Bittersweet Destiny Home

Chapter 2: Rebel Yell.

The rain stops, finally. Lisa is sitting on her couch, looking nowhere, feeling numb, like when you wake up from a nightmare and you don't know what time it is, or even where you are. She feels guilty, ashamed of what she did and what was happening now. She slowly looks up and sees three familiar people around her, one is Rick, handsome as always, she thought. Then, next to her, legs crossed and hands over her own was Claudia, looking worriedly to the other man, a tall blond man with an arrogant look, but now, somehow, he looks older, just because of what they are talking about.

Lisa feels like she is watching this as a witness and not like the protagonist of the story. Her mind is cloudy after crying so much, it is like she has some short circuit in her brain and she barely can think. She listens, and the words don't make sense, she only can just understand the tones of the voices and all she can register is concern, concern for her.

- I think we should go to the police- say Claudia.

- Yeah right, babe, last time that was just a waste of time. Those guys couldn't find the forest for the tress, they are dumb. If it weren't for the two squads who disobey orders and make their own investigation and fly to every single spot of the area, Lisa would be dead. I really think the police is just a waste of time, what we need to do is find this guy and kill him! - screams a very angry Roy.

- Well - say Rick, arms crossed over his chest, looking at the floor - I don't think that's going to be very wise, this guy is not going to be easy to find, he probably is stalking Lisa, who knows since when. I think we can't risk her putting her in a dangerous situation.

- I agree, she suffered enough, Roy - expresses Claudia, looking over Lisa who tries to smile at her, not understanding much of what was happening. Claudia squeezes her hand with affection.

- All Right, all right! It's just I'm tired of all this…I'm not going to let that guy touch Lisa or everybody else anymore - say Roy and he looks at the floor, then Claudia stands up and puts her arms around him, and he holds her close, feeling secure.

Rick watches the scene and then his eyes goes to Lisa sitting there, alone and fragile. He never saw her like this, and even some manly (and stupid) part of him was kind of glad that the great captain, the women who often put him in his place, was now vulnerable. But he shakes his head, feeling guilty. He walks up next to her as she sits there, talking his hand, trying to look in her eyes for some determination.

- Lisa, tell me what to do, what do you want? - Rick whispers to her.

Lisa look at him for a minute, trying to think, but she still look lost. Rick squeeze her hand and let her stay in silence, and he put his attention to the discussion again.

- Well, we must do something! - says Roy - I mean, I'm not going to stay here and not do anything! Maybe this guy is somewhere near here…maybe we should go and see…

In that moment Lisa hears him, her hear starts beating fast, and she squeeze Rick's hand, feeling a cold feeling going from her neck. Rick notices.

- Roy, shut up, you are making her nervous - he says immediately.

Roy look at Lisa and stops. He walks in front of her and kneels down, taking her hands, making her look him in the eyes.

- Damn it Lisa, you have to react to this, you can't stay like a little scared girl. This is serious and we need you to stop him, you must stop him, don't let him do this to you again!

- Roy…stop it - says Claudia.

- No!, she needs to understand, and if I need to put her in the shower fully clothed and turn on the ice water so she can react, I'm going to do it! C'mon Lisa, you are one of the strongest women I know, Damn! You are stronger than me! You must help us here!

Lisa looks at him, Roy was almost hurting her hands, but something in his voice makes her react. She looks at him, now focusing and then she looks up to Claudia for a second. She breathes hard, awaking from her slumber state and then nods at him, firmly. "he is not going to win, not this time".

- I'm here, and I'm going to fight.

Rick's face lights up with pride, pride for her. He though that not even he could stand something like this, but she can, because she was Lisa Hayes after all. He sighs, relieved, and then speaks.

- Perfect, then we must make a plan or something, understand this guy's mind.

- Ha! You think you can understand this fu---ing crazy man's mind?! I don't even want to go there…- Roy say with a smirk.

- But Rick has a point- says Claudia sitting on the other side of Lisa, all four of them very closer together - There's must be a key to all this.

They stay thinking for a second, and Lisa turns her head and puts it on Rick's shoulder in a gesture so tender that Rick felt the flush in his cheeks when Roy and Claudia look at him, but no matter how embarrassed he felt, he put his arms around her. Lisa doesn't even pay attention, she just feels the comfort of Rick neck and just want to stay there forever. "I'm so tired…so tired", she thought.

- The letter! - say Roy after a while watching to the couple next to him. - The letter is the damn key!!! - he stands up abruptly and look for it in the table. He reaches it and reads it one more time and smiles.

- What it is Roy? - ask Claudia.

- Ha Ha Ha! This as--ole gives us the key we need! Listen to this: You shut everybody out because deep down you know that I'm the only one for you. You beg for me every night, and I know, because I can feel it. And the wait is over, my love, because if you are alone, is because you wait for me. This jerk thinks Lisa is waiting for me!

- Yeah…so? - Ask Rick.

- So little brother, it's obvious - Says Roy smirking at him and playing with the piece of paper

- what we need is to get Lisa a boyfriend.

Rick was speechless and he looks almost scared "a boyfriend??"

- a boyfriend Roy? - asks Claudia walking next to him and taking away the paper, reading it again

- we tried that smart ass, remember George? When he realized what was happening he ran away.

- True, that's why we need to find someone brave, not a wimp this time - he say tickling her nose

- and I'm the one who's going to chose this time.

Claudia raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms across her chest in an annoyed way, that's when Rick spoke.

- I don't think a boyfriend is going to fix all this. This guy knows that she's alone, he probably knows a lot about her in her real life, and a sudden boyfriend from nowhere?? He's not going to buy it so easily.

- You are right flyboy - say Roy walking in front of them and sitting on the coffee table, then he pushes Lisa's hair behind her ear, and looks at her now sleeping figure and Rick's hands around her - But there's something we can use to our advantage, something that was going on around our noses all this time.

- What? - ask Rick, looking a little pale.

- C'mon! - say Roy trying to talk not so very loud as to wake up Lisa. - Are you blind?? She's in love with you since who knows how long, and everybody gossips about you two!

- But that's not true! - say Rick raising his voice a little and stops moving when Lisa moves in her sleep - We are friends, and I don't know if she likes me! I mean, we fight all the time…and what about Minmei! - he say whispering.

Claudia comes in front of him on the couch and sits next to Roy.

- Listen Rick, I know you are younger than us, but you acted pretty mature a couple of minutes ago. We are not talking about "what ifs", we are sure that this guy can kill Lisa in a second. She needs you, WE need you to be mature. We saw what he did to her - and then she looks at Roy who was looking at the floor, mouth shut and he shudders - He's a beast, he's dangerous, and I'm not going to leave her alone this time. YOU are our key. We need you. The gossip about you two is everywhere on the base…

Rick's face was red of embarrassed

- … Let's face it Rick - continue Claudia talking in a low voice - you, Lisa and Minmey are the stars of the classic love triangle EVEN if you say there wasn't anything there. I know we are talking about something big, about your personal life, but let's face it too, Minmey is not going to leave her career for you, and Lisa's life is in danger right now…

- Rick, look at me - say Roy trying to get the attention of a very scared Rick Hunter - Hey, we have to make choices in life. Sometimes life gives you time, other times life makes you take choices in seconds, and this is what is happening now. A boyfriend is not going to be enough, not even a lover…

Rick's face got very, very pale and then without knowing what he was doing, he pulled Lisa closer to him.

- … Last time we couldn't get that bastard, and if he knows now that Lisa has a boyfriend, maybe he won't do anything, but if you broke up, then he's going to come into the game again…and worse, because he's going to think that she left you for him. - Roy took a deep breath and took Claudia's hand in his.- Rick, brother… I'm going to ask you once, and if you say no, we will understand, but think of this as one opportunity in life…if…if you accept I can guarantee that you will be a happy man, then you will find things that you don't even dream about it, and I know it, because I know Lisa and I know you, and I love you both very much, you three - he says looking at Claudia, then to a sleeping Lisa and Rick - you are my family, and I never ever would do anything to hurt you guys, and when I tell you Rick, if you do what I say, you are going to find that thing you are looking for…

Rick took a big breath, smelling Lisa's perfume, a mix of lemon, rain and something feminine, that makes him feel at home. He knows what Roy was asking, he knows it but he didn't want to think about it, he just wants to run away from this, but he can't. A big responsibility was in his arms. He looks at his big brother, his blue eyes meeting his and knowing and trusting him with his heart. He knows what he has to do.

- I will Roy - says Rick looking at the sleeping beauty in his arms - I will marry Lisa.


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