Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 11: Every Breath You Take.


Rick woke up the next day feeling the light weight of Lisa next to him. He looked around and saw that it was a cold and cloudy day outside. The bed was more than tempting, warm and soft. He looked to his wife-- 'his wife!' he thought-- it was so weird but it felt so… right at the same time.

He turned around and faced her, sleeping with the comforter almost to her head. He smiled a little and looked at her. She was way too beautiful; he wondered how he hadn't noticed it sooner. An inner voice said to him that he had noticed it since the first day, but he was thinking in someone else, he was thinking in Minmei.

But now she wasn't here. Now Lisa was officially his wife. He liked her, that wasn't the question, but did he love her yet? He didn't know. He knew he cared about her, he fancied her and absolutely want her, but she wanted something else. He didn't know yet if he could give it to her and he knew she deserved it.

He didn't know what the future held for both of them. The only thing he knew was that, no matter what, he wanted to help her and protect her. He understood all the pain he caused her, and he wanted to make it up somehow, he wanted to be the man she deserved.

Rick put his head down and watched her sleep, he pushed her hair away from her face and smiled when she frowned in her sleep. He looked at her lips and wanted to kiss her again, to feel her tongue battling with him. But it wasn't good to start something they knew was difficult to stop. He knew last night was frustrating for them both.

Rick tried to think of something else. He looked around and saw the cloudy day outside. It was probably freezing. The wedding day was a good day, but had been an exception. Today was likely cold.

"Can you warm me up? I'm freezing" murmured Lisa opening one eye to him. Rick smiled and put his arm to her.

"Thanks" she murmured.

"You are really cold. Why did you run away away from the bed?"

Lisa hugged him and smiled.

"I'm always cold, especially in winter. I didn't want to freeze you too," she said. Rick chuckled.

"I don't think you will freeze me, Mrs. Hunter," he said smartly, kissing the top of her head.

Lisa giggled and stayed there for a while.

"I wonder how long the guests stayed at the party…the whole base was there" Lisa said.

"Yeah…just imagined the whole base with a hangover tomorrow," he smirked and Lisa laughed softly.

"I think they enjoyed it," she said and Rick came down into the comforter to press his forehead against her.

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked looking into her eyes, and Lisa smiled slowly.

"Yes, I did, did you?" she asked back.

"Yes my dear wife… I did" he joked and Lisa laughed.

"Lisa…?" he said and she looked at him again, foreheads connected "I think we will get through this, don't ask me how, I just have the feeling that things are going to turn out for the best, I hope so…"

Lisa looked into his baby blue eyes and nodded, then she slowly and timidly moved and kissed him quickly on the lips. Rick smiled.

"Well, thank you for that," he said and she smiled.

"You are welcome," she answered and hid her face in his neck.

They stood there for a while, and fell sleep again. This time Rick had his arms around her, not letting her get away.


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