Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 12: If I Didn't Care.

Two weeks passed since the wedding and both Rick and Lisa were too busy with different tasks to even realized that they were actually married. A sudden rebellious attack, 2 days past the wedding sent both of them to full alert and spent almost every single moment on patrols and in officers meetings.

Lisa sighed in frustration after 11 straight hours on the bridge. Admiral Gloval was in a meeting outside the city and she was in charge of everything now. She sat for a second in her chair and rubbed her forehead.

"Are you alright?" asked Claudia who looked even worse than Lisa.

Lisa looked up to her friend and just nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine, its just I didn't eat at all and I'm starting to feel weird" she answered standing up and walking to her place.

Claudia nodded and suddenly sneezed really hard. Lisa raised an eyebrow in her direction and walked next to her.

"Are YOU all right?" asked Lisa trying to see in her eyes, and she looked away.
"I'm fine, I'm just ti…ti…ti…..**sneezed again** tired" she said blowing her nose.

Lisa stood closer and touched Claudia's forehead and gasped.

"Oh My God! You are burning up! You have a fever!" she said and Claudia waved her away.
"Nah, just a little cold, nothing important" she said trying to look into her panel, but having difficulty to fix her eyes on the screen.
"Not important? Are you crazy? You are sick! You need to go home" said Lisa worried.
"I can't, you silly girl! There's a lot of work to do" answered Claudia a little annoyed.
"Yes, there is, but you are sick and you are going to make all of us sick. I can take care of this" offered Lisa politely.
Claudia smirked to her and nodded "Yeah, sure…you can't stay standing straight and you are going to do your work, and mine".

Lisa was more than tired, physically and emotionally and a sudden headache started pumping in her head.

"Look Claudia, I'm going to say it just once. Go-Home-Now" she said walking away from Claudia.

"And I'm going to answer you again. I'm-going-to-stay" said Claudia calmly.

"You are so predictable…" said Lisa and Claudia raised and eyebrow in her direction "Fine, then, as your 'now' superior, I order you to go away or I'm going to arrest you for two days, so chose" said Lisa sitting in Gloval's chair.

Claudia opened her eyes wide.

"You can't do that!" she said, hands on her hips, looking at her with arrogance.
"Yes I can" said Lisa standing up and mimic Claudia's movements.

The trio looked from their seats from each one as if they were watching a tennis match.

"You wouldn't dare" said Claudia crossing her arms and Lisa copied her gesture.
"Oh yeah, I can…one minute to decide Grant, you go home on your own will, or I will send you on a two…no, better….three days detention in your quarters, with medical visits" said Lisa with triumph.

Claudia gasped in horror, and then sneezed again. The trio laughed slowly and Lisa smirked. Claudia nodded to herself, knowing she lost this battle, and inside, she was happy about it, because she felt really bad.

"All right, all right, I'm going home…but you are going to pay for this one Hayes!" said Claudia trying to look angry, but failing miserable.

Lisa walked next to her and hugged her "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, now go home" said Lisa softly. Claudia nodded and just reply and "Yes mom" with a wink.

The trio waved her good bye and as soon as Claudia was out of the bridge, Lisa talked to Sammie.

"Sammie, call Fokker and tell him that I order him to go home and take care of his girlfriend. Tell him that I order him to cook some chicken soup for Claudia and to be a nice man until she recovers" she say smiling wider.

"Yes ma'am!" said Sammie too happy and proceeded.

Kim smirked to Lisa and joked. "You really like the power, don't you?"

Lisa laughed a little and agreed "I can get used to this…"


15 straights hours past and Lisa was more than tired. She really needed Claudia there, but she put that thought behind her. She looked to Vanessa who was busy with last minute order patrols and had an idea.

"Vanessa, please call to the personnel office and ask for Lt. Harrison. Tell her that I asked for someone of her trust that can come here and help me with Claudia's work until she's well" asked Lisa.

Vanessa nodded and made the call. After a few minutes she smiled to Lisa.

"Lt. Harrison said that she has someone perfect for that job, Second Lt. Robert Spencer. She said he's on his way up here" said Vanessa and Lisa smiled in relief.

After a few minutes there was a knock and then the door opened slowly. A dark brown hair young man entered and the trio raised an eyebrow in appreciation. The man was probably in his early 20's and he was in a real good shape. He had green eyes, a lovely smile and was probably as tall as Roy. Sammie sighed aloud when he walked and fix his uniform and introduce himself.

"Captain Hayes, Second Lt. Robert Spencer reporting, ma'am" said the guy saluting Lisa.
Lisa saluted him back and hid her smile for the dreaming eyes of Sammie. She cleared her throat before talking.

"Thanks for coming here with such a short notice Lt. Spencer. We really need here your expertise in this area" said Lisa and walked with him to Claudia's place.

"Sure thing captain. Don't worry, ma'am, I used to worked in this place sometimes in the European division when I wasn't patrolling in a VF" said Robert already looking into Claudia's screen.

"Good then, Lt. Harrison spoke really high about you, I hope you don't let her down" said Lisa smiling, knowing perfectly that Harrison was a good officer, but surely that the looks of Spencer helped in her decision.

"Yes ma'am" answered Robert looking straight into Lisa's eyes. For some reason, Lisa's heart pumped faster and she felt a little pain in her stomach, like when someone was suddenly in front of danger. She composed and called herself paranoid, but couldn't stop asking him.

"Do…do we know you from somewhere, Lt. Spencer?" asked Lisa trying to sound casual.

Roberts smiled a little too fast and a his eyes sparked devilish for a second, before he answered.

"No, captain. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you before, but you were kind to invite me to your wedding two weeks ago", he answered watching how Lisa reacted to that.

Lisa nodded and talked to herself that was probably the reason why she felt like she knew him, but the strange feeling was still there.

"Probably from there" she said finally and then took a few map charts and started to study them.


Two hours later, Lisa was in her normal place, giving orders to the pilots. Being at her job and at the admiral's one was a lot of work, and she was glad that Lt. Spencer was a good and quiet worker. But the man made her nervous for some reason.

Lisa saw in her papers who was the next squadron who had to patrol the still conflicted area of the last attack and she frown when she saw the name and listen to the now very familiar voice.

"Hello wife" said Rick smiling to the screen and watching as Lisa sighed, preparing herself for a new probably battle between the two captains.

Lisa was not in the mood for teasing. She was tired, hungry and the look of her just wake-up-husband-after-a-nap wasn't exactly helping her.

"Hello Rick" said Lisa trying to sound not so bitter.
"So! What's new?" asked Rick who was cheering and charming in everybody else eyes, but just annoying to Lisa and the rest of the bridge who were unbelievable tired.

"New? Oh well, let's see I haven't eat in 7 hours, I been working for 17 straight hours and I have to send Claudia home because she was sick. Thank God I have the help of someone here in Claudia's place, because other ways I will be mad by now…is that enough news for you?" asked Lisa sarcastically.

Rick gulped when he saw the murdered gaze of his wife and figured it out that it wasn't the perfect moment to tease her.

"Hmm…I'm sorry Lisa" said Rick apologizing himself and looking at her with his best puppy eyes. Lisa cursed herself for forgiving him just for that look on his face.

"All right" said Lisa clearing her voice and trying to sound professional. Of course, Rick knew that his 'puppy face' always worked and he smirked before Lisa continued "You are in command of the Skull now, because Roy is…away. Your orders are to patrol sector 15 and looked for more survivors from the air. There are still reports of rebellious activity in the area, but we need to evacuate the zone of civilians first. Remember, that your primary target, rescue the civilians there".

"Roger bridge" said Rick and after saluted on the screen he winked at her and Lisa blushed, before the screen turned black again.


The patrol went without any incident for the first quarter hour before Rick suddenly saw a suspicious shape in the sky. It was 8:45 PM and the sky was already dark when Rick tried to have a better view of the weird shape.

"Skull 1, you are changing directions" said Lisa raising an eyebrow to him, but Rick didn't listen to her.

"Rick, return to your position" said Lisa again and then noticed the look of suspicious in Rick's eyes "Rick, what's it? What are you looking at?" asked Lisa worried.

"There's a strange…thing on the west, just over the mountains over here" said Rick looking to the thing and without looking at Lisa.

"What thing?" asked Lisa.
"I don't know…but….but looks familiar…" said Rick when suddenly his eyes grow wider in shock and fear.
"What? WHAT?? Rick, what is it!" demanded Lisa from her place.
"Oh My God…it can't be? It's a Tou Redir!" said Rick.

Lisa's eyes opened wider in shocked. Like everyone else in the bridge.

"A Tou? Is…its not possible!" Said Lisa in disbelief.
"Well…believe it" said Rick, this time looking at her on the screen.

Lisa was opened mouth. She looked around and saw all the looks in her. She close her mouth and after the first shocked moment, she remembered her duty.

"Kim, what says the radar?" command Lisa.
Kim looked over and over again in her radar screen and just nodded "Nothing Lisa! The radar just shows the Skull Squadron! Nothing else" said Kim nervous.

Lisa looked again and rechecked her instruments.
"The same here…what about you Vanessa? Anything there?" asked Lisa and Vanessa nodded in negative.

"Sammie? Anything on the radio?" asked Lisa one more time and Sammie just answered "Nothing Lisa, nothing at all".

Lisa tried to clear her mind.
"Rick, are you sure is a Tou Rider what you are looking at?" asked her one more time.

Rick turned a little red and answered a little angry "Of course I know what I'm seeing here Lisa! This is a zentraedi Tou Redir".

Lisa sighed in frustration "Captain Hunter, all the instruments here said that there's nothing there, and a Tou Redir is not exactly a small ship for not being detected for our radars" said Lisa trying to control her headache.

Rick frown in his seat, he was mad because she didn't believe him. "Look Lisa, I know what I'm watching here. It's far away, but I think I can recognized 498 m. long enemy ship!"

Lisa closed her eyes for second, she knew that a discussion was on sigh.

"Captain…" she started but then Rick cut her off.
"Don't 'captain me' Lisa, I know what I'm watching here…I'm going to come closer for a visual confirmation" he said and changed his VF's course to the west.

Lisa's eyes grew wider and she slapped the panel angry now "No Rick! There's nothing there! The instruments show nothing and I rechecked it twice!, you have a mission to complete, we need you to find those lost civilians!"

"I think that If I'm right, there are not going to be any civilians around to look for! I know what I'm watching Lisa! You have to believe me!" said Rick sounding hurt.

Lisa sighed and looked down, trying to control her breathing "Rick, this isn't personal. And of course I believe you are watching something, but I have to trust the instruments too. I can't let all the squadron lose time to search something that 'probably' is not even there! We need that time to search for survivors! And even if you are right, one squadron, no matter how good it is, can't fight against a Tou Redir" she said calmly and everybody on the bridge nodded their approval at Lisa's explanation.

Rick's jaw contracted in frustration, he just felt, in some way, betrayed. He sighed and closed his eyes for a second from his VF, and when he opened them again, he saw the shadow moving in a strange way. He looked back to the screen after a while and saw the determination in Lisa's eyes, but deep down he saw her fear too. He cleared his voice and made a decision.

"I'm sorry bridge, but I'm sure of what I'm seeing here and I need to have a visual confirmation. I will go by myself".

Lisa's heart skip a beat. She was afraid he was right, and now he planned to go alone!, That was insane!. She wanted desperately to send someone with him, but she knew what she checked too, she knew that the instruments showed no movement and she knew too, that the few survivors of the attack needed all the possible help available, and soon. She slowly grabbed the edge of her desk and dug her fingers there. She knew he was going to hate her for this, but she was in charge and she had to trust her judgment. After a few seconds, she looked again to the screen, and coldly said.

"Skull 1, you are the commander of the skull squadron for tonight. You don't have authorization for a solo mission".

Rick gulped and frown. He was more than angry, he was furious with her. How she could do this to him after everything!.

"Bridge, then you will have to arrest me, because I'm going to see what's in there" he said and Lisa closed her eyes, knowing that he will answered that way to her.

"Skull 2, Max, you are in charge for the rest of the mission" said Lisa and Max worried face came onto the screen and saluted her.

"Roger that!" said Max and the processed to take Rick's place in the squadron formation when he flew away and cut the communication with the bridge. Max looked into Rick's direction and sighed.

Lisa stood there and everybody on the bridge was in deathly silence. The girls looked straight into their screen, trying to disappear and leave some space for Lisa. Robert was checking his own instruments one more time, even when wasn't necessary.

Lisa sighed and stood up straight after a few minutes, she fix her uniform and hid her tears. With a pain in her chest, she turned around and looked to Vanessa and she waited for her inevitable order.

"Vanessa, assign a two days arrest for Captain Hunter for insubordination. The technicians will take his VF as soon as he come backs, and he will not be able to fly until Admiral Gloval makes a decision about this" said Lisa calmly, but with a sad tone in her voice.

Vanessa nodded and proceeded.


Rick felt betrayed, angry and hurt from Lisa's actions. Why she didn't believe him? Or at least give him the benefit of the doubt. He changed his course to the mountains and sighed. He needed to check what he was watching, even if he knew what was waiting for him on his way back home.


When Rick landed, the technicians waited, and a little afraid, asked him to give up everything he had in the VF. Rick seriously waited for them to do their job and walked straight to the conference room.

Rick knocked on the door and opened it when he heard Lisa's voice saying that he can came in. Inside the big room she was alone, looking outside from the window to the lights of the city.

"Captain Hunter reporting ma'am" he said coldly and saluted to her. Lisa felt like her heart was falling apart when she saw him being so cold and with a visible hurt look all over his face.

"Captain…" said Lisa coming closer to him and tried to find the words, but his usually beautiful baby blue eyes now were cold and looking at her like she was the worst person in the planet "I…I ordered your arrest for two days. You will have to answer to Admiral Gloval when he comes back" she spoke quietly.

Rick stood there looking to a point on the wall and refusing to look at her eyes. He just answered a plain "Yes Ma'am" and waited for her to dismiss him.

Lisa was hurt too, more than he would ever know, but she was master at hiding it. She sighed and turned around to the window one more time and said "You are dismissed".

Rick turned around and walked to the door when Lisa's words stop him.

"What was it?" she asked quietly touching her painful forehead against the cold glass of the window.

Rick stood there and looking to the floor he answered "It was a mass chemical cloud formed for the rest of one the zentraedi's ship that we destroyed during the attack." He answered ashamed.

Lisa closed her eyes. She stood in silence for a while.

"So we had that fight and you have a two days arrest just for a cloud?" she murmured.

Rick turned around and watched her. All the angriness came back again to him and he walked next to Lisa.

"I don't give a damn if was a fu**ing cloud or not. You didn't believe me! How could you do that to me?!" he asked looking at her, and this time, it was Lisa the one who faced him angry.

"I believe you! But I have to trust my instruments and what all the crew said to me! You were the only one who saw it! Even Max thought it wasn't a Tou Redir!" said Lisa, very angry.

"I don't care! You were the one who was supposed to believe me Lisa!" said Rick sounding hurt.
"You didn't want me to believe you! You wanted me to authorize what you wanted to do! You want me to just...just forget what I am supposed to do here because now you are my husband!".

Rick opened his mouth in disbelief.

"I will never EVER ask you to do anything like that!" he defended himself.
"Yes? Are you sure? Because you suddenly forgot that you were supposed to rescue survivors! Did you know that for your little show almost two people died out there? I wasn't kidding when I said those people needed transportation and medical attention as soon as possible! But no, Oh No, you have to be the hero and fly over there and make sure that one of the biggest ships of the zentraedi fleet was on earth, without us knowing it!!" shouted Lisa to him, and she shook for the effort.

"I'm the one who was out there!" answered Rick back.
"And I was in charge!" she replied back.
"You just like the power, you don't give a damn about us" murmured Rick and regretted it as soon as the words were out.

Lisa's eyes opened wider and felt like all her energy was ending. There she was, after 22 hours of work, fighting with Rick and he was hurting her one more time, but even though she felt tired, she step closer, faced him.

"Yes, I was in charge and I am still in charge. But I do give more than a damn for you and everybody else. I am not just in charge of you! I'm in charge of the whole damn city right now, and I was in charge of all those people who luckily didn't die for your stupidity. I was the one responsible for their lives. And THAT'S why I have to trust years and years of training from all those people with me who were telling me that it wasn't ANYTHING where you were looking. Because I was in charge of thousands of civilians and military lives I couldn't risk to lose a complete squadron just for a guess! Not even if it was YOUR guess! Have 'the power' as you said is more than ordering around, it's an enormous responsibility on my hands Rick. MY hands!, so don't say to me that I don't give a damn for you!!" finished Lisa too overwhelmed for everything now. Her tears were falling freely from her eyes and her body was visible shaking for the effort.

Rick was speechless and just looked at her. He didn't know what to say or do. He didn't notice when he step back from her and Lisa felt even worst. She just walked through the door and past him when Rick called her name. She stood there, head down, her back to him and just murmured, trying to get her control back.

"I still have things to do on the bridge….I…I have to go" she said and disappear through the door, before he could see the new tears coming down.

Rick stood there and felt pretty bad. He didn't want to say those things to her, they just came out. He still felt hurt for her actions, but he realized she have a point, and a good point. He saw the now, closed door and felt the emptiness of that big room. He sighed and then went home.


Rick came home at midnight. He was tired and sad for everything. He kicked his shoes away and turned on the light of the living room and sit on the couch, putting his face in his hands and prayed for some sake from the skies, sadly looked like the big guy was busy with more important things that night, because no sake came for him.

He stood up and went to the bathroom. He took his uniform off and was walking to the shower when he saw the bathtub.

Walking naked next to it, he turned on the hot water and leave it open. He looked around and saw all those little colored bottles of Lisa's and picked one and read 'marine bath salt'. He opened and smelled it. He read the instructions and threw the blue pieces of salt in the hot water. Then he looked around and found a yellow bottle that said 'natural bubble bath" he smelled it too and liked it, because it was vanilla. He put it in the water and smile a little when the bubbles started to fill the tub.

When the water was done, he got inside. He let the water do the magic against his sore muscles for a while. The mix of smells and the softness of the salt were unreal. He closed his eyes and the first thing that came to his mind was Lisa angry at him and crying. He hate himself for a moment. After some time he realized she acted how she was supposed to do, to be the responsible one. He wasn't mad anymore because she wasn't on 'his side' because she couldn't be. She had to be on everybodys side, on the people's side and not on just one.

Rick opened and looked around. The bathroom was beautiful and welcoming. It was bigger than the bathroom of Lisa's old home, but had the same welcoming air, like the rest of their house. He wondered how much she must enjoy her bathtub sessions because she had the bathroom filled with nice aromas, candles and soft towels. It wasn't an expensive thing, but it have enough to make it look like a SPA.

He put his hands on his forehead and murmured to himself 'stupid'.

He stayed there until the water started to get cold. All the time there he felt like Lisa was around. Maybe it was because everything there smelled like her, but he remembered her every single second. Rick stood up and put a tower around his waist. He knew Lisa wasn't home, so he walked like that to the kitchen for some food and froze when he opened the fridge door.

There was an apple pie, his favorite, and a little note on the top. Rick took out the pie and read the note, knowing perfectly well who left it there.

'I know we were working a lot these past weeks, but I'm not going to let work come between my 'duties' of being a wife. Hehehehe, I can't let my husband starve to death, can I? So even if you don't do your 'husband duties' **Lisa laugh again** I'm going to leave this pie I made when you weren't here last night. I hope you have the courtesy of leaving a piece for me!


Rick stood there feeling even worse with himself. He took the pie out and cut a piece. It wasn't exactly amazing, but it was sweet and good. He smiled sadly and realized how stupid he was. The fact that Lisa was his wife didn't mean she had to do what he wanted. He knew that Lisa was right when she said that before, but listening to it from her mouth sound so…bad. He couldn't believe that she actually was right about it.

He was eating another piece of pie when the doorbell rang. Rick wondered who could be so late and shouted a "I'm coming" and run to put some pants on.

"Captain Hunter" said Private Green, saluting to him and holding a note for him "Captain Sterling left this note for you when he came early to check his new house. He was hoping to count on your help and your wife's help with the moving this saturday".

Rick took the little white envelope and salute to him when he left. He entered his house and opened the little envelope and took out a little piece of paper, not bigger than a card, he read it.

'Woman, captain AND today almost admiral is a big front against one man. No matter if she is your wife, she is always going to win. Welcome to the married man's world.


PS. Sorry buddy, but she was right this time…you screwed it up. Say sorry. Your pride is not going to warm you at night, and we are in winter!'

Rick laughed aloud with Max's note. That was a good friend. He was sure that if Roy was there, he probably kick his ass for real, because even when Roy was a grown up rebel, he always know how to act with responsibility. He gulped and put Max's note in his pocket. He knew what he had to do.


At 2 AM Lisa left the main building of the base. She walked with her shoulders down from physical and emotional stress. She sighed and walked slowly into the garden of the base on her way outside when a shadow moved near her.

Lisa turned around with tired eyes and saw how the shadow moved into her direction.
"Who's there?" asked Lisa stepping back.
"Your silly husband" said Rick coming out into the light. Lisa sighed in relief.
"You scared me to death" she murmured and then remembered their previous fight and felt the pain again.
"Sorry" answered Rick looking into her eyes "are you going home?"
"Yes" she said looking to the floor and walking again, but all the stress and now Rick's presence was too much. Lisa felt dizzy and almost hit the floor if it weren't for Rick who caught her.
"Lisa, are you all right?" asked Rick looking into her eyes. Now from this short distance he could see her tired eyes and pale skin. Lisa opened her eyes slowly and nodded weakly.
"I'm…just…tired" she said and tried to stand up but couldn't. All Lisa felt then was when Rick held her in his arms and walked outside. She felt asleep smelling his neck…it was vanilla.


When Lisa woke up, she was on the couch of her home. She didn't know how she was there and tried to sit up.

"Rick?" she asked still sleepy trying to fix her tired eyes to the light of the room.
"Here" he said coming from the kitchen holding a tray and putting it in front of Lisa. She looked at it and there was chicken soup, a big cheese, meat and tomatoes sandwich, a glass with apple juice, a banana, an a piece of the pie she made.

Lisa looked at him gratefully and he smiled to her. She started to eat eagerly. Rick watched her and felt even worse with himself. There she was, the big captain, the responsible one, his wife, almost fainting of tiredness and hunger and he was a self absorbed bastard.

When she ate it all, she fell into the coach tired and looked at him.

"Thanks" she said with gratitude.
"It's ok…I have 'husband's duties' too, you know? I can't let my wife die of hunger" he said trying to sound casual, but his voice was obviously sad.
"Rick don't…"
"No, Lisa, please" he interrupted her and held her hands in his and wondered how tiny they were "I'm sorry for what happened before. I was a jerk, and I know it. I felt betrayed at first but I didn't realized how much you had on your hands. And I acted like a brat. I'm sorry for what I said, I truly don't believe that you like power in a bad way, you can handle that kind of power with humility and wisdom. You are a natural leader, and I proud of you for that" he said.

Lisa looked at him and sighed in relief, she slowly put her right hand in his hair and played with his unruly and rebel hair between her fingers.

"I'm glad you find that out, and I'm sorry if I couldn't give you a chance. If we weren't in that emergency state, believe me, I would send you the complete squadron to check it out. But there were lives in danger, and I have to make a choice based on what I had…" she replied slowly and her eyes shinned a little again. Rick looked at them and kiss the back of her hand.

"Come on, let's go to bed" said Rick standing up and holding her hand. Lisa stood up but Rick put her on his arms again and left her in the bathroom.

After a few minutes, Lisa came into the bedroom and found Rick on the bed waiting for her. She smiled slowly and felt all the tiredness coming again. Rick held her closer and kissed her forehead.

"Don't worry Lisa, everything is fine, I know I can count on you when I need it" he said and Lisa put her arms around his waist. With the last strength she had, she kiss him on the lips, making him sure he was right, that she was going to be there for him when he really needed her. Rick looked at her after that, not so chaste kiss, and smile widely when he saw how she position herself against his neck, probably her favorite place in all the world, and felt asleep immediately.

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