Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 16: Change the World.

“WHERE?!” asked Miriya with concern in her voice. Everybody in the meeting looked at her and Max, who held her hand under the table, calming her.

Admiral Gloval cleared his throat and continued.

“England…or what is left of it actually. The England territory was one of the most devastated after the rain of death, and it’s very important for the RDF to establish as many as bases as possible in the northern areas of the territory”.

Everybody was in deathly silent. Lisa looked at Gloval with a serious but calm look; however, her heart was racing. Claudia crossed her arms around her chest and nodded. Roy face was stolid, Max looked concerned, as Miriya and Rick followed Lisa out of the corner of his eyes.

“Sir, and how long will this mission be?” asked Lisa, breaking the silence, giving a worried glance to Miriya. Gloval looked down for a second.

“Between 8 months to a year” he replied; Miriya closed her eyes.
“I can’t leave Dana for that long,” said Miriya looking to Max “I just can’t”. Max nodded, understanding.

“Sir…I’m sorry, but we can’t stay away for so long without our daughter” said Max, swallowing hard.

Gloval nodded “It’s ok, she can go with you. I already arranged everything. It’s not a place to raise a little girl, but we need all of you there. I trust that all of you can help each other”.

Somehow, the tension faded away slowly. Miriya ‘s cheeks had some color again and Lisa smiled to her from her seat, obviously relived. Everyone turned his or her attention to Gloval.

“The mission is this: the RDF is going to set a brand new base in northern England, in what used to be Edinburgh, Scotland. There are a good number of survivors in that area, but they don’t have the necessary knowledge, to start all over again. That’s why the RDF wants to create a base, and hopefully establish a town around it; the idea is that it will turn into a city eventually” he said and taking a sip of water. Everybody looked to each other.

“Admiral, sir…who else is going to that mission?” asked Claudia, fully sure about the answer.

“Well, the Sterlings, as I said before, because we need their expertise in the field, especially Miriya’s intervention as a peace maker between the two races. We are also sending Captain Fokker, as the leader of the squadron that will be stationed at the base,” he answered as Roy raised an eyebrow. After while, a small smile grew on Gloval’s face, he continued “Also, we are sending 2nd Lieutenant Robert Spencer and you Claudia, as base command officers. Kim, Vanessa and Sammie will go as well; because, honestly, I don’t think I can handle them all by my myself” ended Gloval. Everybody smiled slowly, but Rick looked at Lisa, worried.

“Sir…err…what about Lisa?” asked Rick too afraid to have to go away from her for so long.

Admiral Gloval nodded as his face was covered with his hat. Everybody looked at him waiting expecting, especially Lisa who was almost pale with tension.

“Captain Hayes will be on charge of this new base, which is still unnamed” said Gloval slowly raising his head and staring at Lisa.

Lisa was speechless and paralyzed. Her eyes grow wider and her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of the water, but no sound come out. The first one to react was Roy, who laughed aloud and clapped his hands, cheerily.

After Roy, everybody else reacted in a very positive way. Not just were they going to stay together, but also in some way, they were completely free and with a very good commander. Lisa was still in shock when Rick gently held her hand under the table, smiling like a fool.

“You did it!” he murmured to her and she looked into his eyes.
“But…but…” she said feeling even a little dizzy. Rick held her hand with more determination and she smile, barely.
“Congratulations, Captain Hayes” said Gloval standing up in her direction and Lisa stood up immediately, they shacked hands. “I’m very honored to give you the charge of this mission. You realized that this carries a lot of responsibilities as well”.

“Yes sir” said Lisa with a firm voice and jellied legs.

Gloval walked back to his sit and continued with the meeting, now with much better mood around them.


“This is awesome!” said Roy walking at the head of the group who was leaving the meeting room.
“You can say that again!” answered Claudia walking next to Lisa, who still couldn’t talk yet.
“Ohh…finally free! And we’re just going to have communications with the RDF every two weeks just to inform them of our situation, so we are not going to have anyone over our tails! This is like a vacation!” said Roy walking with his hands behind his head.

Lisa reacted as soon as she heard that.
“Forget it Fokker. This is a very important mission and I am in charge, so don’t you better not be giving me bad time, you here me?” she said pointing a finger to him. Roy just smirked, Lisa looked at him suspicious.

“Don’t worry hon. I’m going to be there to help you with him” said Claudia winking. Roy faked a hurt face as Claudia blew him a kiss.

“Well, we have to admit that being in charge of a base gives us a lot of work to do, but it’s true…we are kind of free, right?” asked Rick looking at Lisa. She raised an eyebrow.

“Well…something like that, but…” replied Lisa but Rick stop her first.
“I know I know…” he answered, surrendering. Lisa smiled.
“I’m just glad we can bring Dana, I was scared to death about that” said Miriya while Max held her.
“Yes, I know” said Lisa looking to her “but don’t worry, we all can help you. Rick is a great babysitter” she joked. Rick just rolled his eyes.
“What do you think of the place we are going Lisa? Asked Max curiously.

Lisa considered the question and replied, “From what I know, it was a nice area full of woods, typical British country. But now, I’m not sure anymore. Who knows what we would find when we arrive” she said truthfully.

“I hope it’s still the same, too much work would ruin my vacation” said Roy looking to the sky and Claudia elbowed him hard in the ribs.

But something worried Lisa, Rick noticed. He came closer and whispered, “What is it?” with concern.
“I’m just thinking about Admiral Gloval all alone here…” she said and Claudia nodded.
“I know, I thought about it too. But I think he will need to train a new bridge officers” she added, looking a little sad.

Roy laughed hard.
“C’mon girls. Henry’s a big guy and he is been in battle since you two were in diapers. I’m pretty sure he can handle fine without the bridge bunnies” he said and regretted it as soon as the words were spoken out loud, because Lisa and Claudia stop and turned around with a murderous look in their faces.

“Excuse me? Can you repeat ‘that’ again?” asked Claudia visible offended. Roy looked at Rick, then to Max and both man looked away.
“Err…well, I mean that Admiral Gloval is a capable man, he will find a way to make things work out…” he recovered, but then stepped back when Claudia came closer to him. Rick and Max held their smile. The only one who can scare the shit out of Roy was his girlfriend.
“Yes, we are sure about that. I mean it’s not nice for you or anybody else to be called ‘bridge bunnies’ like we are some kind of…of…pet!” she said as Roy hit the wall.
“Oh well, I’m sorry…but you know, I mean Sammie, V, Kim…”
“Don’t go there…” spoke Lisa walking as menacingly as Claudia. Rick was glad to be out of this problem. “They are GREAT officers and you shut your mouth before you talk and make sure it’s Fokker, because those girls and Claudia and I saved you sorry ass more times than I can remember!” she exclaimed..

“Oh well, sure, you are really helpful, I admit that, but let’s no carry away. Saved? C’mon! you just give instructions!” said Roy and this time both woman gasped in shocked.

“I mean…I mean…” said Roy trying to fixed what he said “Really great instructions, but we pilots know better when we are outside, we are the ones doing to actual job” he said and realized that he was getting in more trouble when Miriya joined their shocked faces.

“Oh…guys! C’mon! We say that all the time, right Rick?” asked Roy against the wall and Rick turned pale when the fireball was in his hands. Lisa turned around slowly and raised a dangerous eyebrow.
“Me? Err…don’t get me into this Roy!” he said looking around for some help. But Lisa walked next to her husband in a second.
“You do Rick? You think that the pilots are the only ones doing the real ‘job’?” asked Lisa slowly. Rick swallowed hard and step back.
“Me? I..well, we…well, we are all necessary, but we are the ones who are risking our lives out there…” he said and Lisa just raised an eyebrow even higher.

“You do…” she murmured and turned to look at Claudia with a strange look in her eyes “Well, well…then I think we are even, because WE thought several times that pilots are just overgrown kids playing with big toys. You are a pain on the butt outside, always doing what you want, playing and unable to follow instructions. The only ones who are really nice to work with are Max and Miriya, but you two? Give me a break! You two are just playing heroes” she said and this time was Roy and Rick who looked insulted.

Max and Miriya looked from one side to another; it was like watching a tennis match.

“You would not survive one day in our job Hayes, so don’t try to be the smart ass” said Roy crossing his arms. Claudia smirked.
“And you will not survive one day doing ours” replied Claudia and looked at Lisa, and both women knew exactly what to do.
“C’mon Lisa. I admit your job is really important for us… but it’s true… piloting a VF is a little harder than just giving instructions, bossing people around” said Rick. Lisa looked angry now…dangerously angry.
“Fine, but you will regret your words. Both of you…” she said and walked away, Claudia following her closely, leaving both Roy and Rick against opposite walls, looking miserable, until both of the ladies disappeared into the bridge section.

Rick stared into Roy’s eyes angrily, “Why on Earth did you say that?! And why did you get ME into trouble?!” he said walking next to him.
“Sorry bro, but I couldn’t take the fall alone…” said Roy and smirked.
“Geez, THANKS! Now we are in a lot of trouble thanks to your big mouth” said Rick crossing his arms in front of his chest.
“Nah, I don’t think so…” Roy answered and just then Max laughed aloud and both senior pilots looked at him.
“Sorry, but YOU ARE in trouble Roy” said Max holding Miriya’s hand and walking away.
“You two are IN BIG trouble” said Miriya nodding and feeling sorry for them “You will be begging for a Zentraedi attack before Claudia and Lisa get their revenge” she said finally.
“No way, Claudia and Lisa are pissed off, but they will not look for any revenge Mir” said Roy a little worried now, but trying to convince himself. Miriya just laughed even more, knowing best.
“Sure Roy…and I am a professional chef” she said in a sarcastic tone that gave chills to both Rick and Roy.

Lisa and Claudia talked for a while and after that, Lisa gave the news to Kim, Vanessa and Sammie about the new mission and the three girls looked extremely happy. Lisa concentrated on her new job and started reading the information about the new base, but Claudia was visible pissed off.
“I can’t believe they said that!” she said angrily. Lisa was at her desk reading, and looking extremely calm.
“You are not mad with them?” asked Claudia again when she noticed the relax expression of her friend.
“Yes I am…more than mad actually” said Lisa not looking up and just taking a new report to read.
“So? What are we going to do?” asked Claudia sitting next to her, waiting for an idea.
“Nothing…yet” said Lisa slowly opening a new file. “Just let me handle this one, don’t worry. You just acted like nothing happened. I will inform you eventually our course of action.” she said finally, reading again.

Claudia sighed and nodded, knowing fully well that Lisa was pissed off and that it was a dangerous thing. She smirked devilish and just murmured to herself “Sorry Roy, your ass is in the line of fire now”.


The week past quickly and at the end of it, the trip was ready and so were the travelers. Rick and Lisa were closing up their home, feeling a little sad, but soon forgot about it when little Dana came into view holding her little bag and waving at them.

“This is going to be good!” said Rick walking in the direction of the Sterlings’ van. They were all going to travel together on the flight to the base that would be their new home for the next year.

Lisa smiled widely and took Rick’s hand “I’m sure it will be. I’m just glad we are all going together. I feel like they are my family somehow”, she added. Rick kissed her cheek before saying, “They are. Can you imagine if someone separated the trio from each other? Oh My…that would be a problem.” Lisa chuckled.
“It will be sad for them, but I’m sure they will do a great job. They are very capable officers, you will see…” she replied. Luckily Rick didn’t have any second thoughts about what she said.

They entered the sterling family’s van and traveled to the base. Upon reaching the base, they put their things in different aircraft. The move to the new base in England was a big deal. Several VFs pilots were transferred, most of them were single; the only ‘couples’ were The Hunters and The Sterlings plus little Dana. Four cargo planes were ready to take off carrying military equipment and personal stuff. Every pilot would fly their own VFs, carrying one additional person with them.
Lisa was supervising all the preparations when Admiral Gloval came into view. Everybody saluted him immediately, even little Dana, who put her candy bar in her hair and started crying when it got stuck.

“I’m just here to say goodbye. I’m going to miss you all, but I think you are more needed there more than here” said Gloval and Sammy’s eyes filled with tears.

“Admiral, we are going to miss you too” said Sammie biting her lower lip. Vanessa was touching her friend’s shoulder. Kim stepped closer and hugged the so Admiral hard, that he almost fell.

“Please take care!” said Kim and Gloval patted her back tenderly.
“I will child…don’t worry” he answered as Kim stepped back.
Gloval walked into Rick’s direction and extended a hand that Rick took quickly.
“Captain Hunter, be safe” he said with emotion. Rick nodded a strong yes. Next, Gloval turned to Lisa and Claudia, now visibly touched. He cleared his voice first.
“You are the best officers we had, and I know you will me feel even prouder after this year” he spoke. Both Claudia and Lisa stood straight, feeling overjoyed. “Please, take care yourself and use this time wisely” he said finally saluting.
“Yes sir!” answered both bridge officers feeling the tears in their eyes, but hiding them.
“This is not a goodbye, Admiral” said Claudia. he nodded.
“Of course no Claudia. Of course” replied Gloval smiling. Finally, he looked at Lisa.
“I am giving you a great responsibility Captain Hayes, please take care of everyone, I trust their safety in your hands” he said almost imploringly. Lisa nodded.
“Good, now go…I hate long goodbyes” said Gloval and turned around before his own emotions betrayed him.

They all smiled at the bittersweet moment that passed them, but resignedly walked to their veritechs, dressed in their flight suits. The group of senior officers looked and waved to each other one more time before jumping into their VFs to take off to this new adventure together.


After several hours of flying, they finally saw land. They was something exciting about it, and after while, they landed in brand new base, so new that was still in construction.

“Oh My God…” said Roy jumping from the VF and stretching “Damn, that was a long trip!” he said and then helped Claudia jump down.
“We are finally here” said Lisa feeling a little nervous that she realized she was officially in charge of everything she was saw. Rick turned her around faster then kissed her, she was a little shocked.
“Sorry…I, missed that” he winked; she smiled happily.
“Ok…so what now?” asked Roy looking to Lisa, trying to make her feel nervous, but she was more than ready now to take charge of everything and everybody.
“Well, NOW, we are going to unpack the planes. The town is not far away from here and there is a building waiting for us. We started working tomorrow at 0800 hours sharp. The officers – and that means us, Roy – are going to take control of several of each other’s tasks”.

Roy looked bored and put his hands over his head. Claudia winked at Lisa and she smiled devilishly.

“As you all know by now, this base should be fully operational in two weeks, and as I said, we are going to do things that we normally don’t do. We are going to take this first two weeks to settle down. The RDF command ordered me to give a report at the end of the first two weeks about the special training we are all going to take here, before the rest of the members of this base come. There are exactly 50 people here right now, and we all are going to be trained in different obligations. So, these are my first orders: Captain Fokker…” said Lisa very seriously looking at him, and Roy raised an eyebrow “…you and Captain Hunter here, will be in charge of the bridge activity for the first two weeks, and under the supervision of Lieutenants Leeds, Porter and Young” she announced. Roy turned pale.
“You must be kidding me!” said Roy walking to her. Lisa just raised an eyebrow, smiling widely.
“No Captain, these are the orders. Admiral Gloval said that it was a good training for all of us taking different activities, so we could understand and work better together in the future. You should remember that we are going to do several tasks…as I said before” ended Lisa and Claudia bitted her lip really hard, trying not to laugh. Roy was livid.

“I…I…I refused to do that! I’m a pilot!” said Roy looking angry.
“Should I have you arrested then, Captain Fokker? Because these are real orders. Remember I am in charge here” said Lisa don’t even blinking.
Roy looked at her and then thought about it twice. Knowing Lisa, she would arrest him if he refused and he was not going to give her that satisfaction. He slowly smiled ironically.
“As you wish my lady” he said and step back. Lisa looked at Rick was simply speechless.
“Good” said Lisa and then Roy talked again.
“If we are going to be bridge bun…I mean, bridge officers, what are you and Claudia going to do?” asked Roy raising an eyebrow in challenge. This time it was Claudia who stepped in, wide smile in her face.
“We are going to pilot YOUR VFs” she said and Roy turned white again.
“WHAT?!” he screamed.
“Yes, we are going to piloting your VFs for two weeks. Admiral Gloval thought it was a good way to practice in case of emergency. We took several flying hours in the flying simulators, as you did, when we entered the Academy, but that was some years ago and we are a little ‘rusty’, so before activities return to normal, we are flying YOUR VFs” said Lisa in challenged and Roy almost faint.

Lisa smirked, “Sorry…orders are orders”.

“What about us?” asked worried Max, looking to Miriya. Lisa smiled softly.
“Nothing hard, you should be training again in infantry land activity. I thought that was better for you because that way you can take care of Dana until we are all settled down and have made a plan about how are we going to take care of her” she said; both Miriya and Max smiled thankfully.

“That’s it for now, 2nd Lieutenant Spencer will not be here for 2 more weeks, but as much as I know he is familiar with both piloting and bridge activity, so he will not need the training. Remember that the idea is to learn, so in the future we can all be sure of what we are doing and can take more responsibility” said Lisa, seriously, looking toward Rick, who was still speechless.

She cleared her throat, a little worried because he hadn’t reacted, then added, “Ok, enough, let’s go to the town now. We need to rest before tomorrow.” Everybody returned to their VFs to get their stuff.

The military base was almost empty if it weren’t for the new members. Between Lisa, Rick and the others, just 40 people came with them. Lisa left the first guards in turn around the perimeter of the base; after everything was done, the rest of them left for the town.

Lisa was a little worried now, because Rick didn’t speak at all. When they were alone taking their things out of the VFs, she finally talked.
“Rick? Are you ok?” she asked a little nervous.
“I’m fine” he said, not looking at her. She bit her lip.
“Are you mad?” she asked slowly.
Rick looked at her and nodded.
“Honestly…I don’t know. I know that I deserve it…but still...maybe that was too much” he said looking at her.
“It’s not going to kill you, you know? So don’t overreact. It is going to be good” she said firmly and took another box.
Rick looked at her, sighed and continued his work. She was probably right, but still, he was a little angry about it.

When everybody was ready and everything was packed into the jeeps, an old man and his wife came into the view. Lisa walked towards them and greeted them.
“Welcome!” said the old man in a British accent. He was almost as tall as Roy and very fat, his face was round. His hair was almost orange, and his eyes were blue and shinning. His wife was similar to him, but smaller, both of them looked extremely happy with the new visitors.

“Welcome, Welcome! We are so happy to see you here! Here..” said the man and extended a hand to Lisa who took it and he shacked it vigorously. “My name is William Schellden and this is my wife Ellie...” said the man who introduced his wife then shook Lisa’s hand in a grip as strong as his “I hope you had a nice journey” said the man looking to all of them.

“Divine!” said Roy sarcastically, but William didn’t notice the tone and smiled even wider.
“I’m glad, I’m glad. Please! Let us show you the way to your new home!” said the man and walked with them. They sat in the jeep and Rick took the driver seat in silence. Lisa looked at him and then put her attention to William and Ellie.
“Hmm, thanks. I hope we don’t get you into any trouble” said Lisa politely and Ellie patted her hand.

“Is no trouble darling! We are thrill to have you here! This means that we would become a official town and that makes us very happy!” said the old women. Lisa smiled to her.
“Hmm, thank you. Can I ask you how you formed your little community here?” asked Lisa again. And William cleared his voice before talking.
“Well, we are survivors from all over the country. Somehow, we managed to concentrate in one place and started cultivating some vegetables to subsist. There are people from all England and Ireland are here” explained William. Miriya looked at Max a little worried and he hugged her, calming her.
“William, from what I know, you are like the ‘mayor’ of this community, right?” asked Lisa again.
“Yes, something like that. there are not too many people, and they chose me to talk with you about this new town idea. We are very excited about it” he said again.
“William, can you tell me how is the situation here about the zentraedis?” Lisa asked, looking Miriya from the corner of her eye.
“Oh Oh…we haven’t see any of them since the war” he answered truthfully.
Lisa pondered the situation in silence for a second. The travel in the car continued.
“William…” said Lisa again, completely serious “I need to know how the people of the town feel about zentraedi, do they fear them? Hate them? Or are they fine with them?”

William considered the question for a second and felt the gaze of his wife on him.
“I think they fear them very much. There are rumors that there are some of them that are good, and they are our size, but we haven’t met them. If I have to speak for my people, I will say that they fear them” he ended.

Everybody in the car stayed quit for a while until Dana started crying. Ellie immediately looked at the little girl with affection.

“You are the parents?” she asked to both Max and Miriya and the nodded.
“Yes, she is my daughter” said Miriya holding Dana close to her heart.
“She is beautiful! There are no kids here, she will be a blessing for the community” added Ellie happily.

The silence turned again in the car, until Lisa talked again.
“William, I don’t think anybody talked to you about it before, but we need to discuss some important issues. We want to start by being honest with all of you, and this may not be easy for you guys to accept but, well…we have a zentraedi between us” said Lisa and Rick looked at her from the corner of his eye.

William and Ellie sited still and with worried faces.

“One of them, here? Now?” asked Ellie scared. Miriya just looked away.
“Yes Ellie, one here, of our size. But you have to understand that she is one of us now and I totally trust her, with my life” said Lisa firmly.
“Is it a woman?” asked William looking around between the girls of the car.
“Yes” said Lisa very serious now “Yes, she is one of the best officers of the RDF, and also one of our best pilots. She is the mother of the child you jut admired Ellie, Miriya Sterling. We all are her friends here. We understand if you are afraid at first, but you should know that Miriya left everything to be with her husband, Max Sterling, also a pilot. We are close friends, all of us, and any harm to her, or her family…is an offense to all of us” she ended firmly, not leaving doubt that she meant what she said.

William and his wife looked at each other and after a fearful look to Miriya, they agreed.
“Yes, of course. Don’t worry, Captain; we are going to talk with the community. I’m sure they will understand” said William, a little worried. Lisa nodded politely.

The rest of the trip was in silence, until they reached an old building far away in the middle of the country.

“What is that?” asked Rick trying to look at it. It was almost 6 PM and there wasn’t much light around anymore.
“That is the place we are going” said Ellie from her sit.

They drove a little more until the building was clear at the view and all of them gasped in shocked when they saw a beautiful and very old mansion in the middle of a country. They parked and left the car to look around.

“But…William, I was told that we were going to stay in a building, not a castle, this is too much!” said Lisa.
“This is the only place we can offer you. The Carberry Tower is one of the few country cottages that still stands, and we thought that would be a good place for all of you to live. It is very old, from the 11th century, but we fixed it up and everything works properly. You will need a lot of wood to warm the place, but we left a lot of wood in the kitchen. The water works and the place is clean” said William proudly.
“Well, thank you William, we appreciate it very much. Where are the rest of the members going to stay?” asked Lisa again.
“Don’t worry about it, darling. They are going to stay in the town. We have several new buildings now, and they have their barracks, a very comfortable place” assured Ellie smiling to her.
“But why don’t we stay there too? I mean, it would be easy…” said Lisa but William interrupted her.
“No, please. You all are officers, and high ranking. You should live in a different place. Please, take this as your new home” said William honestly.
Lisa looked at the old man and then to her crew.
“We are more than grateful, thank you very much. We are going to take good care of this place” said finally Lisa and after shaking hands once again, they all entered to the old and nice chalet, before night covered completely the untouched british country.


After a tour around the chalet, everybody was thrill with their new home. It used to be a very luxurious place in the past, and still had the elegance of the old days. The furniture was simple now, but looked very comfortable and welcoming. William stopped suddenly, looking at Lisa.
“Well, we didn’t know how many of you were coming, so we chose the biggest place we could find, but maybe you would need more space. There are just 7 bedrooms here and you are 10…” he said worried.

Lisa smiled at him and then looked to her friends. Everybody smiling.
“It’s actually perfect William, don’t worry. We can have it arranged” said Lisa knowing best.
“But darling, we don’t want you to share bedrooms. We can find a new place…” said Ellie but then Claudia step next to her.
“Ellie, it’s ok. Look, This is Miriya, as you know already, her husband is Max Sterling, and they share one room. Lisa and Rick are married also, and Roy and I…well, we aren’t married but we’ve lived together almost 4 years now, so it is like the same...” said Claudia winking to the old lady who smiled with her whole face “so it is perfect, because Vanessa here, Kim and Sammie will have their own bedrooms and there’s one extra, for baby Dana. So as you can see…it’s perfect” she added and both William and Ellie smiled widely.

After spending some time with the bags, William and Ellie were ready to leave, but Ellie walked next to Miriya and extended a friendly hand to her. Miriya looked at the old woman who quickly returned a look.
“I’m sure everything is going to turn out for the best, really. The people of our little town are friendly and they suffered so much; they don’t want any more fights, just to live in peace and harmony. I am not a military person, but I’m old, and I saw how you acted with your child and how your friend respected and loved you. That’s enough for me to know that you are a good person. You are welcome here” said Ellie and Miriya shook her hand thankfully. Everybody in the room smiled with relief.

Both Ellie and William left the chalet at 7 PM. Lisa waved them goodbye and returned inside the house.

“Wow! Can you believe this Lisa?! We live in a castle, like royalty!” said Sammie excited. Lisa smiled at her.
“Yes, I didn’t expect this at all. Actually I was ready for a bad experience, not such a warm welcoming. I’m very glad. I think our work here is going to be very pleasant” said Lisa coming next to the fireplace of the living room. Rick walked next to her and Sammie quickly left for her new room.

“Hey” said Rick walking next to her. She looked at him and smiled softly.
“Hey” said Lisa and she looked at the fire.
“I choose a room for us. They are all really nice, with a private bathroom and everything” said Rick looking at the fire.
“That’s good” said Lisa and sighed, still worried because she knew Rick was mad at her.
But Rick came closer to her and whispered in her ear “Guess what?” he said sexily. Lisa shivered and looked at him in wonder.
“What?” she murmured curiously.
“We have a bigger bathtub than in Macross City. Very old, and very elegant. Enough space for both of us…” he whispered and kiss her cheek, smirking. Lisa turned a little shade of red and smiled a little relieved.
“You are not mad at me anymore?” she asked stepping closer to him and he hugged her.
“Hmm, a little. But watching you defending Miriya and acting all bossy is kind of turn on you know?” he said smiling; Lisa put her hands behind his neck.
“Ohh, so you like a women in charge then” said Lisa teasing his lips with her own.
Rick laughed a little and turned away his face.
“Sometimes…but I like too when I know that I can make you scream my name over and over and over again…” he said kissing her neck. Lisa moaned.
“Get a room!” said Roy coming to the living room, picking up a box and walking away to the stairs again. Rick and Lisa laughed, still in each other arms.
“Well, we have a room, and it’s pretty nice.” said Rick suggestively as Lisa kissed him hard.
“Do you think they will listen to us?” she asked a little worried.
“Nah, the walls are very thick, and we can always moved the bed to the middle to the room so they don’t hit the wall” he whispered against her ear and she blushed furiously.
“I thought you were tired” she said looking to his beautiful eyes.
“Never for that” he said smiling. Lisa laughed.
“I’m glad you never let me down” she said and kiss his neck slowly.
“Actually, always up Lisa…always up” he said and she laughed against his skin.
“You are impossible Rick!”
“And you love that I am impossible” he mimicked and kiss her on the lips.
“Seriously…GET A ROOM!” said Roy again, picking up a new box and walking towards the stairs again. This time they separated from each other.
“Maybe we can go and make some dinner” said Rick sighing.
“That is a good idea, they will be starving after everything” said Lisa walking around, looking lost “where is the kitchen? I forgot” she said.
“Here…” said Rick taking her hand the two of them disappearing in one of the doors.

Roy walked tiredly to the first floor and saw nobody in there. He was starving and looked around for some food but couldn’t find anything.
“CLAU!!! WHERE IS THE FOOD?” he screamed from the bottom of the stairs.
“The Kitchen! Where else?” said Claudia from upstairs.
Roy sighed and walked around.
“Where is the damn kitchen!” he said and suddenly a small Dana jumped into his legs.
“Damn Damn!” repeated the baby. Roy picked her up quickly.
“Shit! You shouldn’t say that, your mom is going to kill me” he said and the baby laughed more.
“Shit! Shit!” she said jumping in his arms. Roy rolled his eyes.
“You are going to get me in trouble young lady” he said and Dana hugged him tenderly. He smiled and hugged her.
“Oh boy, you are going to be make boys daydream when you get older, you know that?” he said smiling like a fool. Dana laughed.
“Yes, yes…” he said holding the baby and walking to the kitchen “and I’m going to spoil you rotten this year! yes, yes!” he said when he opened the door of the kitchen.
“GET A ROOM YOU TWO!” said Roy again, covering Dana’s eyes but the little baby girl giggled happily.

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