fast "I didn't invite you!" he said angrily.
"I received an anonymous invitation, I thought It was you!" she said looking lost. Rick looked at her and just nodded.
"It wasn't me. Now I need to find my wife" Rick said and left Minmei on the dance floor alone.


"What the hell do you think you were doing!" asked Claudia when Rick came next to the group. Roy held her in her place, because she really wanted to slap him.

"I..I don't know!" Rick explained.
"Well Hunter, that's not enough explanation" said Roy looking at Rick angry. Rick just looked down and sighed.
"I don't know…we were dancing, and I thought about how much I used to loved her when we were young, and I was just in another world remembering and couldn't react" he said ashamed of himself.
"Well, you are an asshole. She saw you and ran away. Thinking about your past probably ruined your future and hers imbecile!" said Claudia furiously and walked away to the bar, Roy followed her.

Rick stood there feeling even worse. He looked at Max.
"I need to find her" said Rick to Max with tears in his eyes. Max was angry at him, but couldn't stop feeling sorry too.
"Give her time" said Max slowly.
"But I need to explain her…" said Rick but Max stop him.
"Explain what? That you have a 'flashback' of your first love and couldn't stop yourself from kissing her?, that's what you are going to explain to her?" asked Max a little angry.
Rick looked to the floor again.
"I don't know what I'm going to say, but I need to see her" he whispered. Max sighed and patted his shoulders.
"She's with Miriya and she said we have to wait here. Don't worry, she's safe", he said with concerned.
"Yeah, but she's not all right" Rick answered, looking into his eyes. Max just sighed.
"Well, if Miriya said we should wait, then we should. And I think you can use this time to think of a better explanation to tell Lisa about what just happened" said Max walking to the bar and grabbing Rick's arm along with him.

Lisa stood in her living room and didn't know how she reached there. Miriya was in Lisa's kitchen making something and Lisa just wait there, her cheeks wet from her tears. Her heart was broken, but she didn't have more tears to cry. All her dreams and hopes faint in the air and she couldn't stop the memory of Minmei coming closer and closer to Rick' lips.

New tears came from her eyes and she sobbed in her hands. She sat on her couch and cried there until Miriya came to the living room holding a mug of strong coffee. She sat with her and wait for Lisa to stop crying.

"Here" said Miriya holding her the mug. Lisa took it between sobs.
"I hate to cry" Lisa murmured, drinking the coffee slowly.
"I know" said Miriya, with a wise look on her face.
Lisa drank half of her hot coffee and left it on the table.
"What happened?" asked Miriya looking to her.
Lisa took a big breath and told her the whole story. Miriya looked at her all the time and didn't show any emotion, except how tight she closed her jaw. When Lisa finished and started crying again, Miriya stood up and walked from one side to the other of the room, visibly angry.
"That little bastard!" said Miriya over and over again and Lisa cleaned her eyes wit her sleeve "How he dare doing something like that!" repeat Miriya.
"Well, he doesn't love me, that's a good reason" said Lisa sad, looking to the floor.
Miriya looked at her angry again. "That's not an excuse" said Miriya walking next to her. Lisa felt a little scared of the look of her friend. You could take the giant size away from a zentraedi, but they'd always be zentraedi at heart.
"Its not an excuse, but there's a reason" said Lisa again, holding the mug one more time.
Miriya nodded and sit next to her, a little more calmed.
"Lisa, he's your husband. He shouldn't do that, even I know that" said Miriya smirking.
Lisa smiled sadly.
"Miriya, you don't know. Rick doesn't love me, and Ive been trying all this time to convince myself that he will, but its obviously that he still loves Minmei" she said and even her voice hurt.

Miriya looked at her and took her hands in her own, tenderly.

"Lisa, look at me please" she said and waited for Lisa to look at her "Listen, I know exactly what you feel" she whispered, almost afraid to speak the words aloud. Lisa looked at her wondered.

"Listen, no one knows this, but I think you can use this story. Do you really think that Max and I were really 'in love' like everybody assumed? I mean, we liked each other, of course, but let's by honest here. He was THE only man I know and he was way too romantic. I didn't know what I was getting into when we married. For god's sake Lisa! We were just a couple of kids playing a fairy tale in space!" she said and Lisa's eyes grew wider.

"I don't mean I don't love him. I do, with all my heart, but that came with time and after a lot of mistakes for both of us. He loves me too, I don't doubt that, but there was a time when things weren't exactly that 'smooth' between us. I'm a pretty difficult person and he's maybe looked all nice, but he has his temper too" Miriya explained and smiled a little, Lisa smiled slowly too.

"There was a time..:" continued Miriya "…Before I got pregnant with Dana, when someone came in our path. An old woman from Max's life. She was pretty and very smart, and I knew that she want Max with her. She tried to take him away from me Lisa, and in the worst way…" explained Miriya and Lisa frown, but before she asked her, Miriya continued "she tried to sleep with him, Lisa" explained Miriya and Lisa gasped.
"No way!" said Lisa in shock.
"Yes, she tried, but Max said no" said Miriya smiling proud.
Lisa looked at her and a sad expression came into her face.
"But Max didn't love her, and Rick loves Minmei" she said, but Miriya nodded.
"I honestly think that Max felt strongly for this human. I'm sure he cared and loved her in some way, because he confessed that to me" explained Miriya and Lisa wondered again.
"Look, when that happened, Max came to me and he was honest with what happened. They kissed, but they didn't do anything more than that. Because Max made a choice, and he chose me, even when he have feelings with this woman" she explained sadly.
"But…But…" said Lisa confused.
"Shh, listen. When you marry someone things are started, that have no end. There are so many things that changed and it is like falling in love all over again with your husband. Lisa, I know what you feel, because when that happened to me, I know…I feel that I loved him more than anything. He chose me, because he loved me, yeah, but we have to work for that love to grow. It's not an easy thing live with someone. But we made a choice, and we have to work for that choice! Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't. Lisa. I know you love Rick, and I honestly think he loves you back, but he's just too dumb to know that. But he made a choice, Lisa. He choose you, you are his wife, and you two have to gave a lot for that to work, you understand me?" said Miriya and Lisa, after a few minutes of consideration, nodded.
"But I feel so…humiliated" murmured Lisa trying to hide her pain.
Miriya smiled sadly to her.
"You are way too much as a quadrono for your own good woman" said Miriya and Lisa looked at her.
"Look, when that happened to me and Max, believe me, I tried to kill that woman, and I mean literally kill her, like separate her soul from her body! But he stopped me, but still she knew who she was messing with" smirked Miriya with the thought of that.
"What did you do" asked Lisa.
"Just let say that she knew the fist of an angry quadrono" said Miriya proud.
Lisa laughed a little "I wish I can kick Minmei's ass too, but I can't" she replied.
Miriya smiled widely.

"Since then, I learned that there are other ways to revenge, more…subtle" Miriya said with a conspirator gaze. Lisa raised an eyebrow curious.
"Lisa, do you want to fight for your marriage?" asked Miriya and Lisa thought about for a minute. She wondered and remember Miriya's story. She swallowed hard, and even feeling the pain for what happened, she finally answered "Yes".

Miriya smiled proudly to her and stood up. "Great. First, we are going to show to that little bitch what a wife can do" she said extremely happy.
"First, Lisa…go to the bathroom and take a quick shower. After that you will put on some sexy clothes that shows all the results of the exercises we do".
"Nobody knows you trained me, Miriya" said Lisa walking to the bathroom.
"Maybe no, but today all the base will know what kind of woman you are. I'm tired of listening to all the crap that even the young privates say about you. Those jerks. Tonight Lisa, you will shut all those assholes up for good, but specially Minmei, Ok?" said Miriya in command.
"Yes ma'am" answered Lisa walking into the shower.

Miriya went to Lisa's bedroom and look into her clothes and found a little black dress for Lisa. "This will work" said Miriya to herself and looked for shoes.

Rick was more that nervous waiting for Lisa to come back again. He knew he screwed things up, and he was even scared of what would happen. He took another sip of his scotch and looked around. Everybody was laughing, drinking and dancing. Somehow Roy managed to calm down Claudia and she was dancing slowly with him, but she never gave Rick a second gaze.

Max was with him, trying to calm him, but he was also mad with him and Rick couldn't blame him. He did something completely stupid, and he knew it. He looked around and saw in the other corner of the bar Minmei sitting with a bunch of fans, laughing. But she always looked over to him, waiting.

Rick looked away, more angry at himself. He wondered what Lisa was thinking, what she planned to do. He shuddered just for the thought of Lisa leaving him, and he put that thought behind him, calling himself paranoid. Rick asked for a new drink.

Suddenly a murmur took Rick's attention from the bartender and he turned around to see what's going on. Every male's attention was directly to the door of the bar, and he heard a few whistles around but Rick couldn't see who came in from his place. He didn't know why, but he stood up and walked a little closer where the other guys were whispering excited.

Rick passed the crowd and his jaw hit the floor when he saw who everybody was looking at.

Lisa stood at the entrance of the bar, looking absolutely sexy. She was wearing her hair up, some wet errands lose around her face. She was fully made up, and somehow her eyes came to life, looking bigger and greener. Her skin was smooth and inviting and her lips have the dark pink lipstick. The only jewelry she was wearing was her wedding band and the earrings Rick gave to her. The dress was absolutely revealing. It was black and tight as a second skin in her body, showing all her curves. A very generous cleavage was at sight and the skirt was knee high, but with two high cuts at each leg. Her legs were bare and perfectly formed, and the outfit was complete with two high heel sandals that made her look taller. The expression in Lisa's face was unreadable. She didn't care who was watching at her, with her eyes she looked for two particular persons, until she found Rick and smiling sexy, walked graciously to his direction.

"You said that is Hayes?? Lisa-Ice-Queen-Hayes?!" asked a male voice behind Rick, and with that he came back to reality.

"Looks like it!" said another voice and a man groan.
"If I know she looked like that under that white uniform, I asked her out long time ago, that's a woman!" said another man smiling and Rick's blood started to boil.
"Oh well, she certainly look like ready for a good night!" said the first man again.
"Damn, she look hot" said the second man again.
"She's married?! To whom?" asked with disappoint the first voice again.
"To that Hunter guy, a VF pilot" answered someone and he sighed.
"Shit! That one gets all the chicks! But I think he chose better. Even Minmei looks like a chicken next to her", answered the man with frustration.

"Oh man, look at how she moves! Gosh, I'm turned on for good now" smirked the other man.

Rick's hands where in fists and he wanted to punch their teeth out, but he didn't care anymore when the familiar and warm mouth of her wife kissed him hard and passionate when she reached him. They kissed there for a few minutes, until the crowd came back to their business and left the couple alone.

"Lisa" murmured Rick against her lips.
"Yeah, that's my name" said Lisa kissing him again, this time harder and Rick put her close against him.
"What happened?" asked Rick after their broke the kiss.
"I had a little chat with Miriya, and I know what I'm going to do. But I don't want to talk about that now, I want to be with you" she said biting his lower lip and Rick groan.

Claudia, Max and Roy watched the scene with opened mouths until Miriya reached them and held Max.
"She looks good, eh?" she said and Max kissed her forehead.
"What happened? Is she ok?" asked Max to his wife and Miriya nodded.
"Yeah, she should be fine, so will Rick. They need to talk less and do more" Miriya said and then Roy hold her in a bear hug.
"You are amazing! you know that?" said Roy smiling from ear to ear.
"Yes, I heard that before" she answered smiling and then Claudia hugged her "this is awesome, I never though she would wear that dress, I bought that for her like a millions years ago!" said Claudia looking to Rick and Lisa who were kissing like maniacs.
"Better now than never. And remember, the party is just starting!" said Miriya with a devilish look in her face, and Claudia was the only one who understood.
"Ohh, this is going to be interesting" said Claudia and hold Roy, ready to watch the fight of the century.


Lisa and Rick stood there kissing for a while, until Rick started loosing control a little, then Lisa separated from him and smile.

"You are really turned on now, aren't you?" asked Lisa smirking.
"Its your fault" said Rick trying to kiss her back, but she moved away a little. He groaned in frustration.
"It's enough. I'm still mad with you, but I want to show who I am to that bitch" said Lisa a little angry.
Rick looked at her with concerned. He swallowed hard and took her hand.
"Will you give me the honor, and dance with me?" Rick asked and Lisa looked at him in his eyes and saw his genuine concerned. Miriya was right, a marriage needs a lot of work.
"Of course" she said and they walked to the dance floor. Rick put his hands in her waist and Lisa put her arms around his neck, playing with his hair.

How many times do I have to try to tell you
That I'm sorry for the things I've done
But when I start to try to tell you
That's when you have to tell me
Hey... this kind of trouble's only just begun
I tell myself too many times
Why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut
That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words
That keep on falling from your mouth
Falling from your mouth
Falling from your mouth
Tell me...

Lisa couldn't stop feeling sad. No matter how much she wanted some kind of 'revenge', she felt the pain in her heart and Rick could saw that.

"Lisa, I'm so sorry" whispered Rick into her ear and Lisa closed her eyes trying not to cry.
"Listen baby, I know I don't have an excuse. I know you saw it all, but I didn't mean to hurt you at all, you are the most important person in my life Lisa, believe me, I didn't want to hurt you" he said and Lisa hid her face on his chest.
"Then why?" she murmured slowly.

I may be mad
I may be blind
I may be viciously unkind
But I can still read what you're thinking
And I've heard is said too many times
That you'd be better off
Why can't you see this boat is sinking
(this boat is sinking this boat is sinking)

Rick could feel her pain and his own heart couldn't give her a more pity, less honest answered to her.
"I don't know Lisa. I just remembered when we were younger, when we met. When everything was so simple, when we were simple people. But Lisa, it was a dream, you are reality, and you are a hundred times better than any fantasy" he said honestly. Lisa looked into his eyes and swallowed hard before asking.
"Rick, tell me the truth…do you…do you still love her?"

Rick stopped moving and just looked into her eyes.

Let's go down to the water's edge
And we can cast away those doubts
Some things are better left unsaid
But they still turn me inside out
Turning inside out turning inside out
Tell me...
Tell me...

"I don't Lisa. I don't love her anymore. What I feel for you is so much stronger, so much deeper and so much more beautiful than what I felt for Minmei" he said and Lisa cried slowly. He hold her closely, protecting her, loving her even if he didn't know it yet.

This is the book I never read
These are the words I never said
This is the path I'll never tread
These are the dreams I'll dream instead
This is the joy that's seldom spread
These are the tears...
The tears we shed
This is the fear
This is the dread
These are the contents of my head
And these are the years that we have spent
And this is what they represent
And this is how I feel
Do you know how I feel ?
'cause i don't think you know how I feel
I don't think you know what I feel
I don't think you know what I feel
You don't know what I feel

They stood there and when the song end, Rick kissed her tenderly.

"I'm…sorry, am I interrupting?" asked Minmei touching Lisa's shoulder. The young girl was obviously annoyed.
Rick looked at Minmei and then to Lisa, and she looked at him now with stormed eyes.
"To be honest Minmei, yes, you are right, you are interrupting" said Lisa a little angry.

Four pair of eyes watched the scene closely. Roy, Claudia, Max and Miriya were holding their drinks but neither of them drank.

Minmei raised an eyebrow. She didn't expect that kind of answered.
"Well, sorry…Lisa, right? That's your name I think…" said the girl , crossing her arms.
"Yes, that's my name" said Lisa standing straight, looking taller, beautiful and with that official air that always surround her.
Minmei felt her presence. Lisa was more brave than she and she knew it.
"Well, do you mind if I dance one more time with my 'friend', Lisa darling?" asked sarcastically Minmei.
"To be completely honest Minmei yes, I do mind. And No, you can't" said Lisa smiling and Claudia giggled from far away.

Minmei was in shock. The faces around started to look to them and she didn't know what to do "C'mon Lisa, you can't be so…insecure, I mean, don't you trust your husband?" she said aloud and everybody around the dance floor looked at them.

"I trust Rick, of course, and he showed that to me when he didn't kissed you before, even when I wasn't here. The problem is not Rick, 'darling', I don't trust you" answered Lisa clear and secure, and everybody started to whispered. Minmei was embarrassed.

"Rick? You don't have anything to say here?" asked Minmei desperate looking for some support.

Rick looked at her and she looked absolutely smaller and out of place. He took Lisa waist in his arms and hugged her from behind.

"Yes Minmei, I'm going to say 'good night to you' right now" answered Rick and everybody around whispered or giggled.

Minmei was furious. She stepped back and when she noticed everybody watching at her, she run away from the whisperings and little laughs. Rick and Lisa watched her go and Rick kissed Lisa's neck.

The four friends cheered with their drinks in their hands, happily "For the present and the future!" said Miriya holding Max's hand. They all said "cheers" and right after that, Lisa and Rick joined their friend and talked, danced and enjoyed each other company feeling secure and a little more happy.

A hand rest on a glass of scotch in the last table of the bar. Green eyes and blond hair shined under a hat and a black jacket. Jake wasn't please for what he was watching.

"I thought inviting Minmei was enough to take Hunter down, but I think I was wrong" said Jake to no one in particular. From the shadows a new figure came holding a beer.
"Their relationship is getting stronger" said another man with similar shinning eyes.
"Well, then maybe we should prepare something…different" said Jake smirking and finishing his drink.
"Of course, whatever you want" said sarcastically the other man coming to the light. Jake looked at him pleased.
"I never thought that my little brother was going to be so…vicious" said Jake.
"I never thought this would be so much…fun" said the smaller man in a pilot's uniform.
"Robert, Robert, what am I going to do with you…"smirked Jake and both man laughed and disappeared in the shadows of the bar one more time.


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